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  1. Mooring in Bath

    Slight improvement now - the temporary metal fencing has been moved back so as to restore access and use of this whole stretch of 48 hour visitor moorings. However most of the 3 or 4 available ones today are at the noisier end towards the bridge.

    Not every hour - that would be daft! We have been moored up for the last 3 days heading north / south. Late evening tilted east for the next days morning light. Then level at mid day, then west to maximise the evening light (I know, I should get out more) Whilst the improvement is not huge, it's enough to motivate me to adjust the tilt if I'm at the boat. However I do accept that aesthetically flat is better. I'd suggest that the argument is not really about tilting but rather about actually having a reasonable solar setup paired with a reasonably efficient boat....... or not.
  3. Mooring in Bath

    OK - thanks for that ☹️
  4. Mooring in Bath

    Good point David, but they were on both sides. I do recall seeing a couple of no mooring signs, but that still seemed to leave the majority of the streatch with no signage. We marked the area down as a last option to stop overnight tomorrow on our return from Bristol, if unable to find anywhere better.
  5. Mooring in Bath

    Just a thought as we passed through a few days ago and noted that between bridges 200 and 204 just downstream of bath there is a very long streatch of chains attached to to the high walls with occasional vertical ladders for access. This is in a largely industrial area, but is within striking distance of the city, and was virtually bereft of boats. Perhaps sufficient gap between the various bridges to find somewhere reasonably quiet if OK with the ladders and lack lustre industrial location? There were also similar but occupied moorings just upstream of Widcombe Lock near the rail bridge and ideal for the city, but these would be noisy. Perhaps someone with local knowledge can comment?
  6. Assorted stainless steel washers at Lidl

    OK - still as shiny as a very shiny thing!
  7. Assorted stainless steel washers at Lidl

    The label says Stainless Steel. I've placed one in a cup of water - will report back
  8. Just picked up a useful box of 350 assorted stainless steel washers and spring washers at Lidl for £2.49 M4, M5, M6, M8, M10, M12. https://www.lidl.co.uk/en/Non-Food-Offers.htm?articleId=4338
  9. Kelvin J Series, What Oil, How Much?

    That does make sense - in which case my baby J would need less oil? So perhaps my dipstick is correct afterall and it's the generic J manual that's wrong in my case to suggest 10 pints? Are all J series dipsticks identical regardless of the number of cylinders? How much oil do other J2 owners require to reach full on the dipstick? Thanks. So is that smoke out of the exhaust or smoke out of the breather? I guess the breather seems more likely - even over filled I don't see how an inch or two extra well below the crankshaft would end up getting burnt. However, I'm still on a steep learning curve - but thanks to this wonderful place and it's people, at least I'm able to learn :-) Cheers. Clive.
  10. Kelvin J Series, What Oil, How Much?

    Thanks - that's clear. Actualy my dipstick does have "Danger" above the full mark as well as below the low point - just not very clear in the pic. So.......... that leaves me pondering that if my J2 dipstick matches yours - how come I only need 7 pints to reach the full graduation? That's a large discrepancy as a further 3 pints would put me well above the "full" indication. When changing the oil I do wait a while for all of the oil to drain down into the sump, then mop out. I've also checked I'm using imperial pints At least I now know that I am about 19mm deeper than the minimum when at minimum on my dipstick, so have not been depriving the engine of oil. Can anyone think of an explanation? Cheers, Clive.
  11. Kelvin J Series, What Oil, How Much?

    Thanks BEngo - with "full" indicated on the dipstick, I have about 10mm above the top of the hex nut or 22mm above the top of the strainer casing. Which does the 3mm refer to please? Pics of half empty sump and dipstick attached. Thanks again for this very helpful information. Clive.
  12. Kelvin J Series, What Oil, How Much?

    Thanks Dave - nice to now understand the reason. The SAE 30 Rock Oil I use is labled API SF/CC, so that's reassured me that it's a reasonable choice.
  13. Kelvin J Series, What Oil, How Much?

    Thanks - that's most helpful.
  14. Kelvin J Series, What Oil, How Much?

    Hi Stuart, Hope you are all well? From some notes made last time I changed the reverse oil, 6th imp gallon = 1.33 pints = 0.63L = 630 ml. I use the same oil that I use for the engine as recommended by Phil Trotter: Rock Oil Viscol Diesel 30 25 Litre Drum WO268067 However, I'm interested in what others use. Ref your engine sump dipstick – if you like I’ll photograph my J2 one against a scale next time I’m on the boat – in 2 weeks? However, from the J series manual it should hold 1.25 imp gal = 10 pints but I indicate full with only 7 pints, so perhaps my dipstick is the wrong one? Any thoughts anyone? Cheers for now Stuart, Clive.
  15. 12v / 240v Relay to use solar to heat water

    Also a couple of options from Bimble: http://www.bimblesolar.com/index.php?route=product/search&search=Heater