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  1. A lucky escape

    It reminds me of the North Oxford between Braunston and Wigrams on a busy summers day.
  2. Blacking

    £10 per foot (inc VAT) for 2 coats of Intertuf 16 is the going rate in the Braunston area. DIY would actually cost you more in this neck of the woods.
  3. Graham at Braunston Marina should be able to help you. graham(at)braunstonmarina.co.uk or 01788 891373
  4. Canopus and Sculptor

    I am aware that it was/is in Braunston for engine, fabrication and fitting work. I was curious to know if the prop and rudder had been changed to the new designs and whether any "sea trials" had been done. From the sounds of it, they may not be at that stage yet.
  5. Canopus and Sculptor

    I have read this with interest but it seems to stop in mid-flow back in March 2017. Have all the changes now been made to Canopus (rudder, prop, engine etc.) and has it resolved all of the issues reported by the OP?
  6. Finally -Success

    Congratulations on buying such a "classic" boat. After 5 years you found it and it found you!
  7. Unusual query from C&RT

    Could it be linked to this initiative? https://canalrivertrust.org.uk/news-and-views/news/mooring-validation-scheme-rolled-out
  8. March of the Wide Beams

    It's (or was) the other side of the road bridge i.e. Braunston side.
  9. March of the Wide Beams

    They appear to be lost (?), it is now moored at Willoughby Wharf on the North Oxford.
  10. Ideal exhaust pipe colour

    I have only ever heard reference to this in relation to petrol engines. My diesel engine produces dry soot and I have been told by people who know better than me to only worry if it becomes oily.
  11. Genny/solar charging mystery

    I couldn't resist at this price but delivery is stated as 11th Dec to 11th Jan as it is shipped from China. OK if you're not in a rush.
  12. I agree. I was highlighting how complicated buying oil has become and it was worth knowing what to buy before you get there, which you have kindly confirmed.
  13. .... and that's where the fun starts. Mineral?, Semi Synthetic?, Fully Synthetic?, Audi spec, Renault spec, Ford spec? Long life? Low ash? Oil appears to have become a "black art" in places like Halfords. I suspect mineral is the one to use but worth checking before you buy.
  14. Excited and slightly worried!!

    The Watford Flight is not locked but it would make sense to accept CRT assistance if "Red before White...." means nothing to you. Rob-M beat me to it
  15. Boaty junk

    Thank you, that's great ... I will make some enquiries to see if any of the Members are in your area in the meantime.