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  1. Priti Patel

    Jezza suggested this after Grenfell and was slated for it !
  2. Any idea what these are?

    Yes, West ham won the World Cup. But that same year they were well and truly whupped in the League Cup Final.
  3. Music in Pubs

    Never enjoyed the beer as much in The Golden Rule after Hartleys were bought out. Used the Queen's Hotel instead for several years while it was a real Ale Mecca.
  4. General Election

    Joyce Grenfell was born in Knightsbridge https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joyce_Grenfell
  5. Grenfell Tower Fire

    Your contributions suggest you are (one of the) most erudite posters on here and I always take in what you have to say. I was surprised you spelt this particular name incorrectly and added the correct spelling. Hope it helps.
  6. Grenfell Tower Fire

    Harriet Harman
  7. General Election

    Only rotters hunt otters
  8. General Election

    If we had PR then all this "after the result" bickering would be eliminated. No need for tactical voting in marginal seats. Loony party, even, might then have a presence in Parliament. Could bring some sense to the whole shambolic set up we have now.
  9. General Election

    Fabulous stuff, Vagabond.
  10. General Election

    I like your take on "vote for the Many not the Few"
  11. General Election

    A lot of the top earners are happy to pay their contribution when the tories are in power. With labour in they scoot off, not wanting to help society.
  12. Pinball (Vintage)

    http://barbilliards.proboards.com/ Folk on here might be able to tell you.
  13. Brexit 2017

    And it has just started to rain.
  14. Old Speckled Hen

    Two other brewery closures I had forgotten. Rayments, as bizzard mentions, bought out and closed down by Greene King. Ridleys, bought out and closed down by Greene King. There may well be others.
  15. Old Speckled Hen

    Greene King don't even use hops in their brews. They use hop pellets which is an aberration. More profitable for them. Next they will be using wheat or maize instead of barley if they can get away with it. They are the new Whitbread. Buy out rival breweries then close them down. Ruddles, Morland, Hardy and Hanson, Belhaven all produced great beers which they have well and truly ruined. My CAMRA website sign in password is GKYUK