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  1. Worth booking passage for Anderton lift?

    "Pricey" ? Have you seen the amount of kit and tlc needed to get you up and down? Despite the moans and groans about unreliability, it represents great value for money, especially when "free" of charge.
  2. What to do if you fall in

    A guy on our marina fell in whilst changing a gas bottle. Miraculously, he missed striking his head on either the boat, pontoon, or concrete edge as he fell into a into a tiny triangular space.. We were onto him in seconds, but it took five or six of of us several minutes to get him out. Big chap, heavy clothing, all the weight low down below our kneeling positions, and cold, shock, panic, and fatigue kicking in. Someone found a ladder and he scrambled onto it and got dragged up. I now have a ladder on the boat, which is still no guarantee of a happy ending.
  3. Loose chimney on Squirrel stove

    Thanks Blackrose - its on the shopping list
  4. Loose chimney on Squirrel stove

    Thank you for the advice. I did have a concern about what was supposed to bear the weight. That's clarified, It is possible that the pipe and collar are fused. There are ruddy rust like deposits at the joint which you can probably make out on the pic. I will get it tackled - it looks like it will need doing sooner than anticipated given the downturn in the weather!
  5. Hi eager fountains of knowledge! After a momentary lapse, I whacked the chimney on the arch of a particularly low bridge on a bend recently. The chimney top fell off, and has had running repairs, the chimney mount seems ok, but the flue tube from the stove top upwards to the roof is loose by two or three mm at the base collar. The roof seems to be taking all the weight and it is like a very minor pendulum movement above the stove.There were some minor bits of sealant/packing broken loose on the stove top after the incident. The shock of the impact has clearly transferred down. Is it normal for the roof fitting to bear a significant amount of weight, and is there a way of packing and sealing it at the base, or an internal way of adjusting it inside the stove . It's a squirrel 1430. I have put an old pic of it with the post. Thanks in anticipation. ps: sorry about the massive pic.....
  6. Stourbridge moorings

    Thanks for the input everyone .....
  7. Stourbridge moorings

    Hello all, Can anyone advise for decent moorings near Stourbridge? Due to visit soon on an alternative Stourport Ring trip with a view to visiting The Vine ( aka The Bull And Bladder) and Lye for a curry. Ta ra a Bit.......
  8. Beta BV1505 fuel leak help please

    Cheers chaps. I will get onto it asap. More cleaning, talc, time and a Torch! In the meantime I will email Beta and see what they say, although Good Friday is bad day to do that given my time constraints! I will also try to fashion a temporary tray to catch the fuel - especially when I run out of our cocker spaniels' old puppy pads! In the meantime, any more input is appreciated, especially if someone has contact details of an engineer around Nantwich with at least half the know how that Tony has got! I will also post more when I make progress.
  9. Hello all My boat has a 1996 Beta BV 1505 38hp engine with 4350 hrs on the clock. In the 4 years I have had the boat I have had to replace two engine mountings under the fuel intake area (front starboard) due to damage from diesel leaks. I think much of this is down to poor maintenance and excessive vibration in the past, but I really need to nail this for obvious reasons. I am currently covering yet another new mount with puppy pads on a regular basis! The throttle cable/rod leads to the assembly similar to this in the picture which i have borrowed from another article elsewhere. After gunking and cleaning the assembly, I still find a slight but consistent drip at a low point deep inside the external assembly underneath. There is also a miniscule amount of weeping at the top of what I would describe as the manifold held on with four bolts. A trial and error approach worries me as an expensive and time consuming option. Should I bite the bullet, and get an engineer to replace the entire assembly? I am at my wits end on this as a 3 week trip approaches soon. I am in the Nantwich area. Thanks in anticipation.
  10. Etiquette - boats turning round at locks

    On a bit of a deadline, we rattled on down the Audlem flight recently only to have our momentum halted by a couple popping out in front of us at the Shroppie Fly on another boat. Astonishingly slow locking techniques on the bottom three (no crime I suppose) were compounded when the folks on board announced they were turning at the bottom and coming back up! Given the proximity of the winding hole, we agreed with raised eyebrows, and I look forward to inheriting the earth .....
  11. Anti freeze for central heating?

    Thanks for the help and advice everyone. Much appreciated.
  12. Hello all. I have a simple engine run central heating system on the boat that supplements the log burner- 3 rads running off what seems to be a gravity fed expansion vessel. I fitted a new pump for it, and topped it up and it is now working when the engine is nice and hot, but what would folks recommend to put in it as an antifreeze agent. Also, would the choice of any given antifreeze affect/inhibit the heating capability?
  13. Greyhounds on boats

    We have just picked up a rescue greyhound today. I really hope "Tiller" takes to the boat. He is a beautiful; two year old pretty boy ex racer. 4mph will be a significant change. I have a good feeling ......
  14. Security on board

    Sorry Nick but I like the extra security of them, especially if the boat is unattended within earshot of neighbours. I have a pressure activated pad hidden under a mat, with a deafening alarm that sounds for 20 seconds then resets. I think that would deter all but the keenest crim.I also have a couple of cheap pin activated alarms - bit like a grenade- attached to the side hatch and inner rear hatch.
  15. New to rivers

    Cheers Paul. Good advice. I am Stourport born making a "bucket list" return on my own boat. Exciting stuff. We will moor up overnight before dropping down. Would you suggest the basin, or is it ok on the approaches these days?