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  1. That's good, being somewhat old and dull myself I now feel cheered up. The exterior hull and interior plate is just both sides of the same bit of steel, also it might not exactly slip through the water like a greyhound as back in the 1970's many boatbuilders hadn't really got the hang of the art yet.
  2. OK, it is what it is, its old, 40 years plus, good points are that it has a plastic water tank - not an old integral so you shouldn't be drinking the canal through a hole in the hull. It is fitted out so you could move straight onto it, it will do the job, that is it will take you all over the system, not necessarily in style but that shouldn't be important. What would worry me is the condition of the hull under water. It could need a lot of overplating, it could have had a lot of overplating 20 years ago and that is now not very good. No one knows until it is closely examined. It needs looking at by lifting floorboards as well. If the hull is OK then it is an old, dull, small boat but so what, you could be seeing the same sights as someone in a boat costing 10 times as much. A boat like this though has a ceiling value even if you spent thousands on it.
  3. Emotional support pig

    Tell you what, that's one useful woman if she can chuck a pig over her shoulder and haul it off a plane. Bet she can't half chop wood / drag sacks of coal and start reluctant old hand start diesels. If she turned up at my boat (without the pig) I reckon I could find a place for her. (Please don't mention this to my wife though)
  4. I would encourage anybody with a limited budget just to take a leap of faith and go for it....... but maybe not this time. I tend to agree with most of the doom mentioned above. Ten grand is actually a lot of money. An old Springer is never going to be worth much but it could take all your money and break your heart. Nothing against Springers, I would be happy to own one but its like my old Allegro, it did the job just as well as a much better car but I maintained it from scrapyard parts and many years of experience and when I scrapped it it owed me nothing. Your Springer will likely owe you £10 - £15000 and it will always be the boat version of an Allegro.
  5. Opinions on fibreglass cabins

    To the best of my knowledge f/glass tops have not been made for years - others may know better- so the top will be getting on in years and likely to have cracked gelcoat at the very least as well as just being plain old and tired. Of course if the top is old then the hull is too along with much of the fit out and engine etc. Unless its quite unusual I would expect that sort of boat to be a bit of a project and low priced to match. I would be careful of such a boat. In fact it is a good idea to be careful of any boat. I would also like a surveyors opinion on the hull at the very least.
  6. Kelvin F4 rebuild

    As well as the usual jealousy I now have workshop/shed envy
  7. SR2 with LH150 combined weight

    My few thoughts are that you have a perfectly ok engine that has had a lot of work done, it fits the boat, all the wiring, exhaust, shaft, linkages and the rest fit (and presumably the prop is the right size too) and it can be a horrible job to fit another engine. Have you tried disconnecting the shaft? it might run smoothly by itself meaning that the problem is not the actual engine. In my (limited) knowledge of these engines I have not really noticed vibration as such, they are thumpers really not buzzy things. I would check all the bolts that hold everything together, mounting bolts, the bolts that hold the feet on to the engine itself, everything really that could be a bit loose. I would also try putting a pad of rubber under the feet, just to see what happens. I'm a great believer in Python/Aquadrive for everything that whizzes round but they are a bit dear. Good luck.
  8. carl hurth munchen, 947.10 gearbox

    Funny looking thing, wonder if it came from some sort of construction machinery / mower or something?
  9. Brexit 2017

    May said about Russia ' You will not succeed, you underestimate the resilience of our democracies' I think the Russians have looked at Britain and realised that its a piece of cake to manipulate people with the most simplistic slogans and arguments to get the result they wanted. Neither our democracy or that of the USA can cope with the problem of bad people offering simple solutions to complicated problems and dragging the rest of us down with them.
  10. Is longer better or worse?

    Pink dog pyjamas? Splutter! Choke!
  11. Is longer better or worse?

    Something that I always struggled with re. very long boats was actually keeping the thing warm. If the stove is at one end its tricky to move the heat along the boat. Heat is happy to rise but getting it into the cold dark bits right at the far end and avoiding damp was always hard. I accept that in a boat built by a very experienced builder and fitted with very good systems that this might not be a problem but there's an awful lot of boats that might fall short of this.
  12. Modification

    Well, it is always possible to drill/burn/bash a hole through the sternpost and just stick the shaft out and cut an aperture in the rudder blade, that'll work. so will putting the shaft out of the plating to one side of the sternpost, neither are perfect but they will work, might make the boat a bit long for some places though. If it was mine I would try to retain as much of the stern as possible and just make changes below the waterline.
  13. Plane Under Pontcysyllte Aqueduct?

    Some of us can't even get into a lock with 4' of clearance either side....... Must get some more bitumastic to touch up scrapes on hull.
  14. Brexit 2017

    Somebody please remind me what the hell we are supposed to be getting that makes all this brexit b******* worth it. I am sick of being shoved around by a couple of % of people who were conned by the likes of Farage backed by the b***** Russians.
  15. Personally I would tee the header/expansion tank off the highest point in the system, somewhere off the end of the red pipe. I would also try to make everything thermo syphon as well but that is because storing electricity on a boat is always a problem (Well it is for me anyway). If you did that it should be possible to balance the calorifier and rads with some sort of rad valve thingy.