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  1. Sterling-NASA -Victron

    Really ?
  2. Sterling-NASA -Victron

    Probably just a couple of LED lights and the fridge if it decides to come on at the same time.
  3. Sterling-NASA -Victron

    So in that case, a NASA BM2 with a 200amp shunt wont cope ? The only reason I want to know is because Erindoors may want to dry her hair ( 2 - 3 minutes max ) in a morning and I want to know if a battery monitor with a 200 amp shunt would handle it. Apart fromthis short use of high power everything else on the boat is very low consumption stuff.
  4. Sterling-NASA -Victron

    I believe they are around 1500 watts to 2000 watts
  5. Sterling-NASA -Victron

    I meant what would be the amps drawn be whilst the hair drier is running ?.
  6. Sterling-NASA -Victron

    Thanks for all the replies, its a very busy thread this !. Another question, what would you say the amps draw would be for an "average" main hair drier powered by the inverter ?.
  7. Sterling-NASA -Victron

    Thanks everyone, Ive ordered a Pico.
  8. Sterling-NASA -Victron

    Thanks for all the replies. What I am actually wanting though is to be able to see the amps being drawn and put back into the battery bank rather than show a state of charge or accumulated amps totted up/down. Reading the Smartgauge write up, they do seem to have a point. Is there any decent simple good digital amp meters available ?, or can the NASA, Sterling & Victron models be used this way ? There are a lot of cheap prices amp meters with shunts on ebay, any good ? e.g. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/200V-200A-DC-Digital-LED-Amp-Volt-Combo-Meter-With-Shunt-for-HHO-EV-car-Solar-1-/161036443632?epid=1131939908&hash=item257e851ff0:g:s1MAAOSwnsZZgCfP
  9. Sterling-NASA -Victron

    Which one of these would you recommend for keeping an eye on amps used and put back into battery bank from Sterling PMP1 Victron BMV700 NASA BM2
  10. New Liverpool boat

    A friend of mine has a 57' Liverpool boat, he does about 1000 hrs a year sailing , heavy use and has never had a problem. He is an extremely experienced boater and says theres nothing at all wrong with them. On our marina of 85 boats about 60% are LP boats.
  11. Bought a new boat!

    Congratulations, nice boat.
  12. Aerial

    Does the Monraker need an electrical supply to work ?.
  13. Skipton

    Not to mention the pork pies.
  14. Anyone passed this boat on the L&L?

    It was at Greenberfield last time I saw it last year. I think it was meant to be a charity thing with offering boats pulling it toward leeds as and when .