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  1. AB Tuckey

    They crane regularly from Willowbridge Marina where I live and it always amazes me how professional and efficient they are. The mobile cranes they have are incredible bits of kit.
  2. Our NB has double back doors at the stern and the steps, whilst relatively steep could easily be swapped for a ramp or shallow steps, so anything is possible
  3. Bonding / Earth

    If you have a standalone inverter, would you still run it through a GI when not on shoreline? And should you bond the inverter casing to the earth stud? Thanks David
  4. 1970's Rock

    Reminds me very much of one of my favourite films from the early 90's...
  5. Vandalism on The Walsall Canal

    Or hopefully neither - if they get the book thrown at them (or a piece of balance beam).
  6. Character assassination

    Never noticed
  7. Character assassination

    We can't issue reactions to your posts on this thread - it appears for everyone elses though
  8. Walsall lock flight

    May be because it's the middle of the flight so wouldn't be spotted until boats were half way up/down? Causing maximum disruption presumably?
  9. list of yards with cranes

    Indeed - it's just given the size of the boat (although we don't know it it's fully fitted) it could be 30 ton so as you've already said, that narrows it down a bit
  10. list of yards with cranes

    Alternatively you could get a mobile crane unit and put it in at any yard that will allow you to use their wharf for such things.
  11. looking to try canal boating

    If you have a couple of weeks then you could explore various places really - have a look at http://www.canalholidays.co.uk/canal-holidays/longer-canal-holidays as this shows some of the routes you can take starting from Leighton Buzzard (East Midlands).
  12. Boat transport companies?

    You could also try AB Tuckeys, not in Peterborough or Scotland but it doesn't really matter as the round trip would be the same for most hauliers. 01926 812134
  13. EE bill

    I also had this with EE. I used their online chat system and "spoke" to am operator who was helpful. They blocked the premium rate service and said they would instruct the company to contact me within 5 days. This didn't happen so EE gave me a £10 credit (I was owed £25 by this point as hadn't checked the bill for a few months) and said they would contact the company again. I then went on holiday and forgot about it but I may have another go at retrieving the other £15. Suggest anyone on EE have a look at their bills as this is commonplace on EE.
  14. list of yards with cranes

    Harefield Marina has a small one (GRP only)
  15. C&RT Smart Electric System

    Getting ahead of the game for 2040, all electric narrowboats