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  1. Missed opportunity

    Sometimes good deals do turn up. The Gucci boat Otley was for sale fairly recently iirc for about £30k. Steel top on but looked to be relatively easy to deconvert. Rebottomed and refooted by wfbco around 2000 I think it was. Fairly naff engine (Perkins 3HD46) if you are into brass but at the end of the day it appeared to be quite a good boat for the money. I suppose it must have an Achilles heel of some sort and I don't know if it had the original back cabin to put lace plates and bronze windlasses in. If not then that could go against it pricewise. It would seem someone bought it. No idea who. Personally I'd be interested in Ascot if and when it comes up for sale. Last time I saw it had the original back cabin and even had the coins in the step.
  2. Extant full length butty's and horse boats

    "Speedboat" in this context sounds like a word which might be incorrectly used by someone who's mother tongue is not English to describe a "power boat" or "motorboat". It seems odd that someone would have knowledge of the term "butty" but not "motor" unless they have drawn their information from one or more unreliable sources. Or someone did a joke Wikipedia edit or something.
  3. Extant full length butty's and horse boats

    Fair enough. I just like seeing matching bows. Like Bletchley and Argus - Both H&W boats so if I were looking for a butty to go with a Northwich motor (I don't think you are yourself) I would much rather see it with another Northwich if possible. Obviously availability makes a difference. And its personal preference. Beverley and Ascot were another pair I liked but don't know whats become of them. Maybe Gary is still doing fuels around MK?. I always find non matching pairs a bit "awkward" to look at when breasted up. I'm interested as to why this thread does not include BCN "butty" boats and horse boats. .
  4. Extant full length butty's and horse boats

    Wouldn't a Northwich and a Woolwich look a bit awkward together? I always like seeing pairs with matching bows.
  5. Historic Boats for sale online

    Same boat yes
  6. Historic Boats for sale online

    I suppose if its a motor with a wooden bottom then the engine beds are fixed to the wood which could make a difference to the "smoothness" of running compared to engine beds being attached to metal. There's going to be less noise.
  7. Historic Boats for sale online

    Yes I know that
  8. River class butty 'Yeo'

    Nice boat and the raising the blue tops cabin is a novel idea. You'd need some sort of sliding or concertina type arrangement I suppose. Or maybe some sort of roller shutter type system like you get over shop windows. Or a steel cabin? Or if you are unusually tall then perhaps some sort of leg surgery. Or another boat ? As for being "blown away" by details of the boat I would have thought Pete Harrison may be able to oblige if he's not too busy burning petrol.
  9. Historic Boats for sale online

    Not a bloke? Is he a woman then? OK fair enough I went off on a tangent there. Anyway I found it interesting while it lasted but as you say nobody uses narrow boats commercially any more so it irrelevant really.
  10. Historic Boats for sale online

    This wooden bottom discussion thing started with a comment by Ray T about a bloke called Mike H. I've no idea who he is but I admit I assumed he was someone who at some point steered loaded narrow boats in commercial trade. Happy to be wrong but that was what I was basing my comments on.
  11. Historic Boats for sale online

    I thought it was about loaded boats. I also thought (perhaps wrongly) that boats with wooden bottoms would be able to carry more tons of cargo. The logical conclusion would therefore be that comparing a wooden bottom boat with an all metal boat carrying the same amount of cargo the wooden bottom one would be less deep in the water leading to improved handling and "swimming" characteristics. On canals that is. Obvsiouly on deep water it would be different but I expect that a lot of narrow boat steerers never went on rivers anyway. I found the answer to Ray T's question quite eye opening. So it seems to be a traditional belief or "lore" of some sort
  12. Historic Boats for sale online

    Good answer !
  13. Historic Boats for sale online

    Did you ask Mike H about why boats with wooden bottoms swim better?
  14. Historic Boats for sale online

    Elizabeth is an interesting boat which has had a lot of adventures. I seem to remember that the boat hit a bridge on the Trent side-on very hard in fog which resulted in considerable damage. Not sure when it was but I was told this by the owner. Not my cup of tea at all but its nice. Antony sounds interesting. there was another Antony with a GU motor stern and an unusual steel double curved bow (wfbco possibly?) moored at Springwell near Rickmansworth about 10/12 years ago when I lived at Batchworth but it seems to have gone. It had a wooden cabin. I always thought it'd make a nice tug conversion. Not sure what the situation with the bows was was - I suppose it could have been a BW workboat.
  15. Historic Boats for sale online

    Fair enough but my theory is that a boat with wood bottom will draw slightly less than a metal one -with the same weight of cargo on board - Maybe and its just a thought, if you were steering loaded narrow boats all day and all night as a job you would notice the difference in draught even if it was a tiny difference. like "the princess and the pea" I assumed the reference to wooden bottom boats handling was when loaded and used for commercial carrying. Thanks for that .