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  1. Ashes Cricket?

    I have both served him beer and breakfast. Nice man.
  2. Ashes Cricket?

    Am I the only one here bothered to draw attention to the commencement of the only truly significant Test cricket extant. I am all agog and feeling 'The Fizz' over this morning's leather/willow interface action and you should be too. X
  3. Charging of domestic batteries

    Blast them with charge whenever possible, make it your over-arching long-term goal. Be worryingly obsessive and fastidious, question your Methodology whenever possible. Are you entirely convinced it's really all worth the bother though? Batteries are deeply inefficient, stubborn bastards and that's all there is to know. Providing you are mindful of the' financial cost and energy losses of storing energy, are parsimonious in your use and expectations, have a simple, correctly cabled and suitably sized battery bank/charging circuit, to include at least one (1), preferably two (2) independent/switchable man sized alternators and a built-in suitably rated diesel genny in case of Acts of God it's all acedemic
  4. Share ya' Music!

    Ignore the stupid smiley face, this is properly credentialed, vintage lunacy.... x
  5. Always wise to have a wide-ranging portfolio of core artisanal skills to fall back on for when the agreeably warm International Playboying commissions slacken off post Cannes.
  6. I may be wrong but I think he's sold or in the process of selling it.
  7. There are all manner of excellent and affordable 'Electric Piano's' out there, none of which are capable of even approximating the tonal qualities nor the keyboard action and pedal feel of any half-maintained, fashionably shabby looking iron-framed stand-up with actual hammers striking actual strings and actual dampers actually damping and so forth.....
  8. Share ya' Music!

    You clearly have no real, innate feel for weapons-quality, professionally executed live performance delivered at close quarters in small, sweaty clubs to an intelligent crowd of nice people out to have some fun and enjoy the best old school Lagos Afrobeat to be had post-Fela, offspring notwithstanding. I'm not familiar with your musical preferences and struggle to make much sense of, let alone contextualise and validate your damning critique. Please advise properly considered examples your particular musical poison so I can better grasp the sub-text. It's put your cards down time fella, what do you listen to? Be honest. How would you rate the chances of her working up a loose keyboard arrangement for this?
  9. Toilets

    Crossness is hugely impressive. I came to it's unfussy majesty comparatively late, however it is the single-most interesting and practical thing directly benefiting the lives of the largest number of people I can think of.
  10. Share ya' Music!

    It's my birthday. just humour me x
  11. Obscure connections to celebrities

    Yes, possibly. We also civilised the communal garden on the Square Percy Plant lived on as a one-off commission to piss the council off on the recommendation of Kenwright and Curbishley who were sick to the back teeth of hearing him moaning.
  12. Antonio Carluccio

    A knowledgeable and competent cook by vocation. I've not read his books or eaten at 'his' establishments but he always seemed interested despite his battles with The Black Dog. The man knew his mushrooms.