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    hunting shooting a bit of fly fishing dogs canal boats

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  1. One of these might do you https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Durite-0-149-50-Automatic-1-Litre-Battery-Filler-Bottle-Acid-Distilled-Water/121808174433?epid=1729742927&hash=item1c5c553d61:g:-agAAOSwYVlaDtK1
  2. Bow fender

    Thanks Tonka just ordered one
  3. Bow fender

    Can any one tell me where I could buy the rubber core for a bow fender ? As i want to make my own to match the stern fender that I made / covered with my own rope thanks in advance
  4. Brotherly Love?

    I would be knocking on his door at 6 am see how big he is then , more than likely wouldn't want to know beer makes some people very tough not so when sober, you probably did the right thing though
  5. Diesel Stoves

    Mine has its own fuel tank 150ltrs or in old money 30 gallon
  6. Diesel Stoves

    it is the 2000 KVT 4.2 kw
  7. Diesel Stoves

    We have a lockgate reflex love it use about 27/28 ltrs a week on 24/7 just give it a good clean out every couple of weeks , safe to leave unattended and easy to control heat settings , also heats the radiators , pretty boom proof not much can go wrong with them
  8. Webasto Thermotop C Fuel pump

    Have you tried removing fuses ? Obviously putting them back in works for me
  9. The Boating Season

    Currently waiting for barracks rail bridge to open in Burnley seen about 5 boats in the last two weeks, I love winter ❄️
  10. Best chimney cowl for diesel stove?

    Yes lockgate reflex
  11. Best chimney cowl for diesel stove?

    We have a H cowl for very windy days / nights works well
  12. Spot Painting

    Why not buy a can of spray paint of the same colour just to get you through winter good thing is it drys very fast
  13. Bad Fishermen

    Why do fishiermen/women always want to fish on the opposite side of the bank ?
  14. Silent Engines

    £3.500 now that's what I call a rip off
  15. Nantwich Cratch Covers and Canopies

    I made a appointment with them for a Saturday they never turned up no phone call and I was only 200 yards away bad service, I certainly would not recommend them