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  1. Brexit 2017

    But he is an old parasite that provides a lot of jobs whereas Corbyn would have destroyed the country with his policies
  2. Never underestimate the power of need! Electric cars are coming and a cheap chargeable battery that isnt temp dependent is needed, and Lithium isnt the answer, cos it aint cheap and is useless in the cold and has a habit of catching fire when its to hot!
  3. Abnormal data usage

    I have a 3 contract with dongle it has 5 gb on it, however every time I go to check data use, it just says their is a problem we know about it and are try to fix it! well lets hope they never do as I never run out of data and use it all the time
  4. Lithium is still going up in value investors are involved so I suspect that Sodium glass batteries will be the savior of the electric car and become standard fit in everything. Its always the same nowadays investors kill tech because they are greedy sodium fortunately is cheap and plentiful unlike Lithium, Give it two years and all will be well
  5. Twin pack or Bitumen

    Mine is zingered I still take it out every 2 years to repair the impact damage the cost of this is not expensive in comparison to the cost of doing the job in the first place. Plus it allows me to check the prop etc, boating is a rough world and the only boats that dont need that maintenance are the ones that dont move
  6. Its difficult this one I bought my boat from them [secondhand] they were helpful when the inverter caught fire not helpful when it had the wrong engine paperwork matched the sails blurb so the builder was conned or did the conning! I have remained friends with Ian the manager at the Mercia branch and he is a boater and always seems a nice guy so maybe a call to him is order to try and sort things out who knows it might work. Steering wise as others have said check levels and that all things are connected
  7. Brexit 2017

    Clearly the sub contractors to Kier are training their trainees so somewhere along the line something is happening. I dont care what it is as long as they end up with a trade at the end
  8. Brexit 2017

    Unless we get our benefits payments under control and get our tax revenue up whilst reducing the population we are finished!! We are only a couple of interest raises away from disaster, so getting our youth trained up and working is the way forward. Cheap trained foreign workers are not and never will be the answer for the working man. So if John over the last year has seen a trend for that to happen its good for the youth and its good for the country. But because you love the EU that much you would rather we sacrifice this country for the greater good of the EU? No thanks to that, and thankfully enough people voted to leave so, that we dont end up like Greece and others, thats without a pot to piss in!! If it wasnt for Germany bailing them out, which of course puts them in ever greater debt to Germany, in fact so much debt they will never be out of it!!
  9. Brexit 2017

    John works for Keir they sub contract nearly everything, in the past the language on the sites has all been of eastern European. Now he is noticing a change, Engish is becoming more common again, he is seeing young english guys on the sites that he manages. Change is happening. be it the devaluation of the pound, or the workforce seeing the future he doesnt know, but he is glad that training our own workforce is starting to happen
  10. Brexit 2017

    I think Tim we were voting for change, no more rich local/foreign owners of companies choosing cheap, qualified, imported labour, because they dont want to pay to train our own. Change takes time. and in time remainers will realise that leaving was a good thing
  11. Brexit 2017

    I know where they are from I lived there remember? hence the smiley As for rail travel My other half is always on trains across to manchester and around the region and has no issues, But the point I was making is the chap moored next to me worked for both and now is heavily into steam trains and he says that they are far less crap to day than they were as British Snail
  12. Brexit 2017

    You need to shop at Aldi and Liddles I am sorry but an ex Britsh Snail employee and I were laughing at this only yesterday prior to privatisation it was crap now it is far less crap his words not mine
  13. Alternator light

    I have had this, In my case its when the batteries are fully charged and the solar is still giving a charge my red light comes on, if I turn the kettle on or some other large equipment it does the same, however soon as batteries are up to charge domestic red light comes on! Its done it for years and has been fine, everything is ok if batteries are down on charge
  14. 60 x 10 engine size

    Remember I am 12 x 57 so would weigh more than you so weight and length are the 2 questions that the prop calc was interested in. Also my engine now revs to 3000 rpm so it must be right, however this was done a couple of years ago so I might be wrong. The prop used to be 19 x 14 if I remember and would only rev to 2000 rpm
  15. Partition in India

    A big cockup and no mistake!! I had to do it in Army in the contemporary world whilst in the Army, it opened my eyes and in some ways the villain of the piece was Winnie. It was all done in a great rush, if Ghandi had allowed more time things would have been better, but he wanted a united India which was never going to happen. So the mess that you see today was the best that could be done by Mountbatten in the time available, it was never ever going to end well