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  1. Fire Brick Advice Please

    Thanks everyone. I remember seeing fire brick in a Wilko's somewhere once but they were very different size, weight and depth to what I have in my stove. Much thinner, smaller and lighter. I don't know if that matters. Will check out Midland Swindlers too. Thanks again.
  2. Fire Brick Advice Please

    Half a fire brick fell out of my Boatman stove today. When I had a nose around inside it I noticed several others are cracked too. They're quite big heavy bricks and I don't live near enough to Northern Fabrications to get the exact same ones again. Does anyone know if there's a place that sells fire bricks that can be cut to size anywhere near Atherstone / Tamworth / Nuneaton / Coventry? Thanks
  3. Happy Birthday Tree Monkey

    Happiest of birthdays to the one and only Tree Monkey. Have a good one, lovely feller.
  4. New Pram Hood/Chimney

    Mine is close to the chimney too but so far hasn't been problem
  5. Leighton Buzzard moorings

    All of Leighton Buzzard is safe for mooring your boat. Even outside Tesco there's not been any trouble since I've been living in the area. Once some kids jumped on a boat and jumped back off again. That was all. Personally, and maybe because I know it best, I'd say moor either opposite The Globe by the bridge/Anglian Water or near the pub on pins along the grassy edge. In winter you can moor on the rings immediately outside the pub for more than 48 hours but not this time of year. Never known any trouble round there for boats.
  6. Homemade Tesla Powerwalls...

    Making one's own Tesla Powerwall is a thing apparently. Wonder if they last longer than any laptop battery I've ever had (which isn't very long!) http://www.greenmatters.com/living/2017/08/24/1OCyql/people-are-building-their-own-tesla-powerwalls-out-of-laptop-batteries?utm_source=keywee&utm_medium=facebook&kwp_0=508445&kwp_4=1828159&kwp_1=776768
  7. Insufficient heat from Stoves Vanette oven

    My Vanette oven (also about 1997 built) was the same. Nothing cooked to time and the thermostat would take forever to click out, sometimes it never did. I just assumed that the seals were kaput since that's something that I had happen to an old oven in some rented accommodation when I was a stude. Are the seals something you can check and replace on yours? Eventually I was told by a BSS examiner that the whole cooker was on its last legs and probably ought to be replaced before the next BSS. So I changed it for a Hotpoint in the end which has been much better.
  8. Anyone tried a kildwick compost loo?

    If you've never heard of these things then you need to join the Facebook groups dedicated to composting loos where people are showing photos of fly infestations and are desperate to get rid of them. Or are you saying they Photoshopped the flies onto the photos? And those that complain about the smells are lying. There have been two such new posts only today. Many, many more previously. Burying your head in the sand (or your bucket of crumbly poo) when it's already been pointed out to you as a fact that's been reported by many, is unhelpful to people considering installing a composting loo which could turn out to be a big mistake for them. So "forgive me" but it would be far better to explain all cons as well as the pros so they can make an informed judgement that doesn't end up making them break CRT, Council or marina rules. The waterways are well set up to cope with waste via porta potti, cassette toilet and various types of pump out loo. They're not set up to deal with bags of poo and bottles of wee not being disposed of at Elsan points. In fact I've just read a warning on one of the composting loo sites saying that marinas are complaining because rubbish disposal companies are getting bags of poo in skips that are designed for household waste. The number of people makes a difference to the impact of this. Especially when so many don't compost but effectively just cr*p in a bin bag and chuck it in a wheelie bin. The realities of actual composting involve months of storage space, bacteria, fungi, bugs and smells to greater or lesser degrees with each batch. Pretending nobody has problems because you're happy isn't helpful.
  9. Suzie_Q's new look

    Most swish. Love the colour changing paint.
  10. Anyone tried a kildwick compost loo?

    Having watched several threads on composting loo groups on Facebook, what users of composting loos often fail to tell newbies is about the fly infestations, the difficulty getting the right mix from one month to the next to prevent smells, and that pouring urine in the canal is not allowed - oh, and the smell outside the boat at the fan outlet. Similarly, pouring it under bushes leaves a disgustingly fragrant gift after a few hours of sun on a hot day for the next person to moor nearby to enjoy. Also you have to have room in the bathroom to store the dry cover material and you have to buy the stuff. And incidentally, in ideal conditions and with plenty of green matter, heat and stirring, composting takes a minimum of 3 months. It can take significantly longer (like 6 months to 2 years) for the bacteria and fungi to actually turn it into compost. People see dried out poop and think it's compost. It's not. Don't get me wrong, I love the idea of composting waste in principle. But if you don't have your own plot of land to do it on, it's not the magic wand toilet solution some people make it out to be.
  11. Can't find Chatroom

  12. Can't find Chatroom

    Thank you. Found it. Well hidden now so I expect it'll remain quiet in there.
  13. Can't find Chatroom

    Having gone from being an annoyingly huge square overlapping the bottom right of the screen all the time, the Chat link has gone walkies. I can't find a way to the chat facility at all anymore. I'm glad the square thing isn't blocking everything now but how do we get into Chat? Thanks
  14. Swans attack

    If I had a Crufts winning super pooch I valued with £ signs rather than love as a family pet, I would keep him on a lead anywhere I believed he might be at risk. He'd only be at risk from swans if he was near their young or nest and they felt the need to defend it. If I had a pooch I valued as a family pet and whose financial value was irrelevant, I would still keep him on a lead anywhere he might be at risk. If you can think far enough a head to take a gun, you can think far enough ahead to take a ruddy dog lead.
  15. Mobile chat bubble

    F-nah f-nah!