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  1. Crystalline residue on top of waste tank

    If your st/steel tank was manufactured in the same way as the one I removed from our boat, it will already have flaws from manufacture. A lot of these tanks are TIG welded but are not purged internally with the welding gas during construction (i.e. filled with argon gas etc.) down to cost probably, or corner cutting. This leads to the inside face of the weld turning to oxidised metal. Instead of a nice weld. The heat produced during the welding also removes the protective coating off the stainless. The coating can be brought back by pickling the weld using floric acid, unfortunately this cannot be done on the inside of the tank unless the whole tank is submerged in a solution, so most of them don't get done. And it wouldn't work on the oxidised metal of the weld if not purged in the first place. To make things worse, the hydrogen sulphide gas produced in your poo tank is a heavy gas so builds up in the tank and is only pushed out when the loo is flushed, it is a highly corrosive gas and will attack the unprotected stainless steel. Hence your pinholes. If there was cross contamination of the steel (sparks from grinders used on mild steel as mentioned earlier ) stuck on as well, they will cause corrosion if not removed and the area cleaned and pickled. So if the steel used to construct your tank had any overspray from a grinder on it, on the inside surface of the tank (where the atmosphere is bad ) that would lead to corrosion. Hope this was informative.
  2. Fitting a Webasto

    NMEA, surprised at you not knowing that AAV stands for Automatic Air Vent. That's what is indicated on the webasto drawing. not an air admittance valve.
  3. My neighbour gave me this, I had no idea.
  4. Webasto Thermotop C Fuel pump

    Hi, yes soaked, rattled, shaken, tapped, all to no avail I'm afraid. Ex Brummie , yep a big fat 0 using the UT 203 The pump has worked fine right up to this point, it isn't as if it had been stood for a long time, the heating gets used very regularly. Anyway, got a replacement pump, installed, third attempt at firing, off it went, ran for 3 hours all ok, just out of pocket by a fair old lump, boats !!!!!!! Cheers Bazza
  5. Webasto Thermotop C Fuel pump

    Thanks for all the replies, tried tapping with power applied to pump no joy, looks like a new pump then. Bazza
  6. Webasto Thermotop C Fuel pump

    Yes, failed to mention in OP, did try the fuse removal to reset didn't make a difference. I think the pump is buggered, looking for replacement, ooooooooo pricey Bazza
  7. Hi all, my webasto failed to fire up this morning. Had a look, plenty of fuel in tank, power supply ok. Turned on again and went into engine bay to listen to boiler firing up, or not, it went through its start up sequence but I noticed the absence of the pump "ticking", it carried on through the start up sequence, but no action from the pump, unit shut down. I ran it again and checked the voltage at the pump connector, it was 9v. I am presuming (although I know I shouldn't and I'm probably wrong !! ) that the voltage to the pump on start up is lower as the pump pulses slower before increasing to full speed, at which point I think the pump must be getting the full 12v. I couldn't check this as boiler fails to fire. I removed the pump to test with a direct 12v connection, nothing, not even a click. Is it sounding like a new pump is needed ? or have I missed something ? Thanks for any responses. Bazza
  8. 10.5V at d+ on aux alternator

    Call in and see Ian at Pennine Cruisers, he'll put you on to someone local.
  9. Stiff tiller/rudder

    Is there not a grease nipple on the top bearing you can access and grease up ?
  10. Vetus Morse control

    don't know how I managed to quote myself but, also, the screw head was slightly off centre to the left of the hole in the plastic cover
  11. Lucas 2v Traction Batteries ??

    That's where I bought mine from, watering kit as well. Paul was a great help. Same as I installed.
  12. Do you have an air release point on the pipework coming out of the fire, or does the pipework rise away from the fire ?
  13. Why is it so hard to buy diesel?

    I've just found a roadside garage on the way to the wife's sisters that sells red at 57p / ltr. As the wife goes quite regularly to see her, I know where I'll be going for my diesel in future. Bazza
  14. Has it been a busy summer?

    It's been quite busy on the L&L, Silsden Boats seem to be doing a lot of trade. Have noticed this year that there are a lot of hirers from abroad, they all like to fly their own flags on their sterns, Germans, French, Swiss, Norway, Spanish, Dutch, Canadians, Americans and a few from Australia. Must admit, their fleet is starting to look very battered. bazza