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  1. Stern deck cover - taking down for cruising

    Some of them fold forwards onto the cabin roof.
  2. Stolen Boat

    Well that should be easy enough to spot. That is a very "unique" cratch cover!!
  3. Day time Tv

    Yes. Back at work now. Not fully healed and won't be for a couple of weeks or so but definitely on the mend. We watched Saving Lives at Sea last week. It was really very good.
  4. 2017 Summer Cruise Route Suggestions

    When it is blowing in the right direction
  5. 2017 Summer Cruise Route Suggestions

    It's not all about the cost per hour. In the scheme of things even on thirsty fast boats, fuel costs are a very small part of the cost of boat ownership. We spend less than £1k a year on fuel, which for the use we get out of our boat we think is great value.
  6. 2017 Summer Cruise Route Suggestions

    We have considered it. But it just isn't worthwhile for us. We don't get enough time off work to warrant running a 4x4 and storing a trailer. It is more cost effective for us to pay someone to transport the boat. But yes. Too many nice places to visit.
  7. 2017 Summer Cruise Route Suggestions

    I don't think we will be going then either. Trouble we have found is that we like trailing the boat to new waters now but the guy we use doesn't work weekends so we end up taking two and a half weeks for our summer holiday. That then means we don't have the time to holiday allowance to fit in our usual week to Wells. Think it is the south coast for 2019.
  8. Budweisser

    Never get a hangover with Bud or Coors. I have however also noticed that Becks Blue gives me a bit of a headache the next day.
  9. 2017 Summer Cruise Route Suggestions

    No weeks for us due to the longer than usual summer break. Looks like we won't be going next year either now as well
  10. 2017 Summer Cruise Route Suggestions

    Say hi to the harbour staff for us. First year we have not been for 7 years this year
  11. Questions, Advice and Discussio boating Adventure.

    But the OP wanted a permanent bed not one they had to make up every night. Or has that requirement gone out of the window as well now?
  12. We don't put any additives in our loo tank and get no smells from it. The key is adequate ventilation. We only clean it with a dot of disinfect as we find that this doesn't upset the bacteria balance in the tank. Bleach based products do and it then takes a while for the tank to settle down again.
  13. Anyone got any experience with this fridge??

    Cut your losses and buy a proper 12v compressor fridge.
  14. Day time Tv

    A project boat wouldn't have been much use this week. Wouldn't have been able to do anything too It! Remains to be seen how moving NC goes today. Mind you Liam can do it on his own if needs be.
  15. Day time Tv

    We are escaping to the boat this evening so no more rubbish tv for the weekend. Hoping to be back at work next week. The antibiotics seem to be doing their job.