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  1. Worth booking passage for Anderton lift?

    We booked both times and don't regret paying towards the upkeep. As for how long it takes to do end to end remember that the locks are manned and are not open late. Also there are restricted mooring so for example there are no moorings between hunts lock and Vale royal lock so you have to time it carefully to get through to Moor above Vale royal.
  2. Friday joke

    Digging out the old ones Tim. ...
  3. Thoughts from Mercia Marina moorings please.

    Can't compare with anything because the boat has been moored there since new. Yes is can get windy, but so can most places. Facilities community and management are excellent in our view and it maybe expensive in comparision but its worth it. Kevin & Sue.
  4. Brexit 2017

    I understand that. My point was it demonstrates how confused the electret was.
  5. Brexit 2017

    Haven't read the rest of the thread but wasn't it reported this week that over 9000 votes were for both options? USA has triggered a recount on less......
  6. Booking a Road Closure For An Accident

    Have you not heard of big brother watching everything we do?
  7. Nico Rosberg Bows Out

    Its surprising what being offered nearly free mercades engines for the year will do to "fixed" contracts!!!!!!
  8. Nico Rosberg Bows Out

    There are discussions going on at the moment about RoboRace, in which totally autonomous cars based on the Formula E cars will hold races around city parks.
  9. Canal World Soap Operas

    "Lashing of ginger beer" was from the Comic Strips 5 go mad in Dorset
  10. Silly Movie Titles Game

    Que Film 8x music and a sad looking Barry Norman. "The Plethora of bumhole movies available seems to have struck a chord with the public. Why that might be is a mystery to me!!!"
  11. Nico Rosberg Bows Out

    Merc have put a joke advert in AutoSport..
  12. Nico Rosberg Bows Out

    It's appears the smart money is on vettel to get the spare seat. But I suspect there is a lot of preasure to bring in one of the young drivers. Interesting times. Well there will be more headlines about this than there was about the racing.
  13. Nico Rosberg Bows Out

    I think that was part of Nicos issue. Even when he beat him he didn't "beat" him. You have to remember Lewis has been a thorn in his side since karting days. This way Nico goes out on top and isn't beaten in a straight fight with him next year.
  14. Friday joke

    Does remind me of a wonderful put down I heard. When asked how a new consultant was doing the senior pm said: "He's as noticeable as a fart in a sewage farm"
  15. Nico Rosberg Bows Out

    Do you not think that every driver is looking at the get out clause in their contract. They'll be queuing up at Toto's door.