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  1. Moored in the wrong place.

    Surly you would leave a note if it was an emergency, concidering it was tied up and locked? Lets pray it wasnt there today with the 2 wide beams i passed on that section today
  2. Moored in the wrong place.

    So blocking a lock mooring when there is nowhere elts to tie up and from the previous lock cant see the other lock leaving a boat blocking a lock landing (and had i been a wide beam) blocking the lock too this is ok with you? That was the point of my posting this. A there are signs be it questionable as i was expecting it to say winter moorings B there was plenty of mooring below and above the next lock. C blocking the lock landing and lock. If it was an emergency why would you take 3 lines off. And the opposite side dispite the signs the boat would be in no ones way. For me a single boater this time it couldnt have been more in the way. I also add not that i would but i would expect to be moaned about if i moored like this.
  3. Moored in the wrong place.

    Had there been anyone on i would have asked them to set the lock or move. To the coments about its ropes it had 3 1 on bow 1 middle 1 at the back. Boat all locked up. And no they were def not setting the lock above or below as i came down the flight at 3.45 ish got to bottom as night set in
  4. Moored in the wrong place.

    Yes coz leaving the boat to go to the pub is a fantastic idea while trying to get threw locks. Photos were taken while not leaving the boat and i could clearly see my boat. Look at post time oh thats right in the evening and clearly dark.
  5. Moored in the wrong place.

    P.s. i was single handed so couldnt go and set the lock readyas i wasnt going to leave the boat in a wide lock on its own. Last 2 pics taken once i was in the lock. Im guessing the pub was there destination
  6. Moored in the wrong place.

    Thought i would add ny amusing day in. Lock below stoke museum lock number 15 on gu. They ov read the sign as the clearly moored where there was no sign all though it was tied very loose. There were loads of spaces above next lock and the tunnel and even space below this lock! Might as well name and shame at same time
  7. Historic Boats for sale online

    If it has i hope they keep the ram, think its the last one left?
  8. Break-ins on Shroppie near Brewood

    But i like mine just right and a perfect bed.
  9. Mabel swans neck stolen

    I was always told it was a swans neck as it copied the shape.
  10. Mabel swans neck stolen

    The harsh bit is as its wood its one of tbe few metal bits
  11. Mabel swans neck stolen

    To clear up i dont know her personal on a personal level but i do know who she is and i have spoken to her in the past about buying the pair but i turned them down after i saw the pair from other side of the cut before i arranged a viewing. Subsequently i saw 2 other boats both wood and one of which i own. On the side jan has posted on facebook about the neck being stolen but was in sept and evedence shows it was missing back in may. By this i dowt it will ever be found. For peoples info the other i looked at was beech, all 4 boats i looked at i had a major intrest due to history + i knew ken ward and my dad even sold him the bolinder for beech (now in others hands after he died) So my intrest also still remain with mabel and fmn but ill never own them.
  12. Mabel swans neck stolen

    I to am very surprised. Mables anser pins and fmn rear hooks too. But for the swans neck to be the only thing taken someone must have needed one to leave the rest.
  13. Mabel swans neck stolen

    The last pic i saw of them taken a few weeks ago no there was no plank across them prob put there to get across the butty to get into mabel Prob the noise it made when removed
  14. Mabel swans neck stolen

    Sorry stupid predictive text changed it.
  15. Break-ins on Shroppie near Brewood

    We leave nothing on the boat its a massive pain in the ass trying to carry all the stuff back and forth but as most things are very hard to come by its worth it. But even the beds are stripped every time we need them. + some items wont fit modern boats. On the other hand its all engraved.