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  1. Solar question

    I think you have a tracer mppt controller and your panels are connected in serial. It is a known fault_problem that their tracking is poor when they have low current. When the controller is switched on, or the panels connected the controller reduces/loads the panel voltage down in steps right down to 15 volts, if it does not achieve a current above about 1.5 amps anywhere from max volts down to 15 volts they tend to give up looking for a max power point and just sit at 15 volts. If you have the panels in parallel than1.5 amps is easily reached even in low light, in series it is much harder to get 1.5 amps. On a dull day in winter the controller can stay at 15 volts all day. My tracer will usually be at 15 volts early in the morning in winter. I switch the panel connection off and then back on and watch as the controller volts goes from 63 down to 15, unless there is a step where the current is well over one amp it will stick on 15 volts, if it finds a step where the current is higher it then switches back to that voltage (often 53 in my case) and hunts up and down from that point (MPPT). I have 600 watts in two serial sets of 3 and the two sets in parallel, tracer 40 amp controller.
  2. More relevant what idiot covered them up with insulation. If they had arranged alternative ventilation they should have removed and sealed the roof properly, if no other ventilation I hope they survived.
  3. Volt/Ammeter meter ?

    Yes https://www.facebook.com/groups/144684286108763/ need to join.
  4. Neutral earth link

    You could make up a short lead with a cable plug and a cable socket to put between the long lead from the boat inlet and the generator output, this would keep the long lead available for hook up if required. If having a permanent connection installed remember you also have to have a means of ensuring that only one connector is connected to the boats 240V system and the other is isolated, because otherwise you will have live pins exposed in the unused connector.
  5. ammeter

    NO The wires from the shunt are carrying a tiny voltage from the shunt into the input of a very sensitive measuring device, if the current for the meter allowed to flow through those wires the voltage measured would be totally meaningless, the current for the meter would probable cause errors of several hundred percent. The voltage on those shunt wires at 10 amps will be 1.5 millivolts(unmeasurably small current) the voltage drop caused by the display power current about 30 milliamps) will probably be in order of 10 millivolts, a huge amount greater.
  6. MOB Recovery Ladder

    A problem with recovery on the side is, if in a lock there may well be no room for the casualty to reach the ladder. Locks are also a high risk area with people crossing the gates.
  7. Which camera

    always found Fuji to be fast but currently use Sony which is good and has a massive X30 zoom with stabilization that works well. On hoilday in NZ last year a ranger wanted to zoom in to a penguin to read it's tag, she tried an SLR with no luck but managed it with mine. May have been an old SLR or just as short lens I don't know.
  8. Smoke on The water

    A supermarket I think it was Salisbury got some hybrid vans for use in London. They didn't last long, because of the extra weight of batteries and other gismos, this meant that thy could only carry 6 households shopping, unlike the 8 households on the 'normal' van whilst being under 3500 kilo's so anyone could drive it, this meant either 2 or 3 more trips per day (more hours of work) or more vehicles and drivers (more costs) they took the hybrid system out and had normal engines fitted after 6 months. OK if the London T charge applied to commercial vehicles thing may have been different but it doesn't as this would vastly increase costs to business.
  9. Smoke on The water

    Yep but it wont fit a Honda or a Nissan car just my point, no one is going to run a swap service point with 3000 different batteries one for each car/manufacturer. Also helping the grid out may sound good but once my car is charged no one is going to get that power just in case I can't get to work etc.
  10. Paying to use the canal?

    Some local authorities have given money to CRT for towpath improvement and some money has come from SUSTRANS (cycling) but has had strings ie. in the town that gives or to improve cycleways, unfortunately the latter encourages fast cycling.
  11. Smoke on The water

    So 8kwh for house + (2 x 13) kwh for two cars = 34kwh per day so over 4 times what the wiring from the grid to the housing area is designed to carry. Most street lights are on a single 16 amp circuit for the street, big main roads sometimes have a 16 amp 3 phase circuit, so only 1 or 2 cars can cahrge at once not quite the nose to tail parking outside terraced houses. We have had days this year with less than 5% of the installed 10 gigawatts available as there is no wind. Now if cars had exchangeable battery packs then many of these problems could be addressed, as would long journeys away from your charger. You could have two batteries per car one slowly charging when the grid can supply the power the other in use, you can swap at service points on your journey, rather than spend hours waiting for the charge. Of course unless government force it every manufacturer would have their own standard, think Apple and older phone chargers, and not AA batteries the equivalent of which is required.
  12. Paying to use the canal?

    Watch out if the council know you are resident 52 weeks a year they will want council tax, some people have to go out for a few weeks a year to break the genie.
  13. Smoke on The water

    It doesn't matter how many charging points for cars they put in, where are they going to get the electricity from, we have been within 2% of the UK's total power generation capability on several occasions this year. Also most towns and housing area's are wired with an expectation of 3-4 kilowatts per household, double that to allow for charging of 2 cars and we have to dig up the roads to put in bigger wires.
  14. On-line mooring consultation

    When the CC licence option was made available, I believe there were about 10,000 boats and only a few hundred livaboards who wished to CC, now we have over 30,000 boats and over 4000 CC boats many of which are livaboards. If all these CC boats all moored in continuous 60 foot slots they would cover over 45 miles, try passing that at tickover or even at any speed in one day.
  15. On-line mooring consultation

    I thought CRT was created primarily a transport authority, like the highways authority, it's remit is to maintain navigation and control pollution whilst supporting public access to the network. I don't believe that providing housing and 'facilities' is part of it's required duties, those facilities it does provide are to assist in the 'navigation and pollution bit'. I suspect that part of the current consultations (license, mooring, congestion) is to find facts that are likely to result in a new act of parliament, which will be required for CRT to take on E.A. navigation responsibilities as this government would like.