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  1. Brexit 2017

    Scotland IIRC had a far higher bar and there was no violence or civil unrest.
  2. Brexit 2017

    IMO they did make a mess. They should have made sure that the referendum wasn't going to split the country by doing as they did for Scotland, ensure it needed a good majority for a win. Instead they foolishly made it so that if 1 person more had voted in favour or against the result would stand. Holding a referendum where a majority of 1 could trigger such a momentous change was crass in the extreme. Just my opinion other opinions are available.
  3. Brexit 2017

    But if they vote against them they don't get passed. It may be a rubber stamp but they don't have to use it if they don't agree with the law.
  4. Brexit 2017

    I voted remain for future generations not for the next ten minutes. Oh and NO I am not wealthy, very very far from it.
  5. Horninglow Basin T&M

    I couldn't be sure. We stopped there for water about 3 weeks ago. There is a notice on the concrete was which holds the road which (from memory) says something like "Tom's Moorings", which may of course be a name without implying ownership. The moorings didn't seem any worse for litter than the rest of the area. Can't comment on the depth of the moorings other than there was plenty of depth at the water point. EDIT: A bit of a google suggests they are CRT moorings and Tom's Moorings is indeed a local name for them.
  6. Trailable narrow boats?

    Mine is the same.
  7. Cormorants

    I wouldn't like to name any particular canals but I feel from what I see they are reasonably common on the canals. Outside the breeding season they are to be found in 82% of the UK tetrads (2k x 2k grid squares) and have increased by 27% over the last 40 years.
  8. Brexit 2017

    I can't see everybody pulling together as long as some continue to try to keep the divide open by such terms as "remoaners".
  9. Cycling law review

    If you listen to the grumbles mid term you might think this is the case, which it very often in my experience it very often is the case.
  10. Cycling law review

    You are very conveniently ignoring your own attitude to a 4% margin in favour in the referendum. However we aren't discussing why they are in number 10 we are discussing how disliked they are and at 15.2% more not liking them than like them enough to vote for them I would suggest they are fairly heavily disliked. Nearly 2:1 against them in fact.
  11. Facebook, yobs canal boats and a lock

    Can I ask about your experience of discipline in schools then and now? I don't recognise the situation from my own 40 years experience. There was indiscipline in schools while caning was permitted true but it wasn't to the level or severity of current times. Again just my own personal experience.
  12. Cycling law review

    The conservatives are forming a government with in the region of 57.6% of the population voting against them. That is a gap of 15.2% a much larger difference then the "decisive" referendum vote.
  13. Greenham Island Newbury.

    A quick google suggests that for Anglian Water (the first I found) costs including surface drainage and sewage would be about £3.20 a cubic metre.
  14. Brexit 2017

    And that will prevent them having any influence?
  15. Facebook, yobs canal boats and a lock

    So how do you explain the fact that when they hung people for stealing a loaf of bread theft was almost unknown and when caning was allowed children behaved better than they do today? I taught through the change from caning to no caning (which if I remember correctly was more than 30 years ago) and there was a definite difference in behaviour .. I am not saying you are wrong I am just interested in how, you with the years of experience can explain things.