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  1. Where Have All My Sparrows Gone?

    I remember as a child we seemed to have lots of starlings in our garden but then they diappeared from the area and it was rare to see them. In the last few years I have noticed their return. Firstly appearing in the local supermarket car park where there is some cover over the main walkways thwn last year back in the garden.when mum put meal worms on the bird table there must have been at least numbers into their teens all descend to the table at once, a lovely sight if somewhat amazing at how quick they cleared the mealworm.
  2. Bonfire Night

    I dont mind organised displays. I dont mine neighbours having fireworks but dont like the big bangs.what I do resent is the mindless idiots who set them off all hours of night and day. Other night we had odd ones going off after midnight. Also dont like the rubbish left behind. My dog sleeps through most of it!
  3. Little hooligans

    I found reaching for the mop off the roof of the boat often had the desired effect with a hissing swan. just shaking it in their general direction is all thats needed!
  4. Telford the Dog

    Bless him and you at this sad time. Remember all the happiness he gave you. Thinking of you.
  5. BCN Challenge 2015

    So are we but you are showing off with blue sky! Its been dry but chilly on the staffs and worcs today, now at (near) Barlaston and will start up Trentham lock tomorrow. Despite the railway a really nice mooring spot!
  6. trade boats

    Penkridge saffs and wors
  7. trade boats

    Not sure if thats the correct name for them but we are moored next to chocolate boat so of course have supported them by buying some yummy samples! Have used cheese boat o several occasions. What boats have you supported on the cut?
  8. BCN Challenge 2015

    We made it down the 21 after meeting brighton and Nuneaton and dora venus in the services at broad street, we then let dora venus pass us in a pound as paul grappled to release a tape measure from around the prop! Bella whined most of the way down as she's not keen on locks. We are now near Penkridge and have moored next to the chocolate boat- yummy! Safe journey home to everyone!
  9. BCN Challenge 2015

    There seems to be some problems getting in and out of bradley, depth?
  10. BCN Challenge 2015

    Tree where are you, you said you would be an hour nearly 2 hours ago, should I put kettle on yet! !
  11. BCN Challenge 2015

    We are waiting at smethwick locks are follpwing a working pair but motor had plastic sheeting roun prop!
  12. BCN Challenge 2015

    Apologies to bearwood boster we were trying to clear our prop when we passed you earlier, it worked! Got to lunchtime with no trips down the weed hatch!
  13. BCN Challenge 2015

    Duplicated post due to my impatience and using phone!
  14. BCN Challenge 2015

    Too much information about the dog paul! :-) I am now counting the hours til im on the train, more than a little excited!
  15. Strange Dutch Barge

    The description made me laugh in several places but being on the short side at 4'10" I guess this boat is not for me!