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  1. Every time i post on a thread i now get an email every time somebody else comments on the thread. It's never happened before this week and i haven't changed anything so why has it started?
  2. What features drives boat prices

    Nice boat, nice price. If structurally sound, which I've no reason to think it may not be, than i expect it'll sell fairly quickly. For me, the reason this isn't advertised at £49995 is hand start JP2, dated interior and polystyrene insulation. None of those would put me off buying at that price, but imo are reflected in the asking price.
  3. DIY facilities north west

    Bollington Wharf on the Macc, Middlewich Narrowboats?
  4. Stonebridge Lock

    Single boat going uphill could easily get a button caught in the square holes in the top gates. Usuallyavoided with 2 boats in a lock. They have the same recess's at Northgate locks...i don't like them!
  5. A sad day.

    Tried that. Says file to big or something like that. Don't tell me how to sort that problem because it's now strayed into can't be arsed territory
  6. A sad day.

    ... Mods can delete this if they want as for some reason photobucket says i have to 'upgrade to 3rd party host'. Post is useless without photo.
  7. Walsall Locks

  8. A sad day at yelvertoft Marina

    I avoid swans. I eas always told when younger that an aggressive swan can break a human arm.
  9. Any one knowwhat happened to "Blossom"

    Yeah, stone them i say. And dock their wages. Oh hang on...
  10. Chester visitor Moorings

    You can moor anywhere in Chester. Anyone who has told you otherwise is talking out of their backside.
  11. Idiots

  12. Eating options Hillmorton

    Doesn't your butler cook?
  13. Naughty Cal

  14. Worth booking passage for Anderton lift?

    Only you can decide if your on a tight enough schedule to 'need' to book. I thinknit also depends if you're scheduled to arrive at Anderton first thing in the morning or late afternoon. It's £5 each way if you prebook, i don't. When the lift is working to full capacity, which it is at the moment, I've never had to wait longer than a few hours for an 'on spec' (free) passage.

    Sounds like it's all CRT's fault to me.