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  1. Fettlers Wharf Marina Rufford - New Owner

    Called in for some diesel earlier this year , will not put diesel in plastic drums no way to pay by card , had to pay with a cheque
  2. inspection hatch

    This is our access to the weed hatch really easy never gets any water in
  3. All alone

    Been on the south forty foot in boston since Friday , lock keeper Sam has only been on the black sluice lock for a couple of weeks ( Sam was the lock keeper on the grand sluice for meany years ) said we where is first boat he had let through, there are only 2 places to moor up both are floating pontoons hubberts bridge having pump out water & elsan, booked to go back through the black sluice & grand sluice tomorrow Wednesday at 9am if you have never been on the forty foot you should give it a go , we have done the frith bank drain, maud foster, west fen and about 250 yards of the newham drain weed got the better of us and had to pole her out
  4. inspection hatch

    And what happens when you can't get to the bank ? You would of been struggling last week when I was on the newham drain , no where to moor bank sides almost vertical 15 foot got about 250 yards I had to pole it out , went in the weed hatch at least 20 times , eventually got back on to the west fen drain , if it was you you would still be there my friend
  5. Sliding hatch brush.

    Like this
  6. Barrus shire hour meter
  7. Finally got round to fitting small led curtsy lights pretty bright and work of remote This advert is located in and around
  8. VHF radio

    Ok thanks for all your replies, I know you need a license for vhf
  9. VHF radio

    Any one have any experience with this brand of radio ? Is it good enough for a emergency if no phone service? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Baofeng-GT-5TP-8W-HP-Tri-Power-Dual-PTT-136-174-400-520-MHz-Ham-Walkie-Talkie-/192205904299?hash=item2cc05d59ab:g:aGEAAOSwq1JZMiCb
  10. Insurance costs

    My boat insurance will be due soon , when she was new ( 3 years ago) I insured it for £120,000 including home contents I know it is not worth that now so as it gets older should you insure it for less or do I keep it insured for the £120.000 as that is what it would probably cost to replace it in the current market thanks in advance
  11. R&D Fabrications

  12. R&D Fabrications

    I have a xr&d boat very pleased with it , Garry & lee who owns xr&d did there apprenticeship under r&d
  13. Kyme Eau

    Would that be the north forty foot ?
  14. Kyme Eau

    Best time to do any of the drains is early may as the open antons gowt lock and flush all the weed out
  15. Which antifreeze for central heating

    Just bought this http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/20-LTR-PLATINUM-Ethylene-Glycol-CONCENTRATED-RED-LONGLIFE-5yr-ANTIFREEZE-/391629594325?hash=item5b2ef15ed5:g:WD4AAOSwDN1UNmKC