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  1. Opinions on this battery charger pls.

    This one was recommended to me by someone on here and it's been running continuously for 5 years (except when we go out on the boat) with no issues. We are liveaboard with a hookup.
  2. Controller/regulator advice for solar panel

    The product code pretty much states this I think
  3. Laser IR Thermometer

    The cheap ones are great and generally agree with the other temperature devices on the boat so am happy with it's accuracy to be within a range that I need (i.e within a degree or 2 at low temps and within a ballpark at 200+ degrees).
  4. University pay

    My son is doing a 2 year HND at college, it costs half the price of the same University Course per year and he doesn't need to spend £100+ on accommodation. He can also top up to a degree at a Uni for the 3rd year so don't think that can be avoided, but will have saved a fortune overall.
  5. So given all the comments we went with Caley Cruisers for mid April 2018. Thank you
  6. Recently we've been very low between Stoke Hammond and Fenny Lock and I hear that everywhere up to Tring summit has also had major problems due to pumps not working etc. A couple of times we've woken up on the bottom of the canal so well done CRT for resolving this and we're all floating nicely..... Yesterday I went for a walk past Fenny lock (drains into the lowest and longest pound in this area) and the bottom gates were swinging in the breeze and one of the paddles wasn't fully lowered (it's quite stiff and you have to use a minor amount of force to fully close it). Obviously I closed the gates / paddle as we'd all be on the bottom again this morning and there wasn't any sign of CRT or any notes so I assumed this has been left open by a boater.
  7. Water filter

    I also have one - very pleased
  8. Cheap boating experience

    Try Wyvern at https://www.waterwaysholidays.com If you select the first dates in March next year and select Show All Available there are some short breaks for around £500 and if yo head north from Leighton Buzzard you'll go through several locks but not too many plus some long stretches of beautiful countryside and semi-urban areas.
  9. Marina Dog Ban

    I meant I don't see how I'm off topic in response to what you posted but hey-ho.
  10. A phone has been found in Willowbridge Marina carpark (Bletchley) - not sure if it belongs to a boater or someone visiting but if anyone knows someone in the area who has lost it please contact the office on 01908 643242. Unfortunately the phone seems to have been locked and we cannot see contacts to call someone. It was flat but have charged it so maybe someone will call it.
  11. Fuel Costs

    £0.799/Ltr for red in Bletchley on the GU.
  12. Marina Dog Ban

    The principle of rules being imposed because of the actions of the few. Almost everything we're no longer allowed to do is because of something a few people did that was inconsiderate. How is that not on topic when you said "Yup, let’s punish the many for the inconsiderate mis-deeds of the few."?
  13. Marina Dog Ban

    Isn't that why the public are not allowed to carry guns and knives, buy high %age hydrogen peroxide or take certain items on aeroplanes?
  14. CRT Changes To Executive Team

    Or Hatchet Man - organisations often change the HR Director just before a big re-org/redundancies. The name change also means they can get rid of that person after the hatchet work is done and recruit a new director under a different title. I've worked within resourcing for organisations much larger that C&RT and seen exactly this behaviour.
  15. We are planning a 7 day trip on the Celdeonian next April but can't really decide between Le Boat or Caley Cruisers (or even another company?).