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  1. Managed To Avoid A Nasty Accident Today

    My only experience of hydraulic sytems on existing lock mechanisms is on the Thames. If the lock is not full (or empty) and you activate the gate opening controls then the prv activates (obvious thing to do in a hydraulic circuit considering that a liquid can not be compressed). Position sensors are used to inform the control system that gates and sluices are closed so that it is not possible to open both sets of sluices at the same time or open a sluice when the gate at the other end is not closed Lock keepers can override the position sensors (training) but I doubt they have the power to crush boats by overriding the basic functioning of a hydraulic circuit .
  2. Managed To Avoid A Nasty Accident Today

    Sorry to butt in here and I think it has already been mentioned but a basic design Principe of a hydraulic system like a lock closing ram is that there will be a pressure relief valve of some sort so unless you are in canoe or small dinghy the gates will not crush your boat. I was out walking down by the Thames at Rotherhithe recently where there is a disused ship lock. The rams were originally operated by water pressure and all the pipework is still visible. There is a pressure relief valve on the circuit. A spring with a ball under it. If something jams the gate then the valve opens. Its not rocket science. Or maybe it is ? I suppose if the primary function of the prv is to protect the lock mechanism itself then boats may be less important. I was interested (having read the previous posts now) that a grp boat allows sea passages. I had thougjht one would require a wooden boat for that !
  3. Then and Now

    I had a look at the brickwork and I reckon the frontage is original with the door and windows filled in with bricks but looking behind it appears that the back has been filled with earth as there are some trees. I was a bit tempted to take the mooring pin hammer and whack a brick just to check
  4. Then and Now

    Islington tunnel eastern end (first picture shamelessly stolen from the internet) Second picture taken by me today. I had no idea there was once a house there until today.
  5. Goliath

    Thats interesting as I have a P4 in one of my boats. Ex admiralty with cast iron pistons. Its a nice unit. I think Otley has a 3HD46 in it. Itd still on apolloduck but you mentioned it had been sold and you are running out of hints.
  6. Goliath

    The wooden boat "Goliath" pictured earlier in a post by "the yard" was in Limehouse Basin this morning.
  7. Historic Boats for sale online

    I sometimes wonder how many old boats are condemned by insurance surveys (4mm plate thickness?) when the boat is basically sound. Couple that with a surveyor having an amicable relationship with a boatyard...
  8. Historic Boats for sale online

    I didn't buy it but it did appear to be a good price.
  9. Historic Boats for sale online

    I've seen Baildon (is it a misspelling of Basildon?) around London recently. It is about 50ft long and has the "gap" like Flamingo. Does not look very good on top but the hull seems to be an original GUCCCo.
  10. Historic Boats for sale online

    Good thing about Otley is it was rebottomed and refooted properly.
  11. Historic Boats for sale online

    There has not been much rain recently so a run up or down from Tilehurst should not be a problem.
  12. Historic Boats for sale online

    Was it Bognor?
  13. Historic Boats for sale online

    At some point someone has put 7ft as the beam and 29hp as the engine into the license application (data shown on canalplan boat list). RN DM2 is 18hp and a Gardner 3LW (says its a marine one but not sure about that) should be about 40hp-60hp depending on rpm. So the 29hp refers to what I think was an air cooled Lister in there before the Gardner went in. For some reason I think the Gardner is out of a crane.
  14. Historic Boats for sale online

    Nice boat. Someone needs to proof read the advert as it says 1.85m beam which is incorrect. Istr Elstree was for sale in the mid nineties with a Lister HA3 in it. Not sure if I'm thinking of another boat. Pete Harrison will know
  15. Historic Boats for sale online

    Fair point about the engine. The JP2 is a superb unit if you like kerlonk-kerlonk and the one in Beck is a JP2M which is good. Overplating is a bit of a concern though.