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  1. Caldon canal

    Beautiful canal. Feels like you're discovering something secret as you get further on. The first bit is industrial and not so pretty but that's all part and parcel. Without the potteries there'd be no canal.
  2. How to stop being unmoored by yobs

    Untied once, in Brum. They just lifted the rope from around the bollard. I usually put a turn around the bollard and then tie to the boat and take up any slack but I must have neglected to do that. So the rope was simply lifted off.
  3. Going through tunnels

    Follow earlier advice regarding lighting the tunnel, all will be well.
  4. Going through tunnels

    Netherton tunnel is one of the longest tunnels on the system and also wide with towpath. I think your trolley wheels will end up clipping the ears and shouldes of walkers.
  5. Loss of coolant

    K Seal might be an option? My BMC 1800 has alway lost a little water over several days boating. More recently it began to loose enough water when worked hard to the point where it was overheating heating after 2hrs. Replaced filler cap, not loosing water there, checked thermostate, working ok, and can't find any obvious leaks through pipes. I put a bottle of K Seal in with the water and it seems to have done the trick.
  6. Followed Ray T's link, I skimmed though 2 thirds of the report. The early payment discount appears to be seen as positive. I point to this because another thread has been predicting it's end. The views concerning continuous cruising, on page 12, are interesting, (but not suprising). Page 12 ".....This idea was accompanied by the suggestion that licence fees for people without a permanent mooring should be increased, so that they make “a realistic contribution”. This latter point - about the use that continuous cruisers make of services and facilities that are paid for by home moorers - was raised frequently, primarily in the context of how best to manage congestion. “People who have a permanent mooring somewhere - their licence should be different from people who don't. And the people who don't - they would have to choose between a commercial licence and a cruising licence.” .."
  7. 2017 Pub Cruise

    I like the idea of releasing in 3 parts. It creates suspense.
  8. Email from cart

    We're all doomed. i really want to have a good rant on this.. I'll wait till I'm sober.
  9. Goliath

    Steve, thats great to hear, I never met Micheal. I bought the boat through Longport Wharf. When I'm down your way again ( perhaps next summer) I'll PM you and Micheal can come look over his old boat, and have an afternoon boating, if he fancies it Glenn
  10. Goliath

    Yep, that's my boat. But the photo would have been taken last Autumn. So, you knew the Vicar?
  11. Goliath

    Four out of five is good. Will any send up those lovely smoke rings? Like Reginald used to.
  12. Mine dont leak. And since Dmr did his magic, I can now open them. £700 sounds steep. But hey ho, if you've the money spend it and enjoy.
  13. Goliath

    They all working? The ones you got.
  14. Goliath

    I guess as much, regards Perkins and Mike's view on engines. Not being an engine boff myself, I like to have something I can forget about. The bmc is reliable and easy to service. And actually sounds very nice/good compared to lots of engines. (Not as nice as a lister or bollinder but as good as a gardner)