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  1. GPS Tracking

    No I am not getting that it links to ,£16.31.
  2. GPS Tracking

    They seem to have gone up to £20 Now .Also several different suppliers seem to use the same reviews word for word .
  3. How long to know if caught speeding?

    I am not to sure its cheaper after you declare it to your insurance on renewal .Joe
  4. The figures for the domestic cylinders are grade 1 3.65 bar , grade 2 2.2 bar ,grade 3 1.45 bar
  5. Blasting and blacking

    When you say it took 3 hours to clean off was that the grit blasted area ,did you have to use a solvent to clean it or it ok to paint straight over after being blown off .How clean is the area that has been blasted .
  6. Some of the Mira flight trays are a little deeper they do the low types and standard ones .Joe
  7. River Wey Mooring

    Yes there is a mooring available , I have moved off it because it became difficult get onto the boat as the landing stage was washed away in the floods, also that part of the river Wey has become quite silted up, again due to the floods If you still interested I will give you the telephone number . If you look back on some of my previous posts will see pictures of the flooding .Joe
  8. Insurance

    I have been using Craftinsure for several years & did have to claim last year , which they handled very promptly even though it took some time to finalise due to the floods ,this was not due to anything they could have done different . Joe
  9. Honky pump-out tank!

    Are you sure the fans facing the right way .
  10. Lockmaster windlass

    I'm not sure what your seeing the price I see is £79.00
  11. Boat stuck on bank

    Just to let every one know the boat did not float off into the sunset in the second lot of floods & all is well now ,And to thank every one for the helpful advice you gave me ,My insurance was with Craft insure and they also were really helpful .I would recommend them ,obviously Joe
  12. Boat stuck on bank

    The boat back in finally ,mixed feelings because the river is in flood just hoping it doesn't rise much more & come back over the bank,it was started afternoon 31st & put in yesterday by today the river has risen about 1/2 metre . the guys who did it have used a spring from the stern to front mooring post to hold it away from the bank ,also my anchor . Joe
  13. Boat stuck on bank

    I have not done a runner.,I will update you when something does happen still waiting on the insurance company & theyre waiting on the flood receding .although the river has gone down the flow is still quite fast.
  14. Boat stuck on bank

    How far did you wade. at the hight of the flood it was flooded up to 3/4 of a mile away obviously not as deep , the police & fire brigade were stopping people going down there on boxing day there as it was so dangerous .I wouldn't have got in a dinghy either, that garden use to be an island when it flooded it diverted a lot of the flow across the garden that is what pushed my boat over .you own a dinghy & live on your boat maybe if it was my home I would have risked it .Anyway its all academic now. I still don't think that I would have stayed on the boat ,its a hobby not an extreme sport . I have been back there today and sealed up the engine bay I have managed to leave a small pump connected down there so I can pump out if any gets in through the seal.if it does lap over I can just connect the pump to see if it is holding the water back .
  15. Boat stuck on bank

    Really do apreciate all the information you & everybody has contributed to this thread it may seem that I am being complacent but I have been checking the boat at least twice a day I am there at sunrise and stay there a couple of hours monitoring the situation ,I didn't explain what I was thinking when I said it wouldn't flood what I was thinking at the time I dont think it will flood to the degree it just has & make it impossible to get on site I do believe at one point the water was over 1.2 metres above the bank .