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    Researching local WW1 casualties.<br />Boating, of course.

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    LGV Driver
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    Leeds and Liverpool Canal.

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  1. Happiness in the Wigan Office

    The club pays thousands a year and has done so for over 30 years or so to Bw etc. It also makes a healthy profit every year.
  2. Happiness in the Wigan Office

    On our club moorings, which we had the foresight, nearly thirty years ago to buy the land between us, the fee for a 59ft mooring this year was about £885. Makes some of the auction prices seem almost a rip off. Andy.
  3. Photos of your boat.

    Handed Travis over to the new owners today. If they have only half as much fun as we have had with him they are in for a rich time. Feeling sad tonight, boatless for the first time in over thirty years.
  4. Bingley this morning

    Water point yes, elsan disposal no...
  5. Bingley this morning

    Barry has an MBE for his work on the five rise over the decades but is now part of the "Rapid Response" team. Whatever that is.
  6. Bingley this morning

    Just a little rant. This morning we only wanted to go down the five rise around 9am. We had to wait, fair enough, no problem. By 10am there were two gazebos with (at least 6 green or blue shirted ID fobbed volunteers), Kennet (6 more hands) a "Community" boat with only 1 hand (and a fob) who moored on the water point after we locked him up because he was single handed and announced he was mooring there all day to let the kids visit the boat. No kids in particular, just any passing kids, those with a BW key who I think who were going to the sanitary station, but not with a boat because he was moored on the point. There were signs attached to every spare railing promoting C&RT, communty boats Walls Ice Cream and everything. And one bally lock keeper.....The poor fella was run off his feet. He explained how earlier in the week he had to look after the five rise and the three rise at the same time. By 10 30 the poor lad was knackered and rang his line manager (?) for help. They sent a man from Lancashire to aid him who's only transport was a bike.... honestly. We left the bottom lock at 11 30. Is this the way things are going to be in the future? Gawd help ya, did I mention I've sold Travis? Rant over. .
  7. Spot the boat....

    Que Sera ?
  8. The Anchor at Salterforth

    We had the platter.
  9. Amazing what you find on the towpath!

    C'mon, we all know but are too scared to say it. Pinky is a gobby old twat. There! Said it Smiley included.
  10. The Anchor at Salterforth

    Another shameless plug. The Chicken and the Pork was lovely. I tried samples of both!
  11. The Anchor at Salterforth

    The jukebox has gone!
  12. The Anchor at Salterforth

    Hello John, I wondered where you were, now I know. I tried the Greyhound a couple of times but alas (I need to be careful here as the landlord is in there) mine host was about as happy as the old one at the Anchor. Anyway...the Anchor is looking up! Andy. ps, Tommy two guns died in his sleep at Christmas. Hell of a shock but he had a hell of a send-off.
  13. The Anchor at Salterforth

    Beer? Loads of beer! Whats a common one?
  14. The Anchor at Salterforth

    Just having returned from a prolonged tea-time sesh I would like to agree with all your comments. Happy Days are here again!