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    Canals and Narrowboats (of course!), Computers and the Internet, Competitions, Walking, Reading, Travel, Sailing, Skiing, Cooking (yes honestly!). I'm also becoming more concerned about the envronment these days, and when time permits I would like to study environmental management :)

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  1. Liverpool Canal Link

    Ooh - I'll feel much safer now Seriously though - isn't this why we pay for police? Allan
  2. can anyone explain what this means?

    Dunno about around your way, but the canal around Chester has been going downhill for years Allan
  3. Lambon Hull - Open Day

    Hi Les I got the invite in the post, but I'm not able to get down. Do you know if there's another open day before Crick next year? Good luck with the day! Allan
  4. Pump-out Prroblems?

    Like it! Did you notice the DILLIGAF email addy too Allan
  5. Foam fire extinguishers?

    That's probably right - plus I *think* iirc that the dry powder extinguisher has a longer shelf life Allan
  6. So, it's Goodbye from Eugene?

    Eugene - don't know whether to say congratulations or commiserations, but in any event I'd like to add best wishes for your 'retirement' (lol) and good luck for the future. I too hope you'll continue to post here as your post were always worth reading - also I hope you introduce us to your sucessor here before you finally leave BTW - when's the virtual leaving do? Allan
  7. BW official jailed

    As I live in Holywell, Flintshire - I noticed this little item appeared in the news today (and no - I don't know him) - - - (start) - - - A British Waterways official who spent £34,670 of his employer's money on designer clothes and luxury goods has been jailed for 14 months. John Russell Butterly, 50, from Holywell, Flintshire, admitted eight charges of false accounting with a credit card. Mold Crown Court heard Butterly had almost been living a "double life". Judge Christopher Llewellyn Jones QC said Butterly was in a trusted position but used the card for personal gain. He said: "The aggravating features are that you were in a position of trust and committed the offences to enhance your personal life-style and falsified documents to enable you to carry on with what you were doing." "It almost looks as if at times you have been leading a double life," the judge added. The defendant said that he knew what he was doing was wrong but it was simply out of control Butterly was appointed to British Waterways - which is responsible for maintaining 2,200 miles (3540km) of waterway - in November 1998. He was given a credit card to buy items in the course of his duties as an education officer. But an internal investigation was launched after an audit in 2006 showed he had made far more transactions than colleagues. It showed he had repeatedly given misleading summaries of items purchased between October 2003 and December 2006, and amended invoices to make it look as though the goods had been for the British Waterways Board. During this time he spent £34,670 on luxury goods, designer clothes, watches, televisions, audio equipment and a fridge freezer. He also fitted new windows at his home using his employer's cash. A disciplinary meeting was held in February, when he was dismissed from the organisation. Butterly claimed he had bought items to give to the homeless and in a letter to his employers said that he had used the card for others less fortunate than himself. However, he later admitted what he had done and items, including a flat screen plasma television and the fridge freezer, were found at his home. Prosecutor Ben Kelly said: "The defendant said that he knew what he was doing was wrong but it was simply out of control." Defending, Henry Gow said Butterly was a middle ranking officer, and the effect on his employers had been minimal. The impact on the defendant himself had been dramatic, Mr Gow said, adding that Butterly had contemplated suicide. He was deeply remorseful and ashamed, said Mr Gow, who suggested a suspended prison sentence. A financial confiscation hearing will be held in November under The Proceeds of Crime Act. - - - (end) - - -
  8. Designing a 50 ft narrow boat

    Hi David A few suggestions... Consider how you might get back aboard in case of an accidental swim - it's easy to have the builder leave the bottom plate a couple of inches proud to provide a step. I'd also consider having a small step to allow you to get onto the roof easily in case you need to (for example) get to a lock ladder in a hurry. It's not so easy getting on the roor of cruiser stern compared with a semi-trad with seats! Again speaking personally, I'd be inclined to put the stern tube greaser just inside one of those under rail lockers... I know you should always take a quick peek in the engine 'ole when stopping, but clambering down to reach the greaser can be a pain - especially when it's wet and you're in a hurry Also, for what it costs to put in at the build stage, I'd make sure there's a watertight bulkhead forward of the weed hatch - accidents do happen Internally - as you seem very security concious - how about getting one of the internal cupboards made from steel, lockable, and wooden clad, as a secure locker for your valuables And finally - if you are considering river cruising - have you considered a stern anchor point? Some builders provide a very neat 'bike rack' type of anchor storage just behind the tiller (I'll find a picture if you don't know what I mean) You might also find THIS thread interesting Allan
  9. Stopping points on 4 counties

    Nice trip... did it clockwise a couple of weeks back - I'll try to dig out my diary later in the week For a start tho, the only thing I can suggest off the top of my head is to stop above the lock one up from Audlem and walk in. Oh - and avoid the Stroppy Fly at all costs! The Bridge is far more friendly (see previous threads on the subject) Have a good hol Allan (edited cuz I can't spell)
  10. Another Chester towpath attack

    If we follow the example of New York (who a few years ago had serious problems with petty crime and vandalism) and the government is serious about tackling these anti-social problems, we need a zero tolerance approach and real punishment for those who choose to behave badly. ASBO's are not the answer... Allan
  11. I'm a regular walker of this particular stretch so it's more than a little disconcerting to see this: - - - (copy) - - - Another Chester towpath attack The second attack is two weeks took place on the Towpath of the Shropshire Union Canal when a 49 years old man was repeatedly kicked by a gang of teenagers as he walked home. The attack was by Hoole Lane Lock, and he was approached by the group of youths in their teens and pushed to the floor where he was repeatedly kicked in an unprovoked attack. He suffered a number of injuries and was taken to the Countess of Chester Hospital for treatment. DC Steve Marsland, of Cheshire Police, explained: “This was a completely unprovoked attack. “It was a violent and mindless assault that led to serious injuries. “However, any person who was in that area who may have seen the attack or seen a gang of youths in the area around that time should come forward and assist us with our investigation." Anyone boating in the area should perhaps bear in mind that this seems to be becoming a regular occurrence. - - - (end) - - - Even before this I would always advise anyone to avoid mooring under the ring road (not far from where the Mill Hotel boat operates), as there have been a couple of vandalism incidents that I'm aware of (broken windows) I have to say that this attack took place later than boats would be using the locks, and I've never had (or seen) any trouble on this particular stretch - however it does run through a built up area - so as always, boaters be aware! Personally I'd say this area suffers from a serious lack of investment from the Council (not BW) - which so very short sighted as Chester could become another Stratford as an outstanding terminal destination - the city itself has so much to offer. For any boaters coming into Chester - I'll be happy to point out good moorings, pubs and sights... Allan
  12. Why is this forum becoming a joke !!!

    My first modem was one of those you put the handset into... Problem was that we had a trimphone that didn't fit it so some creative use of yellow pages as wedges and weights was called for Ahh - happy days Allan
  13. Why is this forum becoming a joke !!!

    My god Simon what have you started? 214 posts in 7 days - you've obviously hit a raw nerve here! And well done for raising the issue. I've was knocking around on BBS's way before the 'net - and I've been on the 'net all the way through from the very start (who remembers GOPHER, TELNET and Veronica for example?). Initially we all started talking to each other on IRC (for those who remember that!), and then came the development of usenet newsgroups (btw - I was a founding member of uk.rec.competitions which is still the most sucessful non porn newsgroups in the UK!), and later again came web based forums like this... Though technology has changed beyond recognition in the last quater of a century - one thing that hasn't changed is the folks who post! It's funny - we used to have these discussions 20 years ago when such posts were called 'flaming' (and probably still are in some obscure corners of the 'net), and unfortunately it's not going to change any time soon. Flaming is a sad fact of life on the net - even in such genteel forums as this. We can all moan about the more contentious posters (you know who you are!!!), but at the end of the day at least every computer has a delete button - pity the same isn't true in real life eh? Can I add that other taboo subjects should include: * Continious Cruisers (or continious moorers as they are sometimes known) * Bridge Hoppers * Positioning boats in locks * Taking sides in the Pump Out V. Casette debate * Anything in praise of BW Allan Those that know you know better - Those that don't know you don't matter!
  14. Sainsburys afloat

    I see Sainsburys are considering delivering to some of their stores by boat... From the press relese Back to the future as Sainsbury’s trials food deliveries on the Thames * Moving goods from road to river could save 350,000 kilometres * * Sainsbury's revisits method of delivery similar to over 100 years ago * * 25% reduction in CO2 by 2012 in greener energy efficiency measures London's oldest grocer, Sainsbury's, has trialled a more environmentally-friendly way of delivering food to its stores. The supermarket has recently transported food on the Thames, as it did originally in 1869, showing that history does repeat itself. The journey would mean that once food is dispatched by a Sainsbury's distribution centre in South East London, the day's delivery for the store would be shipped by barge, rather than by road, arriving in close proximity to the west London store. If rolled out to stores in the same area, this could save 350,000 road kilometres every year. LINK TO FULL PRESS RELEASE HERE Allan
  15. Spiders - Getting rid ...

    You've really got to get out more... Allan