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  1. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-42745611 'Sounds' like good news - apparently, under current planning rules, owners of noise-generating locations are under obligation to sound-proof new housing built nearby. Or on the canals, move the problem elsewhere by banning mooring.
  2. Trump

    There are more people on the EU side than the UK side.
  3. Trump

    Not my enemy. Even though I'm British, I'm on the EU side in this.
  4. Trump

    Yes, we should stage-manage the whole thing to support the illusion that the dotard is welcome here. Just like they do in North Korea.
  5. Intel chip problem

    Free updates for home users ended in 2014 but it is still supported for large organisations who can pay for it. These updates are sometimes released to the public in serious cases eg. wannacry last year.
  6. Intel chip problem

    Only if you are paying for updates I would think. Not everywhere. Some bars no longer take cash.
  7. So that's how Marc's finding his accommodation.
  8. Be a massive hit on Grnder dressed like that.
  9. Computer getting hot on this site only

    They're testing out some Bitcoin mining software in order to raise funds.
  10. Let them eat cake!

    Old and uneducated.
  11. Let them eat cake!

    Even better if he was one of the waiters, kitted out in full leathers and crotchless pants.
  12. Rexit

    I don't see why. The Irish seem to have a good system.
  13. Rexit

    Given the choice, I'd be happy to pay more for a candidate chosen on merit rather than whatever accident of genetics the in-bred classes might produce. I don't think we'll ever find out, given Mrs Battenberg's extensive use of offshore tax havens.
  14. Rexit

    Whatever it takes it will be worth it though I can't really see what the problem is - it's been done before. Australia will hopefully show us the way soon when they finally get their act together with a smooth transition to republic and without any great upheaval.
  15. Rexit

    It's irrelevant anyway - you can't justify something as immoral as hereditary privilege just because it makes a profit.