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  1. Kaspersky Security

    Many years ago if a us company made and sold encryption software they had to provide ‘the key’ for the encryption to the us govt! Does anybody truly believe that if mr putin asked Kaspersky for their ‘assistance’ they would refuse? and they are highly unlikely to admit that they have done so.
  2. University pay

    I read an article this morning concerning the aforementioned vice c of Bath uni. It contained a few quotes from her. Her arrogance was outrageous. I wanted to throttle her there and then as she was forced to eat her words. In all honesty there aught to be an enquiry regarding her and her chronies who must also in on this racquet! Her last 6 months in office she is on a sabbatical. I looked up the word sabbatical as I thought I misunderstood the purpose of a sabbatical. I hadn’t so how she qualifies for this £220k sabbatical I have no idea! In fact I would suggest that she could probably be committing a criminal offence. i have no objection to someone being very well paid who deserves it. I do object to someone being paid an obscene amount based purely on a scratch my back and I will scratch yours in return scheme.
  3. Marina suggestions

    Thanks gents that’s very helpful.
  4. Marina suggestions

    Many thanks for the update. Sounds very good. just to clarify I am not looking for residential moorings as I will be spending time in NI and Kingston upon Thames when we are not out cruising
  5. Marina suggestions

    Give us a clue, where is this particular marina or is it a secret?
  6. Marina suggestions

    Bob thank you for the suggestion, will definitely have a look
  7. Marina suggestions

    Brilliant reply’s, thank you very much. I am so so pleased that I registered with this forum a few years ago. Fantastic source of opinions from experienced boaters sometimes with differing views but all food for genuine thought. Must say I like the idea of reciprocal mooring at different marinas. Sounds just what I want but th local facilities at Newark are also a huge draw. decisions decisions Many thanks - Martin
  8. Marina suggestions

    Thank you all for taking the time to respond. The replies are exactly what I was looking for. Newark sounds very good and we actually visited Newark a few years ago as I have relatives who live near Grantham. We liked Newark as it appeared to have a lovely town centre and market. I also like the thought of much cheaper moorings lol The suggestions re Wigrams turn are also very helpful as to access a few cruising routes which I am very interested in together with the good management. I can now have a look at the area and marinas via on line. one of the reasons for looking at marinas with secure car parking is that whilst off on our jollies I would need somewhere to leave the car though with all the connections Newark has perhaps I don’t need to have the car there. The comment regarding easy access mooring berths particularly for a newbie with a 70ft boat is particularly helpful to me lol
  9. Marina suggestions

    As I have previously mentioned I currently have some cognitive issues which includes difficulty making decisions as I often make them whilst forgetting pertinent facts therefore I am looking for a bit of assistance regarding marina moorings. I am hoping to purchase a NB in the very near future it is probably going to be a 70ft trad. Therefore I am considering which marina to choose if indeed we need one. We are hoping to do some extended cruising but I will need to return to NI for oncology reviews every four months so will need somewhere to leave the boat for a few days. In addition we would like to visit our daughter in Kingston upon Thames and for her to come and visit us whilst in the marina. I don’t want to moor in London as I presume the cost would be horrendous. I’m looking for a suitable marina which has good access to numerous canal routes with facilities ie showers and secure parking. I have absolutely no idea where would be good without being too expensive but someone mentioned Calcutt marina? We will not be liveaboard as we will spend some time at our daughters as well as at home in NI. Hence we wouldn’t wish to be moored at some place which is a million miles from London? I was hoping that those boaters with marina moorings experience might throw in some names for me to consider enabling me to research whilst taking notes so I don’t forget the pertinent facts lol TIA Martin
  10. Drone footage of The Bratch flight.

    I enjoyed that. Off to find your you tube channel
  11. Yes that’s what they suggested but I thought it was a sales come on. Having read your reply I will do a you suggest Many thanks
  12. Many thanks for all your replies. I did do a compression response but it appears to have disappeared into the ether. sadly the boat fitted out by Anthony M is now sold. That’s happened with a few boats at Great Haywood. They tell me the duck is slow to update and I should use their website but that’s the same! Boats advertised for sale but when you enquire they are sold. i still like Alston though."
  13. I am currently looking to purchase a NB (despite recent price hikes). I have certain requirements including a boatmans cabin and a boat that is suitable for long term cruising and is well fitted out. I think this realistically indicates I need a 62’ to 70’. I am aware of the limits re access to certain locations with a 70’ boat but I am content that I can live with that. i have seen two 70’ boats on the Great Heywoods website that I like the look of. Unfortunately I live in NI and the cost of ferry Travel is extortionate so I am doing as much research as possible to weed out ones are unsuitable before I travel to those with potential for purchase. i would be very grateful if those experienced boaters on the forum could review the adds and give me their comments. I am interested in any drawbacks of the said boats and what additions I would probably need to add for long term cruising. i am aware that the ‘Woolwich’ has probably head height constraints which until I see it I am not sure of to what extent. the other is fitted out by Anthony M. Despite my cognitive issues I do remember posts about him but on this occasion the boat is completed though I do recall Matty40s mentioning that he had examined one of his boats that was actually finished and he was not impressed apart from the joinery. The two boats for sale are: Having typed all othe above I appear to have problems adding links from the Great Haywood Boats website. The two boats I am enquiring about are Astron and Sheila Ann Mosby and displayed on the brokers website. Thank you- Martin
  14. I was here previously researching for the purpose of purchasing a Narrowboat. Then In July 2013 I suffered a major stroke (haemorrhage). I’m not complaining because I have had what the medical peeps refer to as a remarkable recovery and I realise there are many people who are not so fortunate. I now have some cognitive issues around memory and what I call logical processing. It makes research difficult as I quickly forget what I have just read and I often make decisions without remembering all the facts which I later remember! My rehabilitation probably took 2 years when at which stage I felt I was back in the land of the living. Then late 2016 It was suspected I had rectal cancer. After numerous tests and scans I underwent surgery in April to remove the tumour and I am now in my final stage of chemotherapy treatment. So I am ready to finish what I started and purchase a boat. The problem is I have forgotten a lot of my previous research and I am having difficulty researching the subject in detail which I had done previously. I have come to the conclusion that I want/need a 62’ trad stern with a boatmans cabin. Unfortunately there are not many of those available. I missed out on Carpe Diem, a Hudson which suited my needs perfectly. So I am now considering 70’ trad stern boats which also have a boatmans cabin. The reason for the boatmans cabin is that my daughter now lives in Kingston upon Thames so it would give her and her partner to visit and stay with us whenever she wanted. i am aware of some of the issues with such a large boat ie extra costs re mooring and blacking etc but I would be grateful for people’s opinions and advice regarding 70’ boats. Apologies for the initial rambling but I wanted to explain why I will be asking some more questions in the near future. Kind regards - Martin