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  1. Managed To Avoid A Nasty Accident Today

    Your on to something here! Bod
  2. Email from cart

    I got it! Question 24 is the real one. Bod
  3. Thanks Iain_s My enquires have led to much the same numbers, the 76 degree c version seems to have been discontinued by the manufactures. Only an 82 degree version is available. https://www.onlinecarparts.co.uk/calorstat-by-vernet-7538406.html Appears to be the closest, and with a gasket, is a reasonable price. (if it fits!!) Fits a Mitsubishi Colt 1989-90. I don't think the few extra degrees will cause any difficulties, just slightly hotter water in the tank. Bod
  4. Where can I get a new one, without paying £40+ to Vetus? Or is there a cross-reference to STM3058 for an equivalent thermostat? Thanks Bod
  5. Webasto 90st with a 60 a day habit

    Fuel tank vent blocked? Air intake getting blocked? Bod
  6. Gas connections

    Are these gauges acceptable for BSS purpose's in place of Bubble testers? Or will I still need a test point? Bod
  7. Gas connections

    Could you give a link to these bubble tester alternatives please. My boat doesn't have a bubble tester, for access reasons, so a different form of tester, could be very handy. Bod
  8. Visitor moorings at Saltaire

    The boats are running their engines to generate electricity, to charge batteries, and to supply hot water. A solution would be for electric hook up points to be created, most boats have shore lines fitted, and immersion heaters for hot water. Then there would be no need for engines to run, except for arrival, and leaving. As the flats have an electrical supply suitable for Storage heaters, supplying 6-8 boat points should not be a problem. Maybe even slightly subsidised? Boat stoves, a request that only smokeless fuel is burnt, would not be unreasonable. It must be accepted that some smoke is created, on lighting, and reloading the stoves. Equally boaters must accept, any noise etc. from the flats is normal high density living. Bod
  9. Diesel Generators

    See this website http://www.petepower.co.uk/LPG-gas-conversion.html I have one, came with the boat, so don't know who converted it, but works well. Bod
  10. Diesel Generators

    LPG conversion. "Fuel" gas is stored in gas locker. Most locker have room for an extra small cylinder. Generator is now "fuel less" so can be stored in places that would not be allowed for petrol powered items. Bod
  11. Removing Ballast

    That's the kiddie! Bod
  12. AB Tuckey

    The most interesting part of the Crick show, is the unloading/loading of the boats that arrive by lorry. The fuss free way the lifts go, the balance achieved, first time by eye, is a joy to behold. (Very few boats arrive with "strop here" markings) Bod
  13. Window blinds

    I've made my own guides, because of the tumblehome angle. Along with pelmets to match the fit-out. Bod
  14. Unlicenced boats!

    Would the insurance be valid, for an unlicensed boat? (Much the same question for unBSCed boats?) It often isn't for cars, insurance companies won't pay out when they don't have to. Bod
  15. "Permanent Mooring"

    This is a very interesting point. For the first time, the statement "bona fide navigation" has been described in simple English. To be on the move. Moving within 14 days is considered "on the move". Staying put in one place for more than 14 days, is "not on the move." By taking a non home mooring licence, you agree to be "on the move" at least every 14 days. Nigel's post should be made a "sticky" post to be referred to whenever a CCing thread is started. Bod