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  1. CRT disgruntled staff

    I think this thread and all contributions so far are just massaging his ego.
  2. CRT disgruntled staff

    10 responses there. I wonder how many were surveyed and what the ratio of positive, neutral and negative responses were. Picking a handful of the worst ones is always going to create a negative picture of things.
  3. Caldon canal

    My favourite canal.
  4. Which smokeless fuel do you use?

    Where are you getting Pureheat from? As far as I'm aware they stopped making it a couple of years ago.

    Yes. #thismaytakeawhile
  6. Lister Petter PH2

    Seem to remember i just used to push something down by the fuel pumps. A rod or something that connects the 2 fuel pumps? My memory is not great.

  8. Goliath

    I see it around quite a bit on the Four Counties Ring. Very nice boat. I can't get the advert to load but am i correct in saying someone has said the asking price is £24k? If so it should sell quickly.
  9. Birches Head winding hole Caldon canal

    I'm about to turn onto the Caldon. Where is this winding ole'?
  10. Converting working boat to live aboard

    Just remember, the prices that boats sell for is usually not what they've been advertised for. In fact in historic, or ex. work boats as you call them, i suspect the sale price is often considerably less than the price advertised and most hang around for sale for a while. IMO the going average price for an unconverted boat is £45k ball park. The price for a converted boat £65k ball park. Of course there would be variations either way depending if boats were in exceptional condition (for example a new bottom), or in poor condition and needing significant work. If you were thinking of converting a historic boat, then 'Otley' would be a very good option. It's already had some conversion done and 'seems' to be a very attractive price. Personally (and I'm no expert) i think if you were to buy an unconverted boat and convert it and fit it out to any reasonable standard, i think you'd be looking at well over £20k, possibly double, and i doubt it would add that value to an asking price if you were doing to make money (short or long term). The only way i could ever seeing your idea be viable was if you could do the work yourself.
  11. Fame Free Diesel on the T&M

    I'll be coming down the T&M with Halsall from the Weaver week begging 8th October.
  12. Pair of ex-working boats

    Starling & Ethel i hope rather than Mabel & Forgetmenot!
  13. Pump Out Holding Tank

    If i were you I'd save your money and get a cassette toilet. Much better option.
  14. F**king h*ll people. He hit a gate a bit hard, by accident. Who cares, it happens.