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  1. Seized Mushroom Vents

    "Plus Gas" penetrating oil. Available in aerosol cans, as well as spout cans. Use this instead of WD40, which is not much use for freeing off corroded threads. Apply above the bracket, allow to soak into threads, maybe for 24-48 hours. Bod
  2. Clarke pot belly stove (small one)

    Boat Safety Scheme, would that still apply in a fitting one of these stove in a boat? Bod
  3. MV Hydro 5

    How much fuel is in the tank? Obvious question I know, but has been over looked in the past. Bod
  4. Tesco's Reading

    I understand that "Riparian" ownership only goes to mid stream. Unless Reading Council owns the other bank, what could the Enforcement do, should you be stationary on the far side? Bod
  5. Isuzu misfire

    Was the problem there before the fuel filter was changed? Bod
  6. Boiling battery

    Take the mattress and sofa home? Bod
  7. Hood manufacturers

    Don't fold them! Store with the plastic panels flat. Bod
  8. Isuzu misfire

    When were the fuel filters last changed? Bod
  9. Hurth HBW 400 & Obsolete Parts

    Gearbox oil cooler placed in the cold air intake for the engine? Would need an air cooled oil cooler from a car or truck, do'able? Bod
  10. Are you thinking of using T&G planks for the look? Take a sheet of ply wood 6mm thick, using an electric router, groove parallel lines, approximately 75-100mm apart, only need to be 0.5mm wide by 1mm deep, occasional right angle line between grooves. Voila! when painted T&G effect, that will never crack along the "joint" lines. Bod
  11. Shore line not working

    This is the situation we've got, one plug, that either goes to inverter, or shoreline ,or generator. Suits me, it's so simple, I can understand it! Bod
  12. Shore line not working

    No sense with the rotary switch, I agree, I'm just trying basic ideas. Bod
  13. Shore line not working

    Is there a socket that the 3 pin plug in the top of the inverter could reach? Other than the one beside it. The incoming shore line may power only 1 socket, then the plug on the inverter, is swapped from the inverter to the shoreline socket. Bod
  14. Eco Fan

    Politics at the time dictated the engine that had to be used, 2 were needed to fly the thing, but left no excess power in case of emergency. Hence 3 engines. Bod
  15. Eco Fan

    Interesting, late father in law, was on the design team that put 3 engines into the Merlin helicopter. Bod