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  1. Historic Boats for sale online

    Think that was probably me Alan. I was that deeply interested I have cashed in my my pension 6yrs early to fund the purchase and assist the cost of restoring some of the bits I felt needed. Having "dredged the canal" so to speak it would seem I have "cilled and sunk in the last lock"..Sadly it is not me who has bought her if indeed she has been sold..I believe Pete would have been a more deserved candidate for ownership rather than a newbie to the flock as such. Anyway time for a coffee and biscuit..I can now afford a Costa..what will be will be...start up the DM2 listen to the thump all day and start dreaming of Malvern again..
  2. Selling my body

    Increasing the value of Historic vessels would surely put a smile on your face if you were to sell
  3. Selling my body

    If that is aimed at me..would you take £1650
  4. Selling my body

    Thanks for info Pete
  5. Selling my body

    Cant find it advertised anywhere to look..
  6. Selling my body

    I dont want to be in any group..I just admire the lines of Malvern and if it were to come up for auction or sealed bids I would relish the opportunity
  7. Selling my body

    Body is an Adonis...House is...well average..together = probably not quite enough
  8. Selling my body

    Thanks for info Laurence
  9. Selling my body

    Well I have stated what I would give
  10. Selling my body

    Yep....some have taste..then there's me
  11. Selling my body

  12. Selling my body

    I would sell my body and house for this beauty.
  13. Pump Out Holding Tank

    I fabricated mine in 3mm 316 grade..however 304 grade would probably be fine
  14. Vintage Engines

    I did..2013..and fitted it myself
  15. Did it last week...was it you who asked me in Whitchurch if I had made it