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  1. Loo paper for macerater loo

    Tesco own brand here. I've had the misfortune of having to dismantle a loo due to blockage, but nothing to do with the toilet paper!
  2. 4 Month On

  3. 4 Month On

    Sounds like we're neighbours, are you moored at Uplands or Anderton? I'm in the same position, I have a mooring for work purposes, then I escape when I can.
  4. Trent and Mersey stoppage

    They've literally only just got the access road in. I don't expect anyone knows for certain yet how long the closure will be. I'd personally be looking at alternatives.

    Happy Birthday Trouble!
  6. Which blade to fit to the new REGINALD?

    If you can't see the facebook page due to an adblocker, the direct address is: https://www.facebook.com/brinklowboats?ref=stream
  7. Pole and plank rack

    Same with mine. Shaped wooden supports which have door stops on the bottom (with one side trimmed down take into account the curvature of the roof). They're 12 years old and are just about looking like they need replacing.
  8. Battery Take offs.

    No, but from my reading, there may be some traction in swapping the inner batteries to the outer position and vice versa. This is because the outer batteries work marginally harder than the inner two. However, it's a very small difference.
  9. My Continuing Woes.

    Bring your snorkel! Wishing you the best Alan, a friend of mine had similar and after a recovery (spent mostly lying on his front with his head in a donut) he's back to normal.
  10. A Diesel Tank Problem.

    I've fished things out of the tank by letting it run low, then being very lucky with a small torch and a telescopic grabber like these:
  11. Size....

    57ft, just me. I think a well planned fit-out really decides how much "useable" space you get. I've got more useable space and storage in my 57ft boat than I've seen in many 70ft boats!
  12. The Word Game V2:0

  13. Nannie engine prob'

    But that's total engine oil. You'd only replace that volume in a freshly built engine. For general servicing, you can only remove the oil from the sump.
  14. Nannie engine prob'

    Kubota based BETA 1505 (38), my oil changes are usually 5-5.5 Litres.