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  1. Ideal size boat?

    Don't worry, you'll love it -- it's only paint when all is said and done... ;-)
  2. Loss of coolant

    One of the guys here at work has got a Riley Elf that he's just finished restoring...
  3. Poorly muntjac

    Very likely the same -- or maybe not if they're covered by the general description of "deer" rather than specifically as "muntjac deer". Anyone know for sure? They are *very* tasty...
  4. Poorly muntjac

    I suspect they're not, because they're not native to the UK and are classified as a pest. If so, you can kill and eat them legally, just like grey squirrels.
  5. Poorly muntjac

    The doubly unfortunate Edible Dormouse of Tring -- not only has "Edible" in its name, but also its address... ;-) [they were a delicacy in Roman times, which together with the name suggests a possible solution to the problem]
  6. 2017 Pub Cruise

    Not just for the name, it's one of the tastiest session-strength beers around ;-) (but if you like sweeter malty beers and don't like hops, don't even think about trying it...)
  7. 2017 Pub Cruise

    In which case, Brewdog Dead Pony Club, possibly even more delicious (and cheaper) and 3.8%...
  8. Good Samaritans on The Rochdale

    On the run from Piccadilly up to the Rose of Lancaster, I think every passerby (or bridge troll) was emitting a certain scent -- not that I've got anything against that if it keeps them happy and peaceful, unlike Special Brew. I did think this stretch of the Rochdale was a lot more pleasant than the corresponding stretch of the Ashton coming in, which fewer people seem to complain about -- maybe because it's a lot busier?
  9. Old sayings.

    Red sky at night, baaaarn be on fire...
  10. Good Samaritans on The Rochdale

    Ditto in August, zero problems except a couple of low pounds but never went hard aground -- even the Rochdale bridge trolls were friendly, possibly related to the clouds of aromatic smoke surrounding them. In ten days doing the HNC/Rochdale ring we didn't need to use the weed hatch once ;-)
  11. We did go to Bridge Beers earlier, as I thought I'd said, and took a dozen bottles away to boot. White House was nearer and fine for what we wanted -- a pub with beer and a table for a few hands of crib.
  12. We passed some bridge trolls coming up the Rochdale a couple of weeks ago. They were male and friendly, possible due to the cloud of sweet-smelling smoke enveloping them...
  13. EA moorings BS

    'OW MOOCH?!?!?
  14. Nope... I can try, might get it right this time...
  15. Do you know, there's no way to remove a picture when you've uploaded it in error?