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  1. Brexit 2017

    But we can do something about our MPs cant do nowt about the EU system
  2. Brexit 2017

    But we have the ability to change it, in the EU we dont, as only the rulemakers make the law, MEPs can only vote on those laws, so in effect MEPs are just rubber stamps!! So we with our referendum we have cut out the middlemen which is the EU, when it all happens and we come out the other side other countries will follow which is why the EU idiots are making life so difficult for us.......they are scared their trough is being taken away
  3. Brexit 2017

    I understand your sentiment, however look at how little the EU has changed, and how much it needs to change, and I realised that I was flogging a dead horse!! The people in charge are getting ever richer by moving a cheap labour force around Europe, and whilst we are being fed a diet of cheap carbs, for the most part we are happy...................being whipped to death for the greater good of the rich and powerful
  4. Not So Naughty-Cal in Norfolk

    Strip it once, remove and seal windows once, replace rotten floor and rotten interior once!!!! refit with love and care plus lots of insulation, fingers crossed electric drive works ok with lots of solar, cruise off into sunset.......................slowly
  5. Brexit 2017

    +1 If all the press, rich and powerful people/organisations would stop trying to derail the process we would have a chance of making a great success of leaving the EU. As of yet the world hasnt stopped spinning and toads haven't rained from the sky as predicted, fingers crossed for march 2019 a brilliant birthday present when we leave
  6. Not So Naughty-Cal in Norfolk

    I have to fit an extractor fan in the bathroom as well as it now has no opening windows anymore. I will be glad when I am at the major putting it back together again, I always knew it was going to be a long job but better not to rush and make difficult to rectify mistakes later
  7. Not So Naughty-Cal in Norfolk

    Mine has brushes at the back and seals ok ish at the front, I have multi layer insulation for everywhere I can put it!!
  8. Not So Naughty-Cal in Norfolk

    You are so right!! insulation is something I am building into the boat at the moment along with underfloor heating. This is why I have stripped everything out of the boat its just a bare shell now. I will be even doing the floor under the pipes to try to keep the heat in. Those sliding roofs are an issue as well, if I could find a way to remove it to make it look better that would be my first move.
  9. Brexit 2017

    Maybe some could be inserted in the backsides of the EU leaders and negotiators it might make them move a bit quicker!!!!
  10. Wood burning stoves to be banned in London

    I dont think the quality of the diesel helps much to be honest. The Nissan Quashquy or whatever its called produces 18 times the permitted NOX and its the UKs best selling car, EU tests total waste of time like the EU!!!
  11. Wood burning stoves to be banned in London

    I wouldnt have thought the cars moved fast enough to burn much rubber or brakes!!
  12. Lucas 2v Traction Batteries ??

    I did say you needed 5 KW of radiators Mike My system has been working for 6 years with success so add those rads and the cauliflower into the system
  13. Brexit 2017

    I have been watching the tv with interest now the supermarkets are waging in with the doom and gloom! Clearly they dont get it or should I say the rich and powerful behind them dont! They will try to get us to change our minds because they are losing control of the populace. they dont like the fact that they cant control us with cheap carbs anymore. the voters are looking for protein..............in the form of the rich arses of shareholders that belong to the big companies that control the country!!
  14. Brexit 2017

    Does it matter? we will just buy products from other countries or make them outselves
  15. Brexit 2017

    Still think its the best idea ever just wish we were leaving next week