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8 Hairy Feet

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  1. Christmas presents

    Me three.... But I would still like to see my Dad again for Christmas...sadly not possible now
  2. Brotherly Love?

    Hmmm....wanders off topic... The late great Kenny Everett, Brother Lee Love anybody? Can we get an Amen?
  3. Broken paddle...

    Do some science... find a lock and a timer and off you go ...please report your findings,thank you.
  4. Imaginary Boat Trip - Play along please!

    Can you drop me off in St Kitts please? Dreaming of Friday night liming down The Strip, enjoying a Carib beer (etc.) ...hmmm Happy Daze
  5. Auntie Wainwright's 12 Days of Christmas

    Oh I'm so going to rise to this.... £6 for The Yorkshire Bank! ....
  6. Auntie Wainwright's 12 Days of Christmas

    I'm tempted.... but haven't had any chips since March... gonna watch and wait....
  7. Auntie Wainwright's 12 Days of Christmas

    OK after my sardine disappointment last year I'm going to try this....£3 earth pounds for Lot 2 The Yorkshire Bank!
  8. How Often Do People Fall In?

    Falling in sounds overly dramatic... it was just a gentle slide down into the canal at the bottom of the 3 rise but I had on the righteous boots and getting out was hard.. no worries ... hadn't seen any boats for ages so stood on front to strip off rather than drip inside and of course here is a boat coming to observe me in my state of undress !
  9. Icy dawn

    brrr ....it's a wee bit parky this side too!
  10. Rotating Waterway Wall

    Oh it's like geological slump...
  11. Child Tracking watch

    I'm sure a dog light will do just fine, don't get the screw down ones because they fall apart easily... I've got Rogz Dogz Tags Roglite on the dogs... you can set them to solid or flashing ...they seem quite sturdy so far (2 Years use)
  12. Yes they do ...got sideswiped by Helens Drum in April..no stopping, no apology...grrr
  13. Anybody near Thwaites Mill (Aire)?

    Thank you What a horrible thing to happen , I hope he recovers ok.
  14. I've seen on the local news feed aBout A boat "capzised" and a chap taken to hospital but can't find out anything more...this was near Thwaites Mill yesterday.