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  1. Brexit 2017

    Nobody knows yet what will happen with regard to employment so I suggest neither side makes categoric statements.
  2. Bridgewater

    Perhaps that is a good thing. I was commenting really on the implication they would supply your details to anyone who asked. I realise it would penalise Bridgewater boaters but using reciprocal arrangements might help to clear their minds a little.
  3. Just a warning burton on trent

    I would say the same for up here in Cumbria. In fact I would suggest round here a beer only pub wouldn't last long.
  4. Bridgewater

    That isn't how I read the T & Cs. It says: 7.9 You agree that where we believe you have failed to comply with the Conditions, we may exchange information relating to you and/ or the Boat with third parties who are assisting us in managing the situation such as contractors, mooring providers, individuals or organisations with a legitimate interest or duty in exchanging information about you. Couple the assisting us with the exchanging information and I am not sure it is just any organisation who asks. I agree they probably would supply the information but not just to anybody as you suggest. However Peel Holdings would have a legitimate reason for asking for the information. Just as if you have had your car damaged by another car on private ground and all you have to go on is the registration number.
  5. Turtles/ Terripins

    Thank you don't know how I missed that.
  6. EA moorings BS

    As they only appear to be at either long term moorings or trouble spots owned by people other than CRT I suspect most ordinary boaters will have no problem at all.
  7. Turtles/ Terripins

    Sadly that may be true as they aren't a listed species (yet). However I have been unable to find any evidence of them being invasive any where world wide so perhaps there is hope.
  8. Brexit 2017

    I am not handing anything over they haven't had for much of my life! They have also as far as I am concerned done a decent job over those 40 years I can't think of anything the EU has done which has had a detrimental effect on me and my family. They have certainly done more for working conditions H & S the environment etc than any UK government has shown signs of doing. I am happy with what we had and would certainly not change it for some old fashioned parochial idea of "sovereignty".
  9. Brexit 2017

    You have much more faith in the UK government (of any colour) than I have if you think they will make things any better than the EU has.
  10. Brexit 2017

    The problem with that is that such things as working conditions that get in the way of the money grabbing are likely to be repealed.
  11. EA moorings BS

  12. EA moorings BS

    Hmmmm some people would call that selfish.
  13. EA moorings BS

    As I thought the suggestion of reducing pay was more of an "i don't like people who earn a lot and/or I want to get at CRT" rather than a sensible answer to the problem.
  14. EA moorings BS

    Does anyone know the CEO's current salary and is it much different to the £255,000 that is the average for the top 100 charities. Of course CRT isn't a charity, it is a business where the status is charitable.
  15. EA moorings BS

    I suspect as marinas seem to be opening at a good rate round the country it is better business to leave it in the hands of private enterprise and take their 9% cut. Otherwise they have a continual demand on resources for staffing, maintenance, infra structure etc. There is less outlay and risk letting private enterprise deal with the marinas and using any reserves they have for dredging much needed maintenance etc. Might be a slightly better business model if they already owned the land.