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    Welsh history, archery, Tiesto, trance, real ale, canals, boats, doing me van up and going to the secluded beaches to sit and take in the peace and quiet....thats why i want a canal boat to !!

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    crane driver, slinger,

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    Thanks for that David, so is the battery we need a Boshe S4 or something of that nature, I phoned up one garage and asked them if the battery is the wrong one can we take it back, but the reply was that if we connected the battery then it would not be possible just to take it back, so now you can see the importance of getting it right and not wasting money. in short thanks for your answer but i need the exact model and make of a replacement battery.

    A friend needs to replace the starter battery on her boat, run by a BMC diesel engine,tried to start it the other day and it wouldnt push the engine at all, tried to charge it but wouldnt take the charge....looking at the possibility that a new battery is needed, but investigating all possibilities like alternator needs attention/replacing. Ok i know i am new here and this question has probably been asked before, but what ampage or size of battery is the needed to start a Diesel BMC engine having seen the old battery it looks like its one of them two handled jobs but cant make out the ampage or any of the writing on the old battery. Much appriciation in anticipation
  3. if i knew how to create a profile i would !!

  4. I want a boat, about 50ft trad