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  1. Rexit

    Why, it looks to be a perfectly good coat. No doubt if he bought a new one every year, the wannabe republicans would be wailing about the waste of public money.
  2. Rexit

    President Cameron, President Blair, no thanks.
  3. Brexit 2017

    No, what they know is that a body that overwhelmingly wants to remain in the eu, now has a vote on whether to except what is offered. If what is offered is crap they will reject it, and we stay on the merry go round. It is possible that we have just lost Brexit with this vote today.
  4. Brexit 2017

    Your quote is wrong, I said most of Parliament are anti leaving the eu, not anti the eu
  5. Brexit 2017

    That is not the point I was making.
  6. Brexit 2017

    So, now the eu know most of Parliament are anti leaving why would they offer anything other than a bad deal. They will know this would be voted down thereby keeping us in on a never ending transitional basis.
  7. Brotherly Love?

    Maybe if it simply amounted to a few choice words as you pass each other, but to park up, trudge half a mile back in snowy icy conditions to threaten violence, deserves a bit of shaming.
  8. Brexit 2017

    You clearly don't understand the meaning of what it is to be sovereign. Whilst in the eu we can't discriminate between other eu members, but once we leave, we decide who can do what. It won't be the eu granting the rights it will be the UK.
  9. Brexit 2017

    Well you would be wrong then. It is all about controlling it, not stopping it completely.
  10. Brexit 2017

    I think you are mixing up two different groups of people. Migrants and eu citizens, the former seek asylum the latter would not be granted it. For an asylum seeker to reach the U.K. via Eire is just as difficult if not more so than sneeking across the channel. On this we can rely on Eire as they won't want hoards of asylum seekers transiting their country either.
  11. Brexit 2017

    Steady on old chap, there are some things even worse than the eu.
  12. Fitting a waste water tank

    The recommended venting of a waste tank is for one vent exiting the top of the tank to emerge low i.e. hull side and for second vent from top of tank to emerge high i.e. roof. This then creates a good flow of air and no filters are needed as the waste is aerated.
  13. Fitting a waste water tank

    Have two vents, one high and one low and no filters needed.
  14. Brexit 2017

    Of course it is on the cards, that's the whole point. The few that don't want it, will slowly be ignored as we have for the past forty years. To suggest a super state is not going to happen, is precisely the naivety those who are running the show, are relying on. Why does a trading bloc need a constitution, an anthem, an army. It doesn't unless it is planning to become something else.
  15. Brexit 2017

    It is a victory because it is a fudge. At the start of the week with Eire playing hardball, no doubt with eu string pulling in the background the talks nearly collapsed, the May government was on the verge of meltdown and there was a very real prospect she would not survive till Xmas. What happened, the eu gave way. What was a solid red line for them, suddenly a fudge was acceptable. Now look at what has been agreed. On the bill, estimates 35 to 39 billion, way lower than some figures being quoted. Citizens rights will be very wide ranging, reciprocal, and for Brits is going to included free movement across whole eu, not just country of current residency. On the Irish border nothing has been settled, it has been kicked down the road. Now the important part. The UK always wanted to get phase two underway. Nothing is agreed till everything is agreed. If they give us a crap deal it can all come off the table again. So here is where the eu exposed its petticoats. Up until Monday the eu had not given way on a single point. However when faced with a very real prospect of failure, they blinked. First they extended their deadlines for a deal, not once but several times. Then they accepted less than they wanted. Why, if they are in such a strong position, why not say, sorry you have not made sufficient progress, come back to us in the New Year. Put simply because they need a deal just as much as we do.