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  1. Ben2542

  2. Kelvin J Series, What Oil, How Much?

    Hi Stuart, If you're looking at Morris Oils, the oil which I use (recommended to me by Dick Goble) is the Ring Free XHD 30 Monograde, which you can see here ... https://www.morrislubricants.co.uk/products/cv/heavy-duty-diesel-engine-oils/ring-free-xhd-30.html Best wishes Ben
  3. Ebay vintage engine sales

    This made me smile, a lovely pair of Kelvins ... http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/252417607418 Ben
  4. J3 full pump screws?

    Stuart, Here's a view of the injector pump on my J3, and the slotted screws you refer to (and the little hole next to them which Tim refers to). Mine have the slightest hint of a fuel weep now and again, if that helps. Ben
  5. Anti-freeze/conditioner for J3

    Thanks Stuart for the picture of what looks like a lovely J3. Like BEngo I notice the petrol priming cocks, and if it's like mine two of the three priming cocks work one way, whilst the other is open/closed in the opposite way (if that makes sense)! I'm interested in your comments BEngo regarding the steady bar ... do you think it essential if the engine's on the narrower feet? Best wishes Ben
  6. Did anyone hear...

    Here's the link to the item from Radio 4 ... Link to iplayer item on L&L Ben
  7. Isuzu hour counter

    Mine lasted about 500 hours and then packed up, apart from an occasional appearance on a warm day (just once last year!). I'd love to hear if there's an easy solution. Ben
  8. Government plans for BW

    I wonder if this term "mutual" has emerged from the debate in the Commons just a few days ago (30/11/09), where one MP said "There is a third way: to put the assets and liabilities into a mutual public interest model, to the benefit of the Government, the public, the users, the economy and the environment. Is not that the right way forward?", a statement that the minister agreed with, saying it was part of the recent BW consultation. Details at ... Link to Commons discussion Ben
  9. Large Magnets

    Hi Plainsman, I think you mean ... http://www.narrowboat-services.org.uk Ben
  10. Liverpool Canal Link

    "any idea when it will be ready to take boats?. it is all very exciting to see the link taking shape i think it will be fantastic for the city." Martin will probably know better than me, but from what I've read, the link will be completed August/September 2008 (the section in front of the three graces), however the link will not be open to navigation until 2009. Ben
  11. liverpool boats

    I believe that New Boat Company ended their relationship with Liverpool Boats a few months ago, and the only boats that are now sold by NBC are those made in Poland. There is no reference on the NBC website to their Boston/Kingfisher/Manhattan etc. range, which confirms the ending of this range of boats being sold by NBC. I regularly go past the LBC premises, and the whole place has changed from being a hive of activity just six months ago (they seemed to employ 30 or 40 staff at least), to there being very few people around, doors closed and just one or two shells visible as being in the build stage. They have no presence at Crick, and my guess is that they will probably meet their current build commitments and close things down for good. If their large premises are no longer being used ... and their widebeam building area has had the doors shut for a few weeks now ... how can they remain viable? Just MHO. Ben

    Yes, it looks like the LB supplied range of boats (Vermont, Boston etc.) have now been removed from their range. Ben
  13. liverpool boats

    I go past LBC's premises most days, and the place is a lot quieter than it has been previously (used to be a hive of activity) ... it certainly looks like they have reduced their workforce and are producing fewer boats. Ben
  14. Burscough Shower Block

    I agree GRP man, it's a disgrace that the facilities at Burscough have been closed, especially (as you say) when there's talk of major expansion of marinas in the area (eg approval recently granted I believe for a 200+ marina at Scarisbrick). Presumably BW think that the growth in private marinas means that public facilities can be cut back ... and I suppose therefore we might face more closures in this area. Ben
  15. Braunston Historic Boats

    Here are a couple of GUCCC boats (it was mainly FMC this year of course) ... Ben