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  1. Recommendations for preserving buttons/fenders

    Thanks for your responses. I think it is polypropylene so I will just pressure wash as required. Roger
  2. Is there any recommendations for preserving buttons by the forum. Mine is of black rope construction and has cleaned up well after a jet wash and I was wondering if it was worth putting a preservative on it before putting it back?
  3. Boat Painter/Artwork

    Would also highly recommend Beccy. She did our sign writing last year when we had “Dorinda” painted at Rose Narrowboats, Stretton Stop on North Oxford and they also did an excellent job.
  4. Boat painter recommendations

    I would highly recommend Rose Narrowboats at Stretton Stop on the North Oxford from personnel experience. Price included sign writing and blacking. Fosse Way, Rugby CV23 0PU 01788 832449
  5. As bottle said "thousands" BUT a very competitive price compared to other quotes. Also we had an excellent result with very good customer service. Yes it was us. Glad that you were also pleased as well. Thanks for the link and a great improvement since we saw it when Paul was stripping it. Will do. Is that the time scale for such problems to manifest themselves?
  6. We have recently had our Narrowboat painted by Rose Narrowboats and from our experience would recommend them if considering a full repaint. The process was back to bare metal and the fixed price included sign writing and blacking. The job was completed on time and we were encouraged to visit as often as we could to see the progress and discuss any changes which in our case were not required. Anthony the owner was very helpful and obliging. Paul the man behind the brush did a great job and on our journey back to our mooring in Essex via the Avon Ring we had many complements on how good the boat looked. Thanks Antony, Paul, Christine, Becky and the rest of the team.
  7. I am contemplating in having our boat painted by Rose Narrowboats of Fosse Way, Rugby. Has anyone any good or bad experiences with them?
  8. Stillwater Narrowboats

    When Stillwater first started they bought their shells from Elite Narrowboats. Subsequently Elite Narrowboats became part of Stillwater so therefore all Stillwater shells have been made in Ripley. I have tried to leave a comment at http://www.misterwhat.co.uk/company/812838-elite-narrowboats-ripley which IMHO was not derogative but it has not been published.
  9. Stillwater Narrowboats

    The information I received from the Receiver is: REALISABLE VALUE TOTAL ASSETS £0.00 TOTAL LIABILITIES £244,025.07 ESTIMATED DEFICIENCY £244,025.07 The liabilities above include issued and paid up capital of £100.00. On the basis of the above information there appears to be no prospect of a distribution to creditors. I note that the sole Director was Richard Eaton at the time of liquidation. His dad Kevin, who took our deposit and made a lot of unfilled promises, resigned before the company went under. Thank goodness we did not get sign a contract with them and only ended up loosing our deposit. A lesson in life though.
  10. Hello,

    Can you e mail me at (roger.king2@talktalk.net)please re Stillwater.



  11. Stillwater Narrowboats

    Any news on your build TheOldMan? Mr Adagio
  12. Boat Fitter NOT going out of business

    Glad to hear you are still in business KG and wish you a bright future at your new location.
  13. I am considering buying a boat with a shell built by “Elite Narrowboats” but can only find an address in Ripley (Derbyshire) which may be them if they are still in business. Does anyone know of them and to what standard is/was their build?