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  1. Odd tang of mould in drinking water

    I had the same problem once, and suspected the supply pipe from the tank to the pump etc. I filled the pipe with a Milton solution by disconnecting the pipe at the tank and allowing the pump to draw the Milton solution from a large bucket into the pipe, I left it in the pipe for an hour, and then flushed it through with fresh water, I was suprised at how much muck came out initially, but once clear the drinking water was fine.
  2. Limestone Traffic on Canals

    There were quite a few Chalk Quarries in Harefield. I used to go fossil hunting in some of them when I was a lad, and all the crushing equipment and lime kilns were still operational in the late 1950's. I didn't go to Springwell Quarry is probably the one which your family worked from. I never hunted there, probably because they discouraged it . It had it's own arm off the canal, but has all gone now and the arm has been filled in.
  3. GUCC 177 Town Class Sutton

    I must admit that the boat tied to Pisces does appear to have a long fore deck, and if Pearl always had a cabin extention right up to the foredeck, it cannot be Pearl. To be honest when Alan sent me the photo, it did not reflect my recollection of the tug of war we had with Pearl, which i recall as being performed with a rope between the two boats' foredeck studs. My other recollection was that we won, and the matter was a subject of much banter between Dennis and your Grandfather.
  4. Old pictures in a box

    I cannot locate it at the moment, but I am sure that I have seen one of those, or very similar, photos in a book somewhere. When I have a monment I will look for it.
  5. GUCC 177 Town Class Sutton

    Yes you are correct, Binkie was challenging everyone at the rally claiming that he had the most powerful engine in a Narrowboat, so Dennis took up the challenge, and our v4 English Turner won the day. You sent me a photo of the evrnt which I will attempt to paste below. It was at the 1967 Leicester IWA rally :-
  6. GUCC 177 Town Class Sutton

    I knew your Grandfather Binkie Bush. If I remember correctly, he had a converted working boat called Pearl, which he kept in Aylesbury basin. I think I first met him through the (now defunct) Grand Union Canal Society, which I believe he helped to found, I also believe he was one of the founding members of the Narrowboat Owners Sociey, now the Historibc Narrowboat Club, (as were we). We met him a number of times at IWA rallies, and even had a tug of war contest with him between Pisces and Pearl at one of them. Alan exW of this forum will remember that.
  7. Kennet and avon

    Quite. We both know that there is a huge backpump at Bradford on Avon, and another one at Bathampton lifting water out of the Avon into th pound below the lock. If there is a serious lack of water above Bradford lock it can only be because of mismanagement ( or a serious leak!)
  8. Wood veneer.

    I am not sure what you mean by "Pure Danish Oil", as it is not a regulated product. I am aware that some manufacturers market their oil under that name, along with "Original Danish Oil", but in reality neither actually exists, a wide range of Danish Oils are available on the market, and they can contain different oils, the best are either primarily Tung Oil, or Polymerized Linseed Oil, or a mixture of both , but many cheaper ones contain a variety of oils including poppy seed oil, rape seed oil, and even mineral oil. Theoretically the most expensive ones should be the best, but if they do not state which oils are included, i would steer away from them.
  9. K&A Trip planned

    There are a lot of "interesting, alternative and talented people" living in houses in Bradford on Avon, but if you talk to them, you may well secure a very differnt impression of the boat dwelling people you choose to describe as having those "qualities"
  10. K&A Trip planned

    I live within a mile of the K&A and have cruised it's entire length many times. It is not an easy canal to work, and I suspect that one of the main reasons that so many people want to live on the it is beacause of the easy access to good railway connections to London, Bristol, Bath etc.m rather than any of it's other "attractions".
  11. Wood veneer.

    Personally I would not use Danish Oil (on anything!) It is a short term finish which requires regular attention, unlike a good quality spirit based wood varnish which, if applied correctly, will last almost indefinitely.
  12. Wood veneer.

    The panels do not look as if they need any significant attention, and the observation about thin veneer is helpful. If, and when, you do need to apply any further coats, may I suggest that you use something like P320 Production Paper to sand, being very gentle with it, rather than standard sandpaper. Production paper is not cheap, and is what they use in the motor trade. You won't find it in DIY barns. but it can often be bought in smaller quantities on ebay.
  13. Wood veneer.

    They actually look fine to me, They do not look as if they need anything doing to them at the moment. do you know waht finish was applied originaly? whatever it was i would suggest that you use the same, I suspect that if the lining was done ten years ago, a satin finish spirit based wood varnish was probably used, Blackfriars still make a spirit based polyeurethane varnish which I can recommend.
  14. Music in Pubs

    I didn't suggest anything about his accent Mike. I said he was born and brought up in Bristol (actually Brislington) I worked in Bristol for something like ten years and most of the Bristol people I met had only the faintest hint of a west country accent, if any. Their only distinguishing speech feature was the tendancy to put a letter L onto the end of any word which ended with a vowel, for example "idea" became "ideal", "Mini Metro" became "Mini Metrol" etc. Historically the city of Bristol was originally known as Bristow, but because of the local habit of adding an "L", the city was eventually renamed Bristol to reflect its local pronounciation.
  15. Music in Pubs

    Not sure about that Mike, Pete Budd hasn't got a discernable accent, Bristol or Somerset, Ah Adge Cutler, now he did have a genuine North Somerset accent. and he was a better singer.