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  1. Control cable linkages

    Thanks guys Looks right to me. Much appreciated.
  2. Control cable linkages

    The throttle cable on my BMC 1500 is connected using plastic/nylon connectors (picture attached). The same style of connector is used on the gearbox linkage also. I have a spare control cable, but would like to carry a couple of these connectors as spares - just in case one fails on me.... I have tried to source them, but can't find one anywhere. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks Rob
  3. Not a stoppage as such, however, the bottom gate on lock 15 at Marston Doles is taking over 20 minutes to empty currently. One paddle is out of action (think it has been for many months). The other gate paddle is only opening about 1.5 turns. CRT are aware. Yesterday there were delays of about 3 hours going up.
  4. Cleaning cratch cover

    Thanks everyone for the advice. I think I am going to give Fabsil Cleaner a go first followed by reproofing if all good. Its relatively inexpensive. Failing that I may invest in some Algae Zapper. I was offered the use of a pressure washer, but was a bit worried about damaging the stitching.
  5. Cleaning cratch cover

    We have recently taken ownership of our first boat. The cratch cover, although relatively new, is quite green. It looks like the boat has been moored underneath trees for a while. I have tried cleaning with soapy water and scrubbing. Whilst still wet, it looked quite good, but after drying, its still a bit grubby. I was just curious what everyone else uses to clean the canvas? Thanks Bob
  6. Big Bob W

  7. River Nene

    Bozeat = Bojhut
  8. The Llangollen - When is it quietist?

    Suprised how busy it was this afternoon going up Hurleston. Best part of an hour queuing.
  9. What on Earth Are These For?

    Water to fill the new marina......
  10. Useful Tool for Boaters

    Useful link. Well done.
  11. Canalplan timings.

    Really useful tool. I find the defaults more or less spot on. The only thing to remember is to factor in a bit extra for queuing at locks etc during busy periods.
  12. Anderton lift broken

    Hopefully getting sorted in the next day or so. Fingers crossed, we are planning on going down on to the Weaver in a couple of weeks. "01/06/2015 @ 13:08 Our contractors will return to site on 3rd June to replace faulty components which were identified as being needed during our investigations. It is anticipated the works will continue for the duration of 3rd June and a further update will be posted by 4.30pm on that day.."
  13. Ultra-quiet hire boats

    I think the website pictures are from when they were based at Hillmorton. They are now based at bit further along at Newbold. Well kept boats with character.
  14. Ultra-quiet hire boats

    By far, the quietest, and best, boat we ever hired was Hector from Armada Boat Hire near Rugby. It's a 2 berth tug style, with the engine up front. Almost silent whilst running. In fact, when you drop it in to neutral, you have to check the rev counter to make sure it's still running! By far the best hire boat we ever rented. Maybe not to everyone's tastes - quite compact. And a great little company to deal with.
  15. Shroppie Shelf

    The visitor moorings just above Adderley Locks by any chance? That's exactly what we found when mooring there Sunday evening. Thanks for the info. For some reason, I thought it had been been constructed for a specific purpose. I guess it's a handy step if you go in!!