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  1. Boat Painters in the Frozen North

    Andy Russel - based at Aqueduct Marina and also on the Macclesfiled Canal has a very good reputation. Web site here:- http://www.theboatpainter.co.uk/ Howard
  2. Can you use a coolbox in the water as a fridge?

    Boat electrical power is not necessarily inneficient. It does need managing properly, but most boats seem to be able to sustain some form of refrigerator.if you are considering buying a used boat it is very possible that it will already have a fridge of some sort already fitted. Howard
  3. canal guide quoting 'head room'

    Not to mention Windlasses, Ceilings etc. Howard
  4. Shoppie fishing competition

    Good to see CRT are saving on printing costs. I take it that it is OK to moor between the blue marks as long as you don't moor on one! Howard
  5. Water tap at Autherley junction?

    There is a water point on the SU about 300 hundred yards or so from the stop lock (just past the boatyard). Howard
  6. solo parallel parking

    The OP has a 22 ft boat so rather than a centre rope, step ashore with bow and stern ropes. Like many things to do with boating, practise, practise, practise such manoevres where you can do no damage. Howard
  7. Centre lines

    Cleats are things to secure a rope to. Fairleads are something to allow a rope to have a "fair lead" (the clue is in the name.) Fairlead http://www.enarastore.top/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=12119 Cleat https://www.dockbuilders.com/dock-cleats.htm The picture shows fairleads. Howard
  8. Sea trial

    Of course a car and a boat are different, but the principle surely is the same. As you mention, you have a lot of experience of boats, and therefore you are happy to judge any new boat according to that background knowledge. However, I would say that most people have much more experience of judging a used car than a boat and the more "try before you buy" will be helpful to avoid any dissapointments later. Howard
  9. Sea trial

    Ask yourself if you would buy a car on the strength of starting the engine without taking it on a test run. I would be surprised if you would! Howard
  10. Commercial Passenger Boat skippers - how good are they?

    I had a quick Google and you're both correct. After a few years in post, both pilots and train drivers are about equal, in earnings, which surprised me. Howard
  11. Commercial Passenger Boat skippers - how good are they?

    Nit pickers of the world unite! I am posting from Yorkshire ( which is totally irrelevant) but have a look/google at daily commuter train passenger loadings in London and without much difficulty you can find passenger numbers exceeding 1000 on a daily basis. Your'e quite right that no-one had raised the point of Kudos; I did, and so what? i do fully understand the responsibilities of a passenger boat skipper (not only a skipper but also an OOW) but am not sure what point you are trying to make. My post expresses my opinion; if you disagree then so be it. Howard
  12. Commercial Passenger Boat skippers - how good are they?

    What about Hillsborough? An error of judgement by a senior police officer may have led to tragic consequences.. i've often thought that these type of comparisons between occupations are iniquitous. For example, a train driver can have a thousand plus lives on his train, and compare his/her salary and kudos with, say, an airline pilot or a passenger ship captain/OOW.I have equal respect for them all, including police officers. (I may be biased about the latter as my father was in the police force!) Howard
  13. Looking for a 2-4 Day Private Rental

    Our syndicate has very similar rules; because our boat is self managed by the syndicate, it is treated as a privately owned boat with one or two named persons on the licence, and the BSC complies with the normal conditions like any other private boat, including hiring for reward. Share boats who are managed by a commercial management company, however, have to comply with the same conditions as a hire boat, but they are still governed by their own syndicate rules which do not allow hiring or other similar arrangements. Howard
  14. Looking for a 2-4 Day Private Rental

    If you are ill advised enough to "come to an arrangement" - i.e. breach the licencing conditions - just bear in mind that the boat will not be insured with all the consequences that that involves, both to the boat owner, yourself and any third party who may be involved. It's much easier and very much safer to hire a boat from an established hire boat company. Howard
  15. leeds to bingley safe moorings

    There is also a small marina at Apperley Bridge which has a chandlers if you need something, and if you moor there and catch a bus there is a very good industrial museum a short bus ride away. http://www.bradfordmuseums.org/venues/bradford-industrial-museum not to mention my old school nearby! Howard