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  1. Hi there, I've just read your post about your glow plug relay packing up I think I've the same problem, but can't find the darn thing can u let me know where it is please? I've an Isuzu 4lb33 engine many thanks chas

  2. Angling match pegged on lock moorings!

    In my experience I've found that the 'lite' fishermen are usually fishing for food and taking fish out of the canal (yuck!). It's all down to attitude. I've been out with some very confrontational people and it's as if they are just waiting to have a go at someone and yet they wouldn't be able to fight their way out of a wet paper bag!?!? Never again. Time for a
  3. Negative thread on another forum

    I only have the fire on when 'er indoors gets cold. I'm usually in a T-shirt and boxers. OK keeping warm when it's cold but completely stuffed keeping cool when it's hot. I should have been born in Alaska or Iceland
  4. Pump out card

    My pump out token is 25 units and the pump takes 20. Lasts for between 6 to 9 minutes.
  5. Boat Trespasser

    Interesting reading this is. All I can say is on my list of things to do in this situation, calling the police would be on the back at the bottom, scribbled in pencil as an after thought ..... Time for another
  6. Toilets, the big discussion

    Absolutely wonderful Hobgoblin anyone .....
  7. Help with paying a license.

    Only way I can see is paying by DD or 'fone a friend ..... Like the boat name and the bird
  8. Motorcycles on the towpath

    I just chuckle to myself
  9. Volunteer Lock Watchers

    My wife will not take to the tiller. I have repeatedly asked her if she would like to learn but the reply is always she doesn't want the responsibility of navigating our HOME through the canal system or locks. Prefers to leave that to me and is happy operating the locks. Yeh, sometimes we struggle but usually manage and it's her choice. She's happy and I don't argue. We live a happy life. Have a greenie Spud
  10. Weed Hatch

    One screw clamp on my weed hatch. My nightmare was removing a full heavy duty tarpaulin off my prop. I was only going to fill up with water Good luck with the bolts. Remember, lots of grease
  11. Oh God, this is ace...

    You would only be able to drag my corpse back into a house My only regret is not doing it in my youth The people you meet down here are (mostly) priceless ROCK ON PEOPLE !
  12. Would it be a sin to have one of these

    Go for it Dean. The sin is using a font like this in my posts and dragging a signature like that around
  13. Odourlos holding Tank additive

    Think I may have a go with some of that.
  14. Midge Deterant?

    Thanx for all the interesting replies. I just found my electric fly swatter. Good for house flys but not sure if it will be any good for midge size flys. I like the lazer idea so I need to go and get some more leisure battries ..... Cheers all
  15. use of generators on canal boats

    Not yet but I'm working on it