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  1. Gas Locker Lock

    My wifes` biggest fear is will it leak!!!!
  2. Gas Locker Lock

    Not realizing that the rings were not common practice it was trying to secure which made me ask the question and look for experience and advice. Think I`ve got that especially with the idea of rings further up. Solves the stability and with some additional eyelets attached security as well.
  3. Removing Ballast

    No that`s not it, it created a a cone shaped cut out if I recall correctly thus allowing to be replaced without additional material. Will have to research it if grand children who are here today allow me the time!!!!!
  4. Gas Locker Lock

    Great idea. Thank you
  5. Gas Locker Lock

    Boat shell built by Bourne Boat Builders (believe they were awarded at last Crick Show) and they have welded two rings at the bottom of the locker each supported on three uprights obviously to allow water or gas to escape and to stop bottle sitting in any water that may end up in the locker. Unable to photo at the moment. I`m in Cornwall and boats on a lorry somewhere between here and Swanley Bridge Marina. I`m trying to get a list together for any welding work needed before the boats put in the water for the first time next week. All new to me and it`s making my brain ache!!!!!
  6. Gas Locker Lock

    Thanks to contributors but still need advice on the question of securing of bottles to their supposed supporting rings. My rings appear to allow the bottles to "wobble" and whilst I intend strapping the bottles in place I would have thought the bottle bases would have fitted in the rings. Hence the question have they changed in shape over the years?
  7. Removing Ballast

    A reciprocating saw makes that job easier however there is/was a hole cutter I remember years ago which allowed for the removal of the piece cut which due to its shape could then be replaced back in the hole without gluing or nailing etc. It would allow certainly for inspection holes which are readily accessible and then if necessary take more drastic action. If I remember correctly it was associated with plaster board cutting.
  8. Gas Locker Lock

    Sound advice again. Will chain together. However the "old" bottle (probably 30 years old) I had and tried in one of the rings installed in the locker the bottle did not sit too snugly. Have bottle designs changed or could the rings be suspect. Plus is it good practice to maybe strap the bottles to their supporting rings please?
  9. Quick question. Do I need or is it just good practice to have a way of locking my gas locker? Logically should be left readily accessible to be able to isolate supply. Thank you.
  10. VSR or battery to battery charger

    Trouble is that my mobile has no signal at the boat - not much good where I live at the best of times plus you try and get hold of them before 8 and after 8/9 at night. Anyway on the lorry late this afternoon and now a couple of days to collect thoughts before following to the marina to finish it off.
  11. VSR or battery to battery charger

    Sudden change of plans. Boat being moved this week means 7 to 9 days so no time to discuss it with them. Boats going to a marina to get second fix to electrics, a little welding and engine commisioning.
  12. VSR or battery to battery charger

    Advice from forum contributor whilst discussing bowthrusters and my possible wiring/equipment needs.
  13. VSR or battery to battery charger

    Not explained myself properly. That was the question I was indirectly asking. Basically what is the chance of my Beta 38 having a "smart" alternator? From your reactions it would appear NONE and that the VSR I`ve purchased is satisfactory.
  14. Just been watching a 12 volt planet video regarding VSRs and battery to battery chargers and noted the fact that a VSR does not really work efficiently with a modern Euro 5 or Euro 6 emmisions compliant engine alternator. I`ve a 2016 installed Beta 38. Being Saturday unlikely Beta are available to advise and thought I`d ask the forum before waiting until Monday if any one here has a view/experience. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rhyDwuXB0jI
  15. Gas installation

    One thing may be worthy of note is that my LPG gas fitter used GasTite I quote GASTITE® flexible gas pipe is a corrugated stainless steel tube (CSST) with a UV resistant polyethylene cover. 0.5 bar max. operating pressure in domestic, commercial and industrial applications. Approved in accordance with BS EN 15266:2007. XR2 mechanical fittings are a tool-less flare design with metal-to-metal seal and patented Jacket-Lock®, which eliminates exposed stainless steel beyond the nut. All components are fully re-useable. For Natural Gas and LPG My initial BSS inspection queried it`s use with the Trust office having not seen it used before and they confirmed it as being suitable. Being flexible it was very easy to use.