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  1. Canal & River Trust Licence

    You are missing my point by a long way. You stated that EU residents could lob up and demand to be fed and housed they can't. I never suggested you would be looking for work but the fact remains you can visit for 6 months EU residents can only visit for 3 unless in work or looking for work. Your original post sounded as if you were unhappy that EU residents were being treated better than you. They aren't! Don't let the Brexiteers hear you mention an ailing economy they keep telling us we are doing well and it will be even better after Brexit. Unless I am very much mistaken the standard tourist visa for Australia is 3 months so you in Australia seem to have similar "esoteric immigration regulations".
  2. Brexit 2017

    And just being from an English speaking country which happened to be on our side in a war which is now history shouldn't impart any special privileges either. Yet going by this thread they are allowed to visit for twice as long as an EU resident if neither are looking for work.
  3. Canal & River Trust Licence

    You may not have noticed but he can stay twice as long without looking for a job as an Eu resident so he is getting some privileges. Where English speaking comes into it I don't know languages are so well taught on the continent that many (most>) speak with reasonable fluency. How far back into history are we going to look with regard to allies? However as a Brexit supporter I thought you would have been taking the stance that we shouldn't be letting foreigners in, or is it just those that don't speak English you object to? However my apologies for taking the thread of course, but the cynical comment which suggested EU citizens could just walk in and get everything is more than a little annoying to me. We had better leave it there or move to the Brexit thread. P.s. If I remember my history correctly many of the EU countries fought with us in the war.
  4. Canal & River Trust Licence

    I hate to be pedantic but you are greatly over simplifying the situation. EU residents can only stay in the UK for 3 months unless they are in work or actively seeking work with a genuine chance of employment. You could demand to be housed and fed but it would only happen after you had jumped through various hoops and fulfilled various conditions. Contrary to popular opinion you can not "just lob up and demand to be fed and housed free".
  5. Weeks cruise from the Ashby..

    Must admit I am trying to get my head round the physics which would allow you to loose the line. I can see the tail perhaps working along but before it reached the deck the neck loop would be tight round the pin. The other alternative is it jumps 6 or 7 cm in the air to get of the tiller pin. For those who don't hang the rope can you tell me what happens. I just can't get my head round it.
  6. Thetford say about Aqua Ken Green: An environmentally conscious and easy to use toilet fluid with biological action for the waste holding tank.
  7. Personally I am finding it fascinating. Having read much discussion over the years of what to add I am surprised so few have said other.
  8. Again not an area of expertise I claim to have but as I understand it a standard septic tank breaks down solids anaerobically and the aerobic breakdown is carried out in the liquid effluent once it has left the tank. Unless of course it is a more modern system which has a method of aerating the fluids while in the tank. Again only as I understand things a traditional anaerobic system only smells when there is a problem. However the point I was really thinking was if there are chemicals involved rather than enzymes it isn't a bio system surely.
  9. When you say "Thetford's own blue" do you mean Thetford Aqua Chem? If so I think it might need to be "other non bio", as far as I can find out it is based round Calcium Nitrate. I am no chemist but from what I remember from my contact with agriculture it produces anaerobic conditions which inhibit bacteria and hence I think smells.
  10. Brexit 2017

    I am probably going to need my asbestos suit after this, but it seems to me reading this thread that those who voted leave want to drag us back into some golden (non existent past) where we use our own silly units for everything and nobody has any influence at all on what the UK does. The world doesn't operate like that any more.
  11. Brexit 2017

    Because as I said earlier you automatically took an observation of what I see around me as being a leavers stance. I replied to that and then broadened the post out into a comment about Brexiteers and you assumed Brexiteers (in general) seemed to mean you personally.
  12. Brexit 2017

    You may or may not have noticed (it would seem not) that I never mentioned you. Strangely you aren't the whole of the Brexiteers! I was making making the observation that Brexiteers in general seem prepared to do anything to avoid the opinion of the nation being tested again. Also that they jump on any slight difference to their view and label it remainers or more often attempt to denigrate by using the term remoaners. So while you might like to think the term Brexiteer means you personally it is the term I have seen used in official (pro brexit) reports and thus refers to the generality of leave voters.
  13. Brexit 2017

    am not sure how pointing out what I see around me is a remainer stance. Strange how the Brexiteers see a threat in every statement. It suggests they aren't confident that their tiny majority would still hold if put to the test.
  14. Brexit 2017

    Like the change from imperial to metric is taking it took a while starting in 1849 with the introduction of the florin. IIRC correctly intended to phase out the half crown and have 10 florins to the pound. From there it would have been 10d to the florin. I just hope it doesn't take as long to get fully metric!
  15. Brexit 2017

    I suspect mainly because if you have a zero hours contract you are "in work" even if you haven't been given any for months. Also if self employed you will be counted as having a job even if that job is delivering food and you haven't done more than 1 night a week for months. Figures can hide anything you want them to.