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  1. Licence review email

    and attach a swing to the nearest tree..
  2. BCN - arm to Bradley Workshops

    Was that you we briefly spoke to on Good Friday? Wish I has tried harder now... oh well, will go back next year.
  3. Morning all, I ventured up the arm to Bradley workshops a few weeks back and only got as far as the halfway winding hole. There was a large log across the narrows just beyond, which seemed to have steel rope attaching it underwater - it then started to rain heavily, so I didn't investigate further. Progress was slow and the weed was thick put passable fairly easily. Just wondered from the BCN experts, what is the situation regarding going to the workshops at the end and turning - presumably this is still possible? Thanks
  4. Stourbridge moorings

    We moored just outside the basin about two weeks ago, one boat length up from the fence. It was a bit grim at first, but a quick litter pick and moving an old TV out the way made a huge difference! Only suitable for an overnight stop. Merry Hill was a surprisingly good place to moor, likewise will stay again. Edit: Ignore the above, I was thinking of Hawne Basin. Stourbridge is as others have said - fine outside the basin on the rings.
  5. Moorings K&A near Bath

    Avoncliff, trains every hour into Bath, then Uni bus, or short walk up the hill to Westwood or slightly longer the other side to Winsley and then bus, but car parking difficult. A bit shallow, very very cold in winter, but has Good pub (avoid Tuesday evenings) and a cafe that is never open.
  6. Baby on board..

    We don't live aboard but have cruised when the kids were babies. Sort out a cot that is up high and you will have to keep the boat much warmer during the night. When they start to crawl and are able to climb the steps, is when the real problems start. I find the marina the most dangerous place to be with toddlers, we get out the marina to the towpath as soon as possible.
  7. Solar !

    Tracer uses Modbus and I emailed them for the address list and they sent me a copy straight back. I managed to get it talking, then thought I might as well just get the control panel.
  8. Solar !

    Unfortunately on the Tracer the voltage settings for the Load function are mixed up with the voltage settings for battery charging. Once you realise the load function settings can be ignored it is straightforward and very flexible. The PC software is a bit rubbish but fortunately the control module is actually quite good and can do everything you would realistically want to do. Also feels well built.
  9. Fitting Solar Panels

    If using magnets use 'magpads' do a search on eBay. You will not have a problem with rust marks or damage to the paint. If your roof had quite a curve, then attach aluminium u channel under the frame of the panel.
  10. Solar power confusion

    Try setting the charge voltage to very slightly higher than the alternator voltage with a short absorption time, I use 2 hours. After a full days cruising the solar stays in for the two hours but then does go to float.
  11. Seem to be using more power than I thought

    If it's the fact that you have to look at a meter that's not working, but you don't need another ammeter, change it for a clock - at least it will work and be useful.
  12. roof storage bars

    Or adapt your car ones with large magnets directly onto the roof. Just keep them low, I got hit by a boat a few weeks back who could not see me because his kayaks blocked his view! Only a gentle side swipe as I could see what was happening, but a tad annoying.
  13. Top Ten Restoration Projects

    Is the coal canal to Combe Hey really a possibility? I have assumed some rather expensive properties would be very opposed given the mooring difficulties around the area. I have often sat in the Dundas cafe and thought how great it would be to actually have some boats going past.
  14. Top Ten Restoration Projects

    The Stafford Riverway link. Although the new town centre development has now made it more difficult.
  15. Steca MPPT 2010 and sealed batteries

    Try reducing your boost/absorption return/reconnect voltage. It could be that your battery voltage drops sufficiently overnight that your controller starts another 2 hour absorption every morning which causes the battery voltage to rise too much. If you can't change the setting then disconnect some panels and just leave one connected.