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  1. Losing water

    Good to find someone as figure obsessed as me! You're right about the different routes and their effect on consumption. I get markedly better on the Llangollen canal than the Bridgewater.
  2. Losing water

    Thanks Tony That day may just have been today! I'll make a temporary mark with tape then monitor it over the next few days. Hopefully we have just been getting all the air out of the system, otherwise it's back to looking for a leak! Out of interest, what sort of oil consumption would you expect on one of these, also mpg, or whatever the equivalent is? (On a 58ft boat) we tend to put in about a pint of oil every 100 hours or so (not all at once) and we use about 1.1 to 1.3 litres of diesel per hour working out at about 1.75 litres per mile. I know the mpl figures are a bit meaningless as locks make a big difference but do those figures sound about right? Thanks very much for all your help, it's much appreciated.
  3. Losing water

    It's a Pat Buckle boat. Ref the engine, I think it's about the 4th engine. The first lastedcsome time I believe then there were 3 quite quickly - from Calcutta I believe. The last engine was fitted whilst still under Ownerships and is about 7-9 years old I believe. ref the raw water cooling, happy to be corrected and in fact there are no signs of it ever being fitted.
  4. Losing water

    Thanks Tony. this is an ex Ownerships boat of 1997 vintage. I think it started off with using raw canal water to cool and then was converted whilst part of Ownerships, along with all of the other boats. (I stand to be corrected!) I don't know if the pictures help? interestingly, today's cruise resulted in the header tank filling right up and then dripping out. The engine was working reasonably hard in a shallowish canal (Leeds Liverpool beyond Silsden) but no signs of overheating and the gauge on its normal 80. No signs of boiling or anything like that, the level just rose to the top of the tank and then dripped. So I'm wondering if the air pockets might have been filled and this is the result? The header is filled to the Min mark, about 1/4 full. Tony, if it's cooled directly from the skin tank then is it all one system and is the header tank effectively connected directly to the skin tank? i feel I'm learning a lot more than I expected this week! Thanks to all the tutors ......
  5. Losing water

    Cruising at the moment but it does have a skin tank and a Bowman exchanger. Not sure if it is now one sealed system, will post some pictures later.
  6. Losing water

    Thanks for all your help folks, I've looked at it again this morning and I think the cap on the engine is indeed a blanking cap rather than a pressure cap. It looks just like the one in Alan's link and has a black rubber pip in the middle of it. No surprise really I suppose as our boatyard does do a good job, it was just my ignorance that assumed it was the original pressure cap. Still, the mystery is as to why we are topping up with water to a much greater extent than before the tank was fitted. Thoughts: 1. Co-incidence. I don't buy that one really. 2. Leaks in the new pipe work or tank 3. Leak exposed by the fact that we now have a coolant reservoir sitting higher than previously. 4. As in 3 but now filling previously up filled air locks. In which case it will stop at some point. I'll keep looking and report back when it's solved!
  7. Losing water

    I need to have a good look at it but I think the flexible pipe is connected to the collar below rhe pressure cap. No idea whether the coolant was drained, its possible.
  8. Losing water

    Not sure of the ratings, but I'm pretty sure it's not getting hot enough to blow off. The temp gauge sticks at 80 when it's warmed up. It's about half a pint or so but the really puzzling thing is that it loses water even on days when we don't run the engine.
  9. Losing water

    There are two pressure caps, the original one and one on the header tank.
  10. Losing water

    Thanks Alan Firstly, we fitted the header tank (or more accurately had it fitted by the boatyard) because we had been concerned that it was quite difficult for owners to correctly judge the proper level to top up to. One of our previous engineers had suggested that it could be overfilled with dire consequences and I felt that this could lead to underfilling. We have had a couple of unexplained overheating episodes. The header tank has a pressure cap on it and the feed goes to the engine and to the collar below the pressure cap. So, yes, the header tank is part of the pressurised system. I've watched it whilst the engine warms up and the level gradually rises as the engine warms up. It's all been fitted professionally and looks good. I've tried to see if there is any leak from the tank but it's difficult as the locker it's in does get damp from the rain. If we have a dry spell then I'll try again. Finally, we are in the middle of a 5 week cruise which is why I've not consulted the boatyard that fitted it. If it is gradually getting rid of air locks in the system then I guess it won't go on forever.
  11. Losing water

    Not sure I follow that? The header tank is topped up to the mark when cold then the level rises when the engine gets warm. The level doesn't get to the overflow then settles down when cooling - but to below the original mark.
  12. Losing water

    We have just had a header tank fitted to our BMC 1.8. Before this we didn't seem to be using any water. Since fitting the tank we are losing about 1/2 pint each day. We even lose water when the boat is just on the bank without the engine running. i can't see where the water is going. I wonder whether we had an air lock in our skin tank and whether having a header tank higher in the system than before is gradually filling this up - in which case I guess it will eventually stop. Any thoughts would be appreciated!
  13. Skipton

  14. Skipton

    We've been here three days now, and yes it's a wonderful little town. I can't think of anywhere better on the canal system to be honest. And the butcher on the corner (opposite the church) is fantastic, pork pies and sausages like every town had years ago! Pennine Cruisers are friendly and helpful and everyone just seems so, well, nice! it will be difficult to leave ........
  15. Approaching Wigan

    I thought it was the kids that caused all the trouble at Wigan ..........