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  1. inbuilt marine generators

    You have missed the best one northern lights , very expensive, I have a Dometic tec30 in my bow a bit noisy but I always try to moor up away from other boats and houses , only problem is it gets very warm if you don't have the sides of the cratch open
  2. Inverter remote control

    If it is a victron have you got the lead in the right socket ?
  3. just spotted this on the bay keep hearing these are the best generator to big for me , sale has nothing to do with me just thought it might be of use for someone on here http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Marine-Generator/162712372610?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2055119.m1438.l2649
  4. Best washing machine solution

    Something like this ? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/300W-5KG-Portable-Mini-Compact-Twin-Tub-Washing-Machine-Washer-Spin-Dryer-/253210163116?epid=2168650744&hash=item3af48077ac:g:nsIAAOSwv4VZ470x
  5. Barrus Shire 45 vs. Beta Marine 43

    We have a barrus shire 45 in our 58ft narrow boat 3 years old just coming up to 1900 hrs trouble free up to now . Very pleased with it
  6. Jabsco parmax4

    We have the 2.9 on a 58ft narrow boat best shower we have ever had , we don't have a accumulator. No problem so far 3 years old we are liveaborads
  7. Thermal break double glazing

    If you are going to live on it full time you will need a stove
  8. 2 seater sofa bed

    Got ours from this firm selling this one very comfortable storage underneath, 2 men delivered put in boat just screwed the feet on no having to fix together http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/NARROWBOAT-SAGE-GREEN-SOFA-BED-4-SEAT-STORAGE-204CM-CLICK-CLACK-PIMLICO-CHENILLE-/263234494495?hash=item3d49ffa01f:g:wUkAAOxy14VRWV1u
  9. How things can go wrong

    Alan the fuel guard is a brilliant bit of kit , I changed both fuel filters at 500 hrs both fuel filters looked new , engine oil and filter gearbox oil changed every 250 hrs , barrus recommend changing fuel filters every 500hrs but with the fuel guard I am going to change every 1000 hrs as the fuel filters which I changed at 500 & 1000 hrs where spotless I think it's a waste of time & money as I would see any water or dirt in the fuel guard straight away as it has a clear bowl, like I said it's a brilliant bit of kit expensive to buy but should save money in the long run
  10. How things can go wrong

    Hi alun engine has 1st filter fuel guard 2nd primary 3rd secondary checked every 50hrs I also dip the fuel tank on a regular basis with the water finding past that turns red no sign of water I also add fuelset boat is only 3 years old , engine oil and filter every 250hrs also gearbox oil at same time barrus shire 45
  11. How things can go wrong

    Just to add fuel filter had been on for over 700 hrs that's why I think it was the vibration,
  12. How things can go wrong

    Just a quick update I am very macanical minded I have had diesel cars/vans all my life ( hate petrol cars ) always serviced them myself never in 40 plus years have I ever had a fuel/oil filter come loose or off , I did smear oil on the new filter, we have just been down a few drains on the fens and I was forever cleaning weed out of the weed hatch , one drain I had to pole it out , so I am thinking all the vibrating with the weed round the prop must have worked it loose , and I must not have tightened it up tight enough, I have now used a strap to tighten it , I have marked the filter so I can keep a eye on it , fingers crossed it won't happen again
  13. How things can go wrong

    Alan thinking of getting a 24kg plow would this be ok ? Also I have now marked the fule filter so I can keep a eye on it
  14. How things can go wrong

    Five minutes from entering torksay lock ( going down ) this morning engine just died managed to get along side of narrow boat lifted engine hatch to see diesel in the engine bilge, what had happened was the fuel filter had spun off , got the filter back on and away we went into the lock , now if this would of happened 15 minutes later I would of just been turning left onto the Trent heading for Cromwell lock it would of been very frightening, although I have a anchor ( which I now know not to be the right kind it is a grapple which will be getting changed in the very near future ) I also had 2 56lb weights at the ready as well , a bit of a nervous cruise for the first hour to Cromwell lock , just shows how things can go wrong stay safe DONT go on a river without anchor life jacket & vhf
  15. Paint Matching

    Try a crown paint center they advertise they can match any colour