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  1. Leave space for anglers!

    i would say its fake
  2. tripping out

    i think you maybe right there wotever .it maybe tired ..as to having more connected ,nothing has been altered since we have had the boat ...it seems to have stopped tripping now ...every time it was set it tripped .it has not done if for at least half hour ..but thanks for your help
  3. in nearly 5 years this has never happened ..we are plugged in to shoreline .and every minute or so the panel which is a blue sea system the switch that says stereo which operates the power to the tv keeps tripping out .but saying that it as not done it for the last 10 mins .would anyone out there now whats causing this ...all info would be gratefully excepted thanks
  4. Can't cruise as they've closed a lock!

    fantastic photos
  5. Can't cruise as they've closed a lock!

    thats a loverly story mac ...im hoping to come they way around april time
  6. Can't cruise as they've closed a lock!

    got to agree with nicknorman but weather our friend is trying it on or not ..does it really matter that much , to me it dont .....like someone said plenty do . some get away with it some dont ..and i also know that to a person not one person here on canalword would ever dream of staying over longer then the permitted time ..or ever break the rules of crt ...well i can assure you i have not and. i certently would never dream of trying it on ..im one of the good girls
  7. Can't cruise as they've closed a lock!

    boisdevie you do that. email crt and see what they have to say thats what i would do ...if they say yes its ok to stay there till the jobs done and you dont mind staying there 5/6 weeks.nothing more to say about it ...if they say no you can not ...then thats it you can not simple ,and please dont worry what other boaters think or say ...like you said you are new to this boating thing ...good luck any way
  8. Broken pump out, whats normal and what isn't?

    the big freeze when was this then ..i must have been in hibernation .been boating nearly 19 years now ...yes in that time we have had some freeze overs .but nothing to stop us in our tracks ...i think the last mayor freeze was in the 80s ...but like i say i can not remember ..im sure some one will put me right on that one ,any minute................................................now
  9. Broken pump out, whats normal and what isn't?

    well there is is a macerator ,, tank toilet , push button flush plumbed in here not been used for 3 years ,.been open to offers for ages nearly new ..still had no offers lol
  10. New menace on the L&L

    about 2 years back we where moored at stoke prior .coming towards us was what just looked like three lads enjoying there little cruise ..they moored right outside the boat and railway ..they must have been local .for the pub to let them do that ..any an hour or so later they came out of the pub ..we where inside the boat ..and i kid you not .they came past us faster then those jet ski.s never seen anything like that nor since ...there where other boaters moored and every one of them came out of there boats to see what the hell it was ...where anyone who uses canalworld there just to confirm this happening
  11. How to make.

    no no no we need to encourage bizz. it makes a refreshing change to the doom and gloom brigade .
  12. Bad Fishermen

    there seems to be a lot of zander in the avon .mr catched one 2 years back ..and yes it was very tasty
  13. Boat insurance

    i was with my insurance for over 10 years ..until this year and i got a better all round deal ...if you tell your old company this .they turn round and say lets see if we can match what you have been offererd and most times they do ...i find that strange
  14. Bad Fishermen

    ianali i would not take too much notice .just ride with it mate ..some call it humour ...some call it sarcasm ..and im sure that you no that sarcasm is the lowest form of wit ...
  15. Bad Fishermen

    yes i think the first peg started by the navvie at gnosall not sure tho .it was great fun going past them .if i had charged a pound for every one who asked me to churn the water up for them ..i would had a free nite in the pub yes of course they do sorry