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  1. Anyone tried a kildwick compost loo?

    As you will have gathered by now Members views on the appropriateness or otherwise of 'composting' facilities on boats is hopelessly polarised. Just to set my stall out I am all in favour of composting toilets in general. Properly dug and given minimal attention they are excellent in all regards and are commended without reservation. I'm a huge fan of a well run 'shit-pit'. I am also as a matter of record, equally committed to the view that they have no place on your average pleasure-craft. Following years of spirited discussion and heated debate, I have developed a simply calibrated value system with 'Bona-fide, Fully Compliant Continuous Cruising Live-Aboard' rated as the boater who's composting activities are the most impractical, unworkable and idiotic through to the homeowner with an EOG mooring and a compost heap to whom it may be no more of a faff than any other option. Those that have committed to the lifestyle are fiercely protective of its validity as a sensible and practical choice at first, for any number of well-meant, ethically unimpeachable reasons. After a month or two they invariably fall strangely silent.
  2. Brexit 2017

    This is fair. As both a devout, implacable Remoaner and balls to the wall Internationalist I have never had any objection to more efficient, adequately resourced Border Controls. It is perfectly possible to control net immigration in an efficient, professional fashion, maintaining levels of altruism and basic human kindness to those in genuine need that we can be proud of as a nation. The key word is 'Control'. However weedy, wet and 'Fotherington-Thomas' or unsophisticated, base and 'Peason' our individual views on the matter the inescapable truth is that the management/warehousing/processing and hopeless, expensive repatriation of undocumented, unidentified and effectively Stateless illegals to places they don't want to go and Countries that don't want them would be far better spent diligently processing the applications of those who have made some sort of effort to engage. Unfortunately this will require implementation of a no holds barred, weapons grade 'Fortress Britain' approach to clandestines. Arrest, hot meal, photo, prints, short interview/statement then straight back on the next ferry/plane from whence they came at the carriers expense, no exceptions. It would cost a fortune to implement properly and would have a positively detrimental and irrecoverable effect were any such initiative to go off half-cocked or be in any way wishy-washy and would require a 3-5 year cross-party policy and budgetary commitment to what amounts to full on Fascism at P.O.Es I know it's unworkable.
  3. This is pettifogging at it's most pedantically dismal. If it is a truth it cannot be libellous. If it is a falsehood it libellous. Publishing a truth is to be encouraged. Publishing a falsehood is an ugly move that needs strong deterrents to ensure the right to publish the truth is maintained unfettered. Nothing has changed. Providing you're sure of your facts then publish and be damned.
  4. Share ya' Music!

    His 'Tour De Force' in my view. I saw him a couple of years ago, an evening well spent. My only regret being that he didn't see fit to give us his seminal and historically significant 'Austin Ambassador'.
  5. I would put pen to paper regardless of any prior manoeuvring or unpleasantness, clearly setting out in your opening paragraph that you consider the slate wiped clean providing a sensible, grown up conversation can be had regarding the things you're unhappy about. Then itemise them (and get the work priced by someone sensible Insist any obvious critical safety and paperwork shortfalls are addressed at their costs. Prioritise inarguable defects that clearly have significant cost/quality/on-cost implications Be clear and concise, fair and reasonable, full and final. We are not in the business of quibbling over minor non-conformances, providing the substitute material used is acceptable nor are we interested in issuing further defect schedules because we didn't do the job properly first time out. Omit nothing important at this stage, by all means detail any and all cost-neutralish non-conformances you can live with for information/comment but don't moan or get bogged down in things that don't really matter. Be pragmatic and prepared to give a little. Concentrate on the important stuff.
  6. Agreed regarding legal advice, if you're reduced to pull the legal trigger engage the 'best' brief you can afford ('best' not necessarily being the most expensive). I was trying to highlight the inevitable costs attached to engaging m'learned friends regardless of competence. Money that would be better expended on boaty things. If I had somehow been blatantly stiffed via smoke an mirrors for a six figure sum having done my initial due diligence, entered into Contract, conducted inspections against valuation applications/staged payments with a clear audit trail and so forth and with no other chance of recompense I would have no qualms at throwing ten grand at the problem. I don't think this is the case here. I would advise against expending a low five figure sum in professional fees in pursuit of a high value four figure sum in all cases, regardless of rights, wrongs or morally correct and understandable apoplectic indignance.
  7. Agreed. Having actually managed to digest your initial post properly without doggy/wife/children distractions there is no way I would take the solicitor route. Keep pestering them, using Trading Standards if all else fails. Above all be sure of your facts, don't let it get personal and don't give up. You may well not end up with the boat specified but if you keep up the pressure they may refund enough money to make you go away. If so, reject their initial offer out of hand unless it substantially exceeds the realistically adjusted costs of your boat supplied 'as is' whether that be a cost adjustment regarding the motor supplied against that specified, which may be a comparable unit cost/quality-wise, (someone on here will have the Trade 'Crated Motor' costs down to the last penny :)) and the costs of rectifying any other defects. I think if you are going to get any sort of resolution this is the way it will go. but you must be doggedly determined and focused.
  8. Avoid going legal at all costs (which will be huge). Kill them with kindness, be reasonable at all times, maintain cordial Client/Contractor relations and ensure any communications that effect contract are well considered and recorded. Issue no further payments until YOU are satisfied that works completed match valuations submitted. Take photos. Keep meticulous, factual records. Entertain no nonsense, attend site as often as possible, be a self-assured, well-mannered nuisance. If this fails your next move should be contacting Trading Standards armed with your meticulously kept records, pestering them weekly/daily as required for progress updates. Their interest and ability to act will be directly proportionate to the completeness and clarity of your complaint and the information you can provide them with to support your complaint. Engaging a half-competent solicitor will without doubt incur a four figure fee, up front which will probably cover the fee's for taking instruction, reading your records and perhaps an initial letter or two. If you have to get into 'appearance at court fees', even if your case is iron clad, and copper-bottomed you could be looking at five figures fees with the veryJ real possibility that the Judgement in your favour, with full costs awarded is against a bankrupt or similar. Don't do it unless you have enough spare money and time to flush down the pan proving you were right.
  9. Share ya' Music!

    But equally relevant and excellent. It's a broad church.
  10. Share ya' Music!

    Music is the soundtrack to our lives and nourishment for the soul. People who have no time for music have no time at all. @carlt If my occasional spurious and self-indulgent post achieves nothing other than maintaining your contact with cwdf that will do for me. Without wishing to sound too sick-making you are one of a very few posters (2) I have come across over the years who I would genuinely go out of my way to meet over a coffee or similar for half an hour just to say hello and shoot the shit. No offence to anyone else and I'm not being gay in any way but you are 'interesting' in ways most people cant quite manage and it's to your credit.
  11. You talk sense, sometimes.
  12. Share ya' Music!

    This post is probably wasted on most who will view it on CWDF, flying well above the head of the average, ditch-loving pensioner. The few who know class when they encounter it and have failed to have done so already should 'favourite' this as a matter of policy.
  13. That's good enough for me ossifer, I know you know your onions. I was about to quibble about the need for a car specific policy held by A N Other to be in force as my policy docs make no mention of that, the only stipulation being that it has to be owned by Mr/s Other, but in the circs. I'm just going to take good advice, shut-up and thank you.
  14. To clarify; The car is only just out of insurance and may even have a few days left, the car is taxed and parked in a shed, on a farm a good mile away from any Highway subject to The Road Traffic Act. Should it be SORN'ed?
  15. I understand, but the policy specifically states 'not owned by you'. I know Owner and Registered Keeper are two different things, but I can't see the point of the clause unless it is to cover eventualities like this. I carry a electronic copy of my policy on my phone so would have no problems establishing my cover to any interested 'Babylon', but would it be legal or would my mates old banger be going to the crusher? Many thanks, that has cleared it all up. I shall speak to my insurer to get it added onto my policy.