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  1. Email from cart

    An intrinsic failing of a democracy
  2. Email from cart

    And this is why they are running the consultation - there is no universally fair option that suits everyone so most likely the decisions will be based on majority vote with weighting towards making the budget work (or vice versa).
  3. Lift out fee

    When we lift boats where I work we charge both ways up front so that there is no confusion further down the line.
  4. Email from cart

    Perhaps the Length x Beam option is the fairest?
  5. Email from cart

    And that is the most wonderful of all - unlike "isn't" "ain't" isn't a shortened version of 2 other words but has multiple uses/connotations.
  6. Email from cart

    But yet we fit out a boat, which is really fitting it in
  7. Email from cart

    I think this is a case of best way to win a losing battle - they can't control all the CM's so might as well charge them extra.
  8. Email from cart

    For those looking at Col's link, the response that it has "Been filled in on this PC" is nothing more than a text message, it doesn't look at IP addresses or MAC addresses, it just knows that the link Col provided has already been filled out (possibly by someone other than Col if he hasn't done it) - the link ID was generated JUST for Colin. A better choice of words would be "This survey link has already been completed".
  9. How much gas do you use?

    13Kg usually get 3-4 months from it. This runs cooker and water heater. Cooker used daily, shower used daily.
  10. Is that because they only have one pulley on the flywheel or some other reason? Someone has previously fitted a triple pulley onto ours so would that mean we could (if we wished) fit a 2nd alternator?
  11. Mine's on a 64' and I believe it's OK on canals. Never taken it on a river though.
  12. Coal price

    Well yes, but our supplier didn't put them up last year so we've had a static price for 2 years now. I've also seen other suppliers stating they will go up on 1/10 as well. We get through about 40x25Kg bags over a winter so buy the whole lot in one go saving a fair bit, and price rises can make a noticeable difference when paid out in one go
  13. Coal price

    Whatever you're paying there's a good chance it will go up next week as our marina supplier has told us that prices will rise on the likes of Taybrite/Pureglow/Supertherm etc on 1st October.
  14. Sign writing/Vinyls ?

    Very please with http://www.funkymonkeyboatnames.co.uk/ I put a set on 5 years ago and had to take them off last year for painting, they were REALLY hard to get off! Repeat ordered the same ones for after painting as can't fault them.
  15. Fitting an immersion heater

    I was going to do this but couldn't seem to find a 1kw heater at a reasonable price whereas 3kw ones are less than half the price. I didn't know if 3kw was overkill so ended up leaving it as we have a Morco for summer use and an Eberspacher in the winter.