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  1. Jeremy Corbyn struggles with numbers?

    Maybe he just want landlords to sell the houses? because if he introduces this idea I suspect a lot will.
  2. New stove, cold feet warm head.

    50 meters of underfloor pipe @ 22mm should with the rads and cauliflower give me warm floors and enough heat loss to keep the whispergen cool and making 24volts dc to charge batteries in the winter. I am keeping it simple with no joints under the floor to go wrong
  3. New stove, cold feet warm head.

    I have laid a water pipe under the floor with insulation below it, I have a whispergen and a solid fuel backboilered cooker to heat it. I will have two rads and the cauliflower in the system as well. The whispergen requires 5KW of heat removal equipment to allow it to work properly
  4. New stove, cold feet warm head.

    The bathtub when refitted will have underfloor heating to remedy this problem just starting to fit the pipework and insulation prior to the new floor
  5. Batteries and being off grid

    I have 2volt cell full traction one set 13 years old the other bank 7 years old I think, all going strong best things I ever bought. For the electric bathtub I am going for the same GTP batteries as yourself. I dont want a watering system and also the size of the 2 volt cells mean that I wont be able to fit them in. Glad that their are more people than me that believe in you get what you pay for!
  6. AGM versus Gel batteries

    Yes twizies are an electric car on lithium batteries...............................which seem to run very well in Norway in the freezing cold
  7. AGM versus Gel batteries

    I used my Twizy in the snow and ice and there are Twizys in Norway running around in the freezing cold.................
  8. AGM versus Gel batteries

    I would stick with the same as you already have. Li po batteries have been known to catch fire on thousands of occasions so why take the risk. A canadian company have come up with a fix for this so I read a couple of days ago, it also increases the range by x3 when used in cars so when this happens I would maybe think about them but they are seriously expensive so it is a very large gamble Not if its a separate alternator
  9. Puzzling Alternator bulb question?

    My 2008 Barrus Shire 50 has no glow plugs starts instant and provides great fuel consumption DIs are up to 20% more economical than IDIs, that why all modern diesel cars are DIs.
  10. Long way around straight down the trent turn left and onto the ouse, we were there just last week, glorious trip weather and water perfik for the journey.
  11. Ledgards boats and compost toilets

    Ignore the comments about composting toilets I have had one for six years, I am refitting a broads cruiser and have ripped out the pump out to fit a composting toilet. They work full stop
  12. Diesel Stoves

    I have a 200 litre dedicated tank for the stove very faff free. Ask Mike how often he uses his stove nowdays? Or is it all heated by Whispergen
  13. Brexit 2017

    No those experts said it was going to happen straight away and they were going to have a budget and take all our money of us etc etc etc You know what I am saying here dont you? nobody knows what is going to happen, but we do need to be pulling in the same direction otherwise it may all go down the pan! Yes I voted for leave, I have my reasons as did 17 million others, no one lied to me as I looked at the options and the EU for me wasnt a good one. As time goes on I may be proved right or you may be proved right what does matter though is we give it our best shot I think I have finished with this thread now as we are really all going in circles
  14. Brexit 2017

    Are those the same experts that predicted the world would explode if we voted out? remember all the scare stories I do and because it didnt happen nobody really believes those experts anymore
  15. Brexit 2017

    What one has to remember that at the end this all has to be voted on, what if they dont agree to it? we could still leave with no deal! interesting really, is it time to place a bet?