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  1. Email from cart

    I take note of the 'Do not consult for the sake of it' part of this statement. Surely this is at odds with the fact that FOI requests have shown that C&RT in fact did not receive any complaints regarding the current system of licencing and therefore the whole basis for having the consultation based on 'complaints received' is at very best dubious.
  2. Carbon Monoxide – False Alarm, Or Not ?

    A couple that moor down from me had the same issue. I have attached a linky to their blog (a good read if you have time ) http://narrowboatellis.blogspot.co.uk/2017/07/rotten-egg-carbon-monoxide-alarms-going.html
  3. Email from cart

    We bought our barge knowing that the northern waterways were built for, and are still suitable for a boat of it size. The people that knowingly drop a wide beam onto a canal that was not designed to take it, really can't complain about about lack of movement or demand a discount. The same argument can be used for people that currently get a discount for un-connected waterways. Their choice so why claim a discount.
  4. Email from cart

    Fortunately, the canals around me were originally built for commercial traffic (Aire & Calder, Castleford, Goole etc) Had they not been suitable then we probably would not have made the same boat choices. As for can the locks here accommodate more than one historic barge, then yes as they are both wide and long.
  5. Email from cart

    Not saying you are right or wrong, just wondering at you reasons for it being fair or unfair. I used to have a narrow boat, now I have a historic barge which is wide. I don't use the C&RT facilities any more than I used to, my boat still uses the same length mooring to moor up. The only difference now is that there are many areas of the network as a whole that I am no longer able to travel. It was my personal choice to buy this boat and the trade off between less access to the network and keeping some of the history of the canals alive is worth it to me.
  6. Email from cart

    I agree, but I also think this will encourage more CM'ers. Why would someone choose to pay a few thousand pounds a year for a mooring when they can move in a limited area, use all the facilities within this area and still probably be better off than if they were paying for the mooring? In my case they would need to raise my licence by just under 400% to make this a more expensive option than having to pay for my mooring.
  7. Email from cart

    Received and filled out the survey last night. I found issues with the way some of the questions were worded. For instance Q24 - one of the options was - Introduce – at a higher fee – a new licence that would permits boats without a home mooring to remain within a limited area (provided they satisfy the Trust concerning their bona fide navigation) In my mind this is just encouraging CM'ers which is one of the issues that C&RT are currently trying to discourage. Personally I currently pay C&RT for my licence and for my mooring. If they were to go down this route there is a high likelihood I would give up my mooring and move my boat around this 'limited area' as the chances are that even if they lift the license fee for this option it will still work out far cheaper than my licence and mooring combined. I can see C&RT actually losing money on their mooring sales if this is the case.
  8. Most expensive mooring?

    Saw this and think it may be a little over priced .
  9. Simple TV. Is it possible?

    http://www.screwfix.com/p/labgear-tv-aerial-high-gain-48-element/30515 this is what we use. Not big tv watchers but if we do want to watch something this picks up all of the freeview channels so we have around 50 channels of crap to choose from
  10. Water pump draw?

    thanks Dor ...Alan, not sure the Mrs will go for that one. She's been waiting 18 months for running water on this boat
  11. Water pump draw?

    Looking at getting a new waterpump for freshwater soon and as we have been happy with the Whale Universal pump on the last boat, we were thinking of going the same route again. Having looked online at specs I am struggling to find out what the electric draw is on them when they are 'active'. Anyone know where I can find this info or suggestions for other pumps that are not too power hungry?
  12. Mobile phone charity?

    Most of the air ambulance charities take them and they have collection bins all over the place. You can see the recycle bin locations on their websites.
  13. The first of these 'consultation' meetings was held in Leeds last week. I did put my name down for a place as we have a rather wide historic boat and are watching this consultation closely. Didn't get a place unfortunately but a friend on a neighboring boat did and we discussed opinions before he went. Apparently of the places allocated and confirmed, only 6 people turned up, one of which had traveled all the way from London. There were a couple of business boaters and a couple of CCers among the 6. My friend did inquire as to why the attendance was so low if 15 places had been allocated and whether, like the gentleman from London, people maybe had too far to travel (Not sure why they would confirm their places if this was the case, but hey ). The company holding the meeting said they would look into this before the next meeting was held elsewhere in the country. Overall it appeared to be a general throwing around of ideas as to what might or might not work licencing wise in the future. The general consensus was that 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it' but all ideas would be forwarded to C&RT as part of the consultation.
  14. water pump identification needed please

    Thanks for your replies guys.
  15. water pump identification needed please

    Hi I am looking for a replacement water pump for our engine which I believe is a Ford D 4 cylinder with a Parsons Pike conversion. Any one know where I can get one and what part I need to order please. I have googled but none of them have looked quite right. I have attached photos below. Thanks in advance for any help on this.