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  1. Bridgewater permits and licenses

    Just done a return trip on Bridgewater.As we spent less than 7 days in total I didn’t see any need to buy a licence, couldn’t actually work out how to and no-one appeared at any point to be interested. We did have one strange experience when I took a photo of a boat with the same name as our granddaughter and was challenged by the owner as to why I had done this ( he ran after us for a hundred yards or so). Maybe an illustration of the tensions there?
  2. Bridgewater permits and licenses

    That sign was there on Wednesday. I’d never noticed it before.
  3. Any idea what these are?

    Just past Leigh, (towards Wigan) on the Leeds Liverpool, there is a long row of stakes/piling all set back at a consistent distance from the bank and spaced consistently. They go on for about a mile and They are about 9” or so square. Anyone know what they are?
  4. Incident at Fenny Marina

    To be fair, I didn’t accuse the lady of being complacent, I was thinking of us ........
  5. Water in cabin bilge

    Ouch! Was it an ex Ownerships one? How big a job was the conversion? I guess you would have had to remake your front doors and also provide new steps?
  6. Any idea what these are?

    They are very similar to these, but the Leeds Liverpool is very stingy with moorings and I can’t believe they’d give us a mile or so!
  7. Any idea what these are?

    Maybe, but wouldn’t there be a reflector on them, or perhaps a bar across the top?
  8. Incident at Fenny Marina

    We were going down Bank Newton a week or so ago and the lock keeper was telling us about all the sinking there (2 in the last few weeks) Then we get to the Gargrave locks and there is an ambulance there. A lady had tripped when alighting, bumpted her head and broken her shoulder. And on their first days hire I think. its easy to become complacent .........
  9. Water in cabin bilge

    Having spent a week or so mopping up our bilge, this is very useful! Hadn’t considered condensation, or overful water tank. we have another possibility, out front cockpit is below water level and drained by a channel to the rear bilge. (It’s an “S” series Pat Buckle Ownerships boat) so that sounds like three separate sources of water! and one other point, if the access hatch is at the back and to one side (as in our case) then the attitude of the boat matters.
  10. Bridge 132 Leeds Liverpool Canal

    Has anyone had problems around bridge 132, on the outskirts of Burnley? We passed there a couple of weeks ago and saw something going on with some youths scuffling. On the way back a couple of days ago we came under rocket attack! Luckily the youths concerned were too concerned with hiding from my camera to aim it properly. Other than that we have had an uneventful trip through the “badlands” and would recommend the Leeds Liverpool to anyone wanting to venture North.
  11. Bridge 132 Leeds Liverpool Canal

    Went through Wigan today. There was a dodgy looking character on the towpath, looked like a drug dealer waiting for clients. Saw a family walking group later, with him in the middle of it. Seems he had been waiting for them - just shows how easy it is to jump to conclusions when you get into this frame of mind! our time on the Leeds Liverpool comes to an end tomorrow. It’s a lovely canal with great scenery and lots of interest. We’ll miss it all, except perhaps those big heavy locks .......
  12. Losing water

    We have just had a header tank fitted to our BMC 1.8. Before this we didn't seem to be using any water. Since fitting the tank we are losing about 1/2 pint each day. We even lose water when the boat is just on the bank without the engine running. i can't see where the water is going. I wonder whether we had an air lock in our skin tank and whether having a header tank higher in the system than before is gradually filling this up - in which case I guess it will eventually stop. Any thoughts would be appreciated!
  13. Losing water

    Not sure whether it’s a Polar unit, but I think you’ve found the problem. It’s damp around there in the morning.
  14. Wood burning stoves to be banned in London

    It’s actually quite easy to convert a generator to LPG. There is a company called Edge Technology who specialise in this.
  15. Wood burning stoves to be banned in London

    Full disclosure - I’m a local politician ........ Politicians don’t actually go about trying to upset people (!) most problems come because of opposing forces i.e. you have to upset someone, it’s just deciding which group to choose. I can’t see a ban on running engines in locks for example. There are safety concerns apart from anything else. The big issue will be running engines to charge batteries, in residential areas. This has already been a problem in the past and, crucially, it’s a problem capable of being solved. For example, our local council has recently banned genearators in the market place, but only after installing electric points as an alternative. There are a number of high profile town centre moorings where I can see this being the way forward. I just hope that CRT is engaging in some dialogue about this.
  16. Wood burning stoves to be banned in London

    I think Diesel engines for propulsion will be ok, it’s sitting on a mooring, in a residential area, running engines to charge batteries that will be the problem.
  17. Wood burning stoves to be banned in London

    Whatever the current legislation, and political insults aside, anyone who thinks we will continue to be allowed to run old diesel engines in towns and cities and allowed to burn whatever we like in residential areas, clearly hasn’t been paying attention. the most we can hope for is that CRT obtain some grant money to install electric hook ups.
  18. Skipton

    If you can find a butcher who makes their own pies then you've struck gold! Stick with them ..........
  19. Skipton

    Not sure how long you've been away, but be aware that a good pork pie will take a little hunting down!
  20. Skipton

    And I'm not surprised! We are leaving today, back to our home mooring at Overwater, and will be buying a last pork pie and saying a reluctant goodbye to a wonderful small market town.
  21. Skipton

    Lovely place Skipton, no restrictive mooring restrictions even near "posh" flats. So the boat behind us has just started running his engine at 7.05am How long before it all changes? Come on folks, have a little sense please! The same boat ( you know who you are if you're reading this!) was also running it after 8pm a couple of nights ago. I guess this is how the Saltaire restrictions started?
  22. Losing water

    Good to find someone as figure obsessed as me! You're right about the different routes and their effect on consumption. I get markedly better on the Llangollen canal than the Bridgewater.
  23. Losing water

    Thanks Tony That day may just have been today! I'll make a temporary mark with tape then monitor it over the next few days. Hopefully we have just been getting all the air out of the system, otherwise it's back to looking for a leak! Out of interest, what sort of oil consumption would you expect on one of these, also mpg, or whatever the equivalent is? (On a 58ft boat) we tend to put in about a pint of oil every 100 hours or so (not all at once) and we use about 1.1 to 1.3 litres of diesel per hour working out at about 1.75 litres per mile. I know the mpl figures are a bit meaningless as locks make a big difference but do those figures sound about right? Thanks very much for all your help, it's much appreciated.
  24. Losing water

    It's a Pat Buckle boat. Ref the engine, I think it's about the 4th engine. The first lastedcsome time I believe then there were 3 quite quickly - from Calcutta I believe. The last engine was fitted whilst still under Ownerships and is about 7-9 years old I believe. ref the raw water cooling, happy to be corrected and in fact there are no signs of it ever being fitted.
  25. Losing water

    Thanks Tony. this is an ex Ownerships boat of 1997 vintage. I think it started off with using raw canal water to cool and then was converted whilst part of Ownerships, along with all of the other boats. (I stand to be corrected!) I don't know if the pictures help? interestingly, today's cruise resulted in the header tank filling right up and then dripping out. The engine was working reasonably hard in a shallowish canal (Leeds Liverpool beyond Silsden) but no signs of overheating and the gauge on its normal 80. No signs of boiling or anything like that, the level just rose to the top of the tank and then dripped. So I'm wondering if the air pockets might have been filled and this is the result? The header is filled to the Min mark, about 1/4 full. Tony, if it's cooled directly from the skin tank then is it all one system and is the header tank effectively connected directly to the skin tank? i feel I'm learning a lot more than I expected this week! Thanks to all the tutors ......