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  1. Has it been a busy summer?

    just imagine if we all did winter cruising .it would give you guys who already do so sumat to moan about ,lol like spike said every body got to be somewhere
  2. Replacement water pump

    the gasket went on my pump ..but was told i would be wasting my time having it repaired ,,,just buy a new one ,,,was told this by other peeps also
  3. chat room

    how does the chat room work
  4. Facebook, yobs canal boats and a lock

    i have not read all the posts nor do i want too ..it will only wind me up ..if the police had of been in attendance . all you would have got from them is ..come on lads move along .or you will get nicked ...or you will get nicked ...why not nick them there and then ...in chester only this summer police came to our boat ,,have you seen two young guys running this way red top on blue trainers ...yer there they are over there ..they searched them took what they stole from the shops .and there weed ..and sent them on there way ...in the 70s my brother got £20 fine 6 weeks in prison ..for the massive crime of having a small joint in is pocket ...its getting worse but can be done .its a way of life now i would say ...
  5. Deck Matting

    i have the same stuff as mhs .i have found it to just right for the job and i also just hose it down when i fill up with water ,,,
  6. lights

    thanks .i will check them out ,,but of to midland swindlers in the morning ..to have a look around
  7. lights

    in the galley.i have three 8 watt tube lights 12 inch long all three died at the same time ,,and ideas of what to replace them with ..the 8 watt where a bit dull .i know some will say .up the watts ,what white lights are best do you think
  8. A week on the Grand-Union on a Wyvern Hireboat

    i agree with the captain .there are some that sit back ,,but very few .most help out, and yes give me a hirer any time ..but to be fair when myself and mister do locks it is nice to get a little help ..but in all fairness we are just as happy doing them ourselfs .i have seen some right carry ons ,how many of of you heard which way you going ..you coming in .you going out ...endless
  9. Deck Matting

    size 4 please bizz
  10. Deck Matting

    i have had my matting 4 years ,and yes the little pegs do drop off after time ,but as for wearing through the paint ,never had that trouble ,,maybe becuse i paint it every year ,the matting feels nice underfoot ..far better with then without ...horses for courses
  11. alde bits / parts

    i ordered the pump of midland swindlers ..£95 ,,good price i thought
  12. back a week

    my home is my boat ,,i should have started with .i am back at my moorings after 6 months on the canals....but maybe its me but ,but what was so hard to understand about my first thread ..,,,mind you i have been compered to chaulser for my grammer ...oh sorry ...ernie wise .this is one of the problems with dyslexia ..what i write seems fine to me ...but to others maybe not ...but i try not to let it hold me back ....
  13. back a week

    been back home from 6 months cruising the canals ...sorry not all blessed with good grammer ,,seems there is only you that did not get what i ment
  14. Hurleston stoppage - Llangollen Canal

    they have had problems with these lock for years .i also now a survey is needed ..but the surveyors dont operate the locks day in day out ..my comment was a bit tongue in cheek ,,they have been closing them a couple of day here and there for years ...close them completely til they are done .lots of boaters dont go there for the lock reason i know 4 different boats that had to turn back this year ...we would all need looking at if we were that old
  15. alde bits / parts

    yes bizz . i will here off grayham tomorrow maybe ..if not i will go ahead and order the one rusty put up ..thanks every one for your help x