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  1. On-line mooring consultation

    With in a 30 mile radius according to this snippet from the consultation: "The Canal & River Trust will reduce the number of online, long-term moorings as new offline capacity comes onto the market. This will be done in a ratio of 1:10: one on-line berth will be given up for every ten new berths created off line. Reductions will be made within the geographical market supplied by the new offline marina within 12 months of the opening date of the new site. For the purpose of clarity, we will make the reductions within a 30 mile radius of the new marina berths."
  2. Christmas presents

    We like to spoil our nieces and nephews at Christmas. We are now done for the year with all presents delivered to their relevant addresses so we can kick back and relax. We are having Christmas on the boat this year so will probably open our presents on Boxing Day when we get back home
  3. Jeremy Corbyn struggles with numbers?

    Affordable and social housing is now provided on new housing developments. In some areas such as North Yorkshire 40% of housing on new developments of 14 plots or more has to be affordable which will be a mixture of shared ownership and housing association rented. Other areas have less onerous percentage requirements but still require an element of affordable housing to be provided. Some local authorities Sheffield City Council included are now undertaking large council house building programmes in an effort to provide an affordable housing option .
  4. Batteries and being off grid

    Despite all of the mix up with units, I'm actually interested how long this single 75AH starter battery is going to last being used as a leisure battery in daily use. My initial thoughts would be not very long.
  5. Best speed and course on a river

    Is that because you wouldn't have got to the pub as quick?
  6. AGM versus Gel batteries

    How often does the engine bay drop below 0 degrees? Our certainly doesn't as it is heated during the winter.
  7. Batteries and being off grid

    That sounds expensive for a starter battery!
  8. Opinions on this battery charger pls.

    Sounds about right. Although we did have it in bits a few years ago when we thought it was broken and all looked in good order in there. Turned out to be a corroded wire on the boat causing the problem not the charger. Still at least it had a good clean out.
  9. Opinions on this battery charger pls.

    You do indeed recall correctly. NC will be 15 years old in May. The charger does still work as good as new. So yes I suppose we have had a fair bit of use out of it over the years!
  10. Opinions on this battery charger pls.

    On a small cruiser there is only limited room for batteries. We use 2 110 batteries on our boat and it is more then adequate. Wayne won't need any more batteries. As an aside our battery charger has a 30A output. It is a Newmar charger which was fitted as standard to the boat when new. God knows why because they are stupidly expensive for what they are!
  11. Princess 37 & 33

    There are a couple of 33's in our neck of the woods on the Fossdyke. I will post a link to your group on our Facebook page for you. Your boat name rings a bell by the way. Where was she kept previously?
  12. Brotherly Love?

    Well it was. If they had just sat tight and not spoken to this chap then he wouldn't have come back to have words with them and ruin their evening. Yes he shouldn't have been drunk at the helm or speeding through ice and I'm not condoning that. But they did make a rod for their own back by interacting with him in the first instance. Sometimes it is just better to leave alone and get on with your whatever you were doing. The annoyance will be gone in a flash and you never have to see them again.
  13. Brexit 2017

    No. Although it is in the EU's interests to find a solution with the UK.
  14. Brexit 2017

    Not really. It is our government and the EU who have the responsibility to find a solution. Nothing that anyone says on here will make a jot of difference to the final outcome.
  15. Brotherly Love?

    Was it not hanging his head out of the boat and confronting the man in the first instance that caused this?