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  1. Removing Ballast

    That's the kiddie! Bod
  2. AB Tuckey

    The most interesting part of the Crick show, is the unloading/loading of the boats that arrive by lorry. The fuss free way the lifts go, the balance achieved, first time by eye, is a joy to behold. (Very few boats arrive with "strop here" markings) Bod
  3. Window blinds

    I've made my own guides, because of the tumblehome angle. Along with pelmets to match the fit-out. Bod
  4. Unlicenced boats!

    Would the insurance be valid, for an unlicensed boat? (Much the same question for unBSCed boats?) It often isn't for cars, insurance companies won't pay out when they don't have to. Bod
  5. "Permanent Mooring"

    This is a very interesting point. For the first time, the statement "bona fide navigation" has been described in simple English. To be on the move. Moving within 14 days is considered "on the move". Staying put in one place for more than 14 days, is "not on the move." By taking a non home mooring licence, you agree to be "on the move" at least every 14 days. Nigel's post should be made a "sticky" post to be referred to whenever a CCing thread is started. Bod
  6. Canal and River Trust Sign

    Should I be discovered breaking a Byelaw, how should enforcement procced? Who would put me before the magistrate? Bod Whose yet to be caught.
  7. Canal and River Trust Sign

    How would a live aboard boat be viewed in the eyes of Court / High Court Bailiffs? Could it be removed and sold to satisfy the debt? Bod
  8. Bow Thruster. (Girlie button)

    2 questions. 1.How much has the new owner used it? 2. How long has it had to recharge between uses? Correct answers are 1. Little, 2. Lots. if the answers are reversed, then........ Bod
  9. If you do decide to "risk it" keep a CO2 fire extinguisher handy. This is possiblely the only way to stop a runaway engine safely. Empty the extinguisher into the air intake to starve the engine of oxygen. Bod
  10. Tunnel lights

    Boats tied nose to tail, only one engine to pull all in. Quite doable. Bod
  11. Metric?

    We went decimal/metric in 1971. Almost 2 generations ago, now go out to buy a purely metric retractable tape measure! I have a tool catalogue of that era, which lists metric only tapes, try finding one now. Strangly, one I have is modern American, both in manufacture, and sale. Bod
  12. Fridge thermostat

    Do you have a plastic tray beneath the ice box? Does this tray have a flap at the back? Is this flap tipped forward? Ours gets a lot colder with this flap forward, laying inside the tray. This allows the cold air to fall from the ice box, into the rest of the fridge. Bod
  13. Am I right in thinking that when BW, was transformed into C&RT, the government washed their hands of the waterways, save for a reducing financial contribution. Therefore no ministerial evolvement is now possible. Bod
  14. New to boating

    I'm afraid your asking, "How long is a bit of string?" As Alan has said, more information is needed, before any sort of answer can be given. Bod