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  1. Runcorn sailmakers loft

    Here is a link to a book about Runcorn which has a section and photos of the yard of Richard Abel - Barge and Tug owners at Runcorn - who were first established at Runcorn Top Lock as sailmakers and the clip shows that they were on the site shown as late as the 1950's. https://books.google.co.uk/books?id=Nf_BBQAAQBAJ&pg=PT8&lpg=PT8&dq=sailmakers+runcorn&source=bl&ots=gRfy7ho-4r&sig=yN5Y6hoJg5ejW2s83N_Vq7hyGnc&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiWrJP28c_XAhUGWxoKHcv-DXwQ6AEISzAI#v=onepage&q=sailmakers runcorn&f=false Howard
  2. Handmade in Hull, lots of boat related items.

    This was a thouroughly enjoyable programme but maybe should be renamed Handmade on the Humber because a number of the ctaftsmen featured were actually from outside Hull, including a number brom North Lincolnshire. Still, well worth watching. Howard
  3. Definition of 'mooring'

    Although the International Collision regs are not necessarily applicable in all circumstances on the inland waterways, it might be worth mentioning that in the circumstances you describe - ie stationary but not tied to the bank, under those rules you would be considered to be under way (not at anchor, made fast to the shore or aground) and if stationary you would be considered to be underway but not making way through the water. Howard
  4. Lest we forget.....

    Just for once could we stop the petty semantic bickering and point scoring and try to see the spirit of what someone is saying rather than the actual words. This forum sometimes seems to be slowly sliding back to the level of the school playground which I though had been banished! Howard
  5. Lest we forget.....

    May I add to the many very deserved Remembrance thoughts of our Men and Women of the armed forces, the men and women of the Merchant Navy who also selflessly gave their lives during many conflicts over the years. They quite often get forgotten, but I will be looking out for the MN contingent during the televised Albert Hall Ceremonies. Their efforts played a key part in keeping the nation going and eventually played a great part in the successful outcome. Great Respect Howard
  6. Even Nelson is reported to have suffered from sea-sickness, and many seafarers experience twinges of it from time to time. Some disguise the cause by blaming it on an iffy meal the night before, or one too many libations! I have come across a number of remedies (apart from pills) such as bread and honey, ginger, 1 can of fizzy beer (not more) toast etc. and there are many others. I suspect that the efficacy of each depends on the gullibility of the individual! Howard
  7. Please Help Make It Familiar Again

    I suspect I am fairly typical of many members, although of course I have no way of knowing. I visit the site at least every day - frequently more than once - because of the variety of postings, which are usually interesting and initially sometimes informative, and also because of the depth of knowledge of many of the members who willingly pass on their wisdom and expertise. I haven't posted in the last 7 days, because I don't think I can add to any of the posts. I seldom ask questions, but on the odd occasion I have done, I have always had positive and helpful responses. I may be representative of many of the "infrequent posting members" because I find that very frequently what starts off as an interesting post inevitably and quickly lapses into a debate among some members about some erudite point which has nothing to do with the original post but is more taken as a chance to score points over one another, and this leaves me cold. I fully understand that if members wish to follow this line that is their prerogative, and indeed many people enjoy this aspect of the forum, but I wonder if this may be the reason why many members don't post as much as some would wish? Cheers Howard
  8. Partial loss of propulsion

    Another vote for leaves on the prop. A quick burst of backwards throws them off and away you go again. Howard
  9. What about adze marks. Adzes were sometimes used to dress timber and can leave marks like the ones you describe. Howard
  10. Yank - Locked in For Hire from Chirk

    I am not familiar with hotels etc. in Chirk, but if you are food shopping there is superb butchers shop there - McArdles - which is a must! If you have time, try to visit Chirk Castle which is well worth seeing. Have a great holiday Howard
  11. Not So Naughty-Cal in Norfolk

    Funnily enough Hebridean Princess does have a Norfolk connection in that, after purchase from Cal-Mac, it underwent a total transformation from a workhorse West Coast ferry to a very well equipped and comfortable mini-cruise ship and all the work was done at Priors in Great Yarmouth in 1989, being renamed HP by the Duchess of York. She was originally built in 1964 so she is getting a bit long in the tooth, but in 2006 she was deemed suitable to act as a substitute for the Royal Yacht Britannia when the Queen chartered the ship for her summer holiday and used her for an extended cruise around the Western Isles. I spent a lot of time on board her in the late 1980's and early 1990's as Ops manager and Senior Master. Howard
  12. What do you wish I already knew?

    This is a useful book to read before you go. https://canalrivertrust.org.uk/enjoy-the-waterways/boating/a-guide-to-boating/boaters-handbook there is also an accompanying Video which may help. Have a great Cruise. Howard
  13. Villager Puffin Stove control

    I have used Villager Puffin stoves on 4 different boats and all of them have had an adjustable grille to regulate air flow. They didn't look like the one you show. This is like ours:- Howard
  14. Canal dredging action

    One removes silt from the bottom of the canal, one cuts and remove weeds. You have seen a weed cutter. This is a dredger. Good luck if you meet one! Howard
  15. Interfering at locks

    I wonder if Mr Batch is ex "Andrew"? In RN Naval parlance handsomely actually means "slowly or with caution". I have never come across it being used in the real navy (the MN!). Howard