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  1. Charging of domestic batteries

    For what it is worth I have a cheapo chinese voltmeter, a Victron BVM 700 The MT50 solar monitor and a Smartgauge . BVM and Smartgauge are always within 0.01 volts ie rounding error, the chinese meter is usually 0.2v higher but is temperature sensative, 0.3 higher in hot weather, 0.1 when it is to cold to be boating. The Solar voltage reading bears some resemblance to the others, but can be 0.4 volts out either way, compared to the BVM and Smartgauge.
  2. I am thinking ahead and would like to go through Watford Flight about Christmas either Christmas eve or Boxing day. How can I find out if the volunteers are there and if so at what times. If the Volunteers are not there is the staircase chained up, or are we able to proceed on our own.
  3. Broken pump out, whats normal and what isn't?

    I was totally sold on my pumpout when the guy on the boat moored alongside in London dropped his thin plastic tank (cassette) when carrying it up the steps at the front of his boat. The resultant odour was still detectable 4 days later when he moved on, I suspect much longer for him.
  4. Dinette / bed cushion foam type?

    Beware not all foam is equal, fire risk is not just about flammability but also about how toxic the gases given off are. Some give off masses of poisonous fumes long before they burn others have much lower toxicity. Anything certified for use in furniture will be best, and ideally should have a liner/cover that will protect the foam from sparks cigarette butts etc.
  5. Cello 12v TV

    Not all TV's with a power brick run on 12 volts some, maily newer ones are 19 volts don't know why but it seems to be coming more common.
  6. Is longer better or worse?

    There are thousands of 56-59 footers on the system, they are there because they gives the most space that can go anywhere. The owners can't all be wrong.
  7. ammeter

    A lot of people like this one as the display can be anywhere https://www.ebay.co.uk/i/172278832577
  8. No More(co)

    Beware of BSS I believe there are very few water heaters on the approved for use in boats, if not on list it's a fail. Also as someone will soon tell us if liveaboard supposed to be installed by a gassafe guy.
  9. Solar- strange goings on.

    are the panels in series? if so it is shading.
  10. Charging of domestic batteries

    I suspect twin alternators but only the ammeter in the engine panel which monitors the starter alternator. The second alternator should go direct to the domestic bank and doesn't normally get fitted with an ammeter although in my opinion it is vital to look after the batteries life. The voltmeter on the engine control panel will also be connected to the starter battery.
  11. Cratch - What Is Important

    You need to be able to roll up the sides for when you venture onto rivers with big locks requiring ropes forward and aft. As mentioned if the centre of the A frame at the front can open or pivot it helps with access to the gas locker and the mooring T post. Mine does not have side windows and I wish it did as it is dark. Also it is good for drying clothes etc inside without adding to the condensation in the boat, as they heat up fast in the sun. When you have your cratch cover within a few weeks/months you will not be able to get in there due to all the extra junk you can put there coal, logs, anchors, bikes etc.
  12. River canal Rescue, worth joining?

    Lend or 'rent' their boat to someone who is not a family member, silver only covers family members ie sons daughters etc. My two call outs in the last 5 years have been fast and good, one was a stupid fault they fixed in seconds, the second was a chafed coolant hose, they even added the correct antifreeze when they topped up. They were helpful when my domestic alternator fried, they came diagnosed confirmed the fault, said not a covered item and told me who to ring, no charge for the call out. It did cost me 180 quid for a replacement alternator swap though, poor bloke on the cruiser stern in the snow fitting it.
  13. Tripadvisor

    Glad you found them helpful, I was not amused this year to be going up Hatton followed by a pair of hire boats who had a total of 8 adult/teenage aboard and the help of two Vlockies. Both hirers had hired many times before when we came across thm in the pub that evening. It seems the Hatton Vlockies have been told to concentrate on hire boats. Private boats with 2 pensions don't need help, even when pushed by a pair with 10 able bodies, non of whom offered to help either but Hey Hoy that is life.
  14. volt meter

    Ammeter vital to tell you charging current, so you can see when your batteries are full. Volts gives you an idea of charge but without the current you cannot distinguish between 14.45 volts 90% charged and 14.46 99% charged but amps will be very different.