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  1. Where's all the boats?

  2. Walk on Semi flexible solar panels

    The kit in the OP is pretty expensive IMHO. You should be looking to pay about £1 per watt for the panel(s) and to get the best from the panel(s) you need an MPPT controller.
  3. Travelpower can someone explain?

    Our 28 hp Gardener runs a Travel Power quite effectively, but maybe that is because they a proper English horses!! One advantage not mentioned above is that combining the Travelpower with a decent three stage mains charger (say a Mastervolt, or Victron) means that your batteries can be charged at optimum voltage whenever the engine is running. So your Trojans or whatever, get 14.8V in the absorbtion phase rather than the 14.4V that the alternator manages.
  4. Simple TV. Is it possible?

    Short and stubby One of these works well in medium to strong signal areas, and has a mag mount. It can be left on the roof at the pointy end. I find it works best in conjunction with an aerial amplifier, typically a 12V one from a caravan accessory place. If we can't pick up anything with this, and we really need to watch something, then the pole comes out with a short log periodic that Nick linked to above. Or if we have plenty of Gigs left on the mifi, watch through the internet. Sony flat screen TV, works through a 12V - 19V laptop power supply.
  5. Unusual sightings

    I stand corrected. They were going pretty swiftly anyway - we had to reverse up smartish, and as you will also see, they elected to pass on the wrong side.
  6. Unusual sightings

    Met them coming downstream through Shiplake bridge the day after Henley. They had been for a bit of an "explore". The observant among you will note the flag being raised at the pointy end, clearly in salute to our Hudson.
  7. Mooring at Wargrave.

    Currently moored below the lock at Marlow. We are the only boat here at the moment, though the moorings were completely full at noon.
  8. Roof and Gutter sealant from a DIY shed. Cheap as chips, and cleans off with white spirit.
  9. Travelpower problem

    http://www.fc-marine.co.uk/Welcome.html An alternative to Cox, who I can recommend.
  10. Treasures from the weed hatch

    Saxilby visitor mooring last year: A complete angler's brolly that took many hours to remove. It was bagged and disposed of after the photos!
  11. London is deserted.

    We are on the Southern GU, heading for Paddington Basin. We saw only two boats moving yesterday - all day! Today we have seen four boats moving! Like you we have passed many, many, moored boats. Mike
  12. Alternator servicing ?

    Ed Shiers will sort both alternator and TravelPower http://www.fc-marine.co.uk/Welcome.html I can highly recommend him if you are in the Midlands. Mike
  13. Giffard Park refuse facility is closed. This is how it looked this morning: https://www.dropbox.com/s/647ok6pfo1nh45e/WIN_20170523_11_23_59_Pro.jpg?dl=0
  14. 1/2 Drain Coolant - 2LW

    Ours is also plumbed slightly differently, enabling me to put a tube from a Pela pump through the header tank, down to skin tank level if required, and pump some or all of the coolant out. I can judge the level by measuring the length of tube inserted. Then I have put a bleed screw, after the thermostat, in the top pipe. It is then possible to ensure that I put back in all the coolant that was pumped out, without any airlocks.
  15. MT50 Remote MPPT Controller - Bulk time set-up

    If your MPPT behaves like mine, it will not reach the max voltage setting until it has to. What was the SOC when you took the readings?