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  1. Lady linda

  2. The Boat Behind You.......

  3. The Boat Behind You.......

    The "patch" in question is our patch "Auriga" and this was not us, but I find it hard to believe any coal boater would act like reported. We have a living to earn and we try to be helpful with other canal users which includes hire boats and fisherman. We all want our canals to carry on being enjoyed by everyone and bad behaviour should not be tolerated. We our selves have suffered quite a lot of abuse from other boaters and these usually refer to us as " those dirty old working boats" if only they knew how much love, work, money it takes to keep an historic boat in good shape, they are a labour of love. They are the reason the canals were put in in the first place, to help keep our countries goods moving around the country. They also were used during the war, our boat Auriga was a fire boat on the Thames during the war.yes we do some times need to get a shift on as we have customers that will be waiting on us, also we are limited to where we can tie up so some times we are running out time re the dark being turned on 😊 We are very lucky to have some great customers and it it only the few that spoil it for others, possibly because they are new to the cut and feel a little anxious which in turn makes boating hard work and not enjoyable.
  4. The Boat Behind You.......

  5. Historic/Working Boats/Ex Working Boat..Whatever

    Oh I don't know would make a great picture!!! If you ask Tiggers I am sure she would love to come out to play and "breast" up with a few others !!!
  6. How old is vintage or historic?

    Very good Vintage Don!!! Same year as my good husband!
  7. How old is vintage or historic?

    They normally class them as " Classic" cars, and before 1940 vintage the Jaguar of the 50's was the XK 120, 140, 150 a car before it's time I reckon
  8. How old is vintage or historic?

    Except the E Type Jaguar was not launched until 1961 !!
  9. Easter Sunday in Worcester

    Well what can I say all this lovely positive feed back!!! And lots of greenies, had to ask dawn about them lol was not sure what to think about being given greenies. Think I might just stick around as it seems there are a lot of great people on this forum thank you everyone for making me feel so welcome
  10. Easter Sunday in Worcester

    Sorry Richard "cox" and sorry little David Ray missed off your name!!!! I love u really
  11. Easter Sunday in Worcester

    May be I will!!! Not bad for someone that is dislexic!!! Surprising what you can do when the passion takes you lol
  12. Easter Sunday in Worcester

    I have just joined on here so I can write a post and you will proberely not hear much else from me as I don't know alot about boating but my husband and daughter are great lovers of boating. Tiggers (Canis Major) is my daughter and my husband Little Al was with our daughter on the trip to Droitwich and also part of the four abreast on the river. All four of these boats are owned or steered by youngsters, and I think it is wonderful that they are having fun, something that is not easy to have at this time, all these youngsters work hard and deserve a holiday, they all keep there boats beautifully and all have a great passion for boating and the canal. We need these youngsters to take boating forward and it is the likes of these passionate youngsters that will help keep our canals and rivers going. My daughter works at a marina which she chose over law after getting her law degree, ( far from an idiot i would say) she earns a low wage but loves her job, she also lives on her boat. James Bills works so hard delivering coal to boaters all over the cut and goes out in all weathers very often breaking ice so as not to let his customers down. I have meet this young man and think he is a really great lad and I would be proud of him if he was my son. James and Micheal A properely done more single hours boating than most of the people on this forum, I have seen Micheal put Victoria in a winding hole and turn her around when I think most 45ft boats would struggle. We have some great youngsters passionate about boating Sarah with Ling, micheal and Emu, the young Fuller's, Barney Ball, Micheal Askin, Richard Cox and his brother Andy the Burge boys, just to name a few !!! I have meet all these youngsters and think I would be right in saying I class them all as friends as they all have the time for Al and I even through we are old duffers!!! So give then a chance you might be pleasantly surprised !!!!
  13. Easter Sunday in Worcester

    Beautiful picture!!!! Bit bias as Tiggers is my daughter and my husband is little Al who I think could have been on back of Canis Major when picture was taken. Only wish I could have been with them !!! You two !!!! Blind leading the blind lol