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  1. Moving a boat between networks

    Hi Our boat is a skinny widebeamor a fat narrowboat 30ft x 8.6ft, we used DCL Transport Services Preston Total cost £480 - collect from Bridgehouse Marina PR3 0JJ Delivery to York Marina YO19 4RW
  2. Moving a boat between networks

    We bought our boat at Lancaster and road transported to york and I found this quite simple ⚓️Possible due to letting the experts do they job. Once you price up, lifts & Transport cost, you can use this when purchasing a boat. Most Important was all the help / advice we received from forum members 💕 We listened and used there experience 💕🚣‍♀️
  3. My new hat

    No no no it just doesn't go with tillers But for a sealine boat it's a definatly yes ⛴
  4. Retiring a Multi fuel stove 👀

    I really like this stove brilliant price the only disadvantage is has a 4inch flue & the squirrel is 5inchs just thought it would be easyier to buy another stove with 5inch flue.
  5. Retiring a Multi fuel stove 👀

    Thanks we Love the quirky look of this but unfortunately it's a wood burner ☹️ We need a multi fuel stove
  6. Retiring a Multi fuel stove 👀

    Oops it is force 4 chandlers my mistake wishing it was Midland chandlers with a Freak Friday coming up thanks anyway.
  7. Retiring a Multi fuel stove 👀

    Yes spadfoot we have thought that & midland chandlers have A Morse Stoves on offer just under £600 which is a really good price. But getting old stove out & new one in seems to be the problem Any ideas on how to make this easier
  8. Retiring a Multi fuel stove 👀

    The stove is as old as the boat (17) so that's pretty good however we have only had the boat 3 years
  9. Retiring a Multi fuel stove 👀

    Oops Well it comes to use all old age our lovely cosy Morse Squirrel stove has developed a saggy top & wrinkles, that is cracks on the top. A little bit of plastic surgery preformed by OH has worked wonders, but sadly she will have to go We are looking for replacement : 5kw British made multi fuel stove budget of £450 Also,How easy |hard will it be to take the old stove out & install a new stove
  10. ropes

    We do this too We use Old ropes to moor up in marina & the good ropes when out cruising.
  11. Milton or Bleach

    We prefer to usee Milton tablets once a year to clean the water tank & it cleans the pipes, shower head etc.
  12. How often do you use your boat?

    Love winter on our boat we are toasty warm with the squirrel stove, lovely & no need to say it's a narrowboat of course 💕