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  1. VSR or battery to battery charger

    Trouble is that my mobile has no signal at the boat - not much good where I live at the best of times plus you try and get hold of them before 8 and after 8/9 at night. Anyway on the lorry late this afternoon and now a couple of days to collect thoughts before following to the marina to finish it off.
  2. VSR or battery to battery charger

    Sudden change of plans. Boat being moved this week means 7 to 9 days so no time to discuss it with them. Boats going to a marina to get second fix to electrics, a little welding and engine commisioning.
  3. VSR or battery to battery charger

    Advice from forum contributor whilst discussing bowthrusters and my possible wiring/equipment needs.
  4. VSR or battery to battery charger

    Not explained myself properly. That was the question I was indirectly asking. Basically what is the chance of my Beta 38 having a "smart" alternator? From your reactions it would appear NONE and that the VSR I`ve purchased is satisfactory.
  5. Just been watching a 12 volt planet video regarding VSRs and battery to battery chargers and noted the fact that a VSR does not really work efficiently with a modern Euro 5 or Euro 6 emmisions compliant engine alternator. I`ve a 2016 installed Beta 38. Being Saturday unlikely Beta are available to advise and thought I`d ask the forum before waiting until Monday if any one here has a view/experience. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rhyDwuXB0jI
  6. Gas installation

    One thing may be worthy of note is that my LPG gas fitter used GasTite I quote GASTITE® flexible gas pipe is a corrugated stainless steel tube (CSST) with a UV resistant polyethylene cover. 0.5 bar max. operating pressure in domestic, commercial and industrial applications. Approved in accordance with BS EN 15266:2007. XR2 mechanical fittings are a tool-less flare design with metal-to-metal seal and patented Jacket-Lock®, which eliminates exposed stainless steel beyond the nut. All components are fully re-useable. For Natural Gas and LPG My initial BSS inspection queried it`s use with the Trust office having not seen it used before and they confirmed it as being suitable. Being flexible it was very easy to use.
  7. Master switches location

    Yes sorry forgot that. BlueSea 500amp following previous advice. Plus as Robbos` previous suggestion Isolator is accompanied with a BlueSea VSR. So should have read 50amp to busbar to 500amp fuse to electric cupboard with 95mm.
  8. Voltage Sensitive Relay?

    On the forums advice I have purchased BlueSea "stuff" however according to all distributor sources they are having a certain amount of supply issues due to BlueSea having a "plastic supply" problem. Don`t know any details but you may have to shop around.
  9. Master switches location

    As it is stated that master switches/isolators should be as close to the batteries as possible is the following a problem. 1) Battery bank in engine room with the exception of bow thruster batteries which are in the bow Thruster isolator also in the bow. 2) Link leisure batteries to a 650amp busbars in the engine room with obviously separate 50mm cables. 3) 95mm cable from bus bars to electric in dedicated electric cupboard in the cabin (about half a metre away) 4) Master battery isolator and VSR in this cupboard. 5) From isolator refered to in 4) to separate isolators to suit remainder of 12volt wiring. The point I`m asking really is it suitable/acceptable to fit the master switches in the electric cupboard whilst it could be in the engine room but obviously less accessible. I hope I`ve made sense and am understanding the requirements correctly.
  10. mooring line sizes

    Thank you all
  11. Cable connectors

    What is the most suitable way of connecting two different size cables together. In this particular instance I need to connect a 10mm cable ( supply cable from distribution board to a 6mm cable (tails from macerator toilet). Will I be able to fit them into a 30amp Terminal connector (the strip type) and is this acceptable/good practice. Or do I buy ring terminals and fit to a distribution post? Thank you.

    So would I please

    Besides my request for help on lines I also need the same advice on fenders and whether the leaning is towards rope or "rubber". As a leisure cruiser patience from the "traditionalists" please.
  14. mooring line sizes

    I`ve a 57 foot semi-trad narrowboat due in the water soon (sailaway) so advice please on sizes/diameter of mooring lines please. I`m leaning towards the "floating" type as being human mistakes happen but contributors help appreciated.
  15. Tiller handle

    Ask any builder or farmer what they do with a spade, shovel or fork etc when the wooden handle becomes loose. Leave it in a bucket or tub over night.