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  1. Ideal Pram Hood design

    Just back from a slow cruise from Swanley Bridge Marina where the engine was commissioned and the final bit of the electrics dealt with plus BSS issued and then off to Hesford Marina near Lymm for the sand blasting and painting. So belatedly thanks for the advice. Hood provisionally booked now for next March.
  2. Door panels

    What is the best way to fix wood panels to outer doors/hatches please.
  3. anti freeze

    I was told that YOU SHOULD NOT mix the two colours. They are, as I was told they may not be compatible and could form a gel.
  4. Ideal Pram Hood design

    So would this pump have been a leather valve or was rubber used?
  5. Ideal Pram Hood design

    With the volume of water I could see accumulating in the bilge in some wet conditions the cover I could see as being helpful. Out of curiosity how would this water be removed? If coal carrying I would have thought that the bilge water would have contained a great deal of dust making pump wear -assuming they were fitted -a continuous problem
  6. Sliding hatch runners

    It`s a new sailaway by Bourne Boats although the existing brass runners fitted by others. I feel that the sideways movement whilst possibly within acceptable tolerances does lead I feel to the edge of the hatch rubbing against the edge of the metal the hatch slides on if not pushed back perfectly squarely and which action would not normally occur unless very cautious about sliding back or forth. It has damaged the existing protective paintwork and as the craft is to be painted shortly I wish to rectify the situation. To that end I have decided to fit and have ordered some 3mm by 51mm PFTE "runners" which I will replace the brass with. Have purchased 4 lengths. Two for the hatch underside and two to replace the existing with.
  7. Sliding hatch runners

    Thank you
  8. Advice please. I`ve brass strips fitted as runners on the top of the angled runners my hatch sits/slides on. However as they do not extend right to the outer edge and there is sideways movement on the hatch itself it has resulted in paint wear to these outer edges. So I intend replacing the brass but with what? Wider brass, stainless steel or as some appear to use PTFE nylon.
  9. Ideal Pram Hood design

    Not even older- you lucky thing
  10. Ideal Pram Hood design

    I`ve purchased a semi-trad and we`ve called it "Time Together" as for too many years I`ve spent working virtually seven days a week and missed the opportunity normal employment would have afforded me with my children and family. I am hoping that this design will give me the chance to make up for that and at least spend quality time with both my wife, children and grandchildren in the secure space a semi-trad can offer. As I`ve stated "horses for courses"
  11. Ideal Pram Hood design

    I fully agree with you Jamboat. I have two points regarding this. Firstly as people often comment on the beauty of the car they own (Ferrari for example) or a house I reply that when sat in it it is only the "passer by" who enjoys the view. Secondly as a classic car nut who has owned for example prewar two cars including a Rolls Royce and many "proper " MGs I also recognize the enthusiasm and care owners bestow on their pride and joy. It`s horses for courses but as stated when I`ve spent many years in both rain and freezing weather on building sites I do not wish to portray my hardiness by cruising on a rain lashed canal but be able to make a choice as to whether I want/need to carry on or just hove to.
  12. Ideal Pram Hood design

    I appreciate your comments Neil2 and feel that the idea of a sliding bars as one contributor has suggested sounds a possibility. I would add that my purpose of purchasing a narrowboat is to re-visit many of the canals we have visited in the 50+ years of hiring. However this time as a leisure cruiser there will be no need to rush out and then back to base marina before the Saturday 10 am deadline. It also means that the arrival at bridges, tunnels and locks will be a better planned and more leisurely occasion. I will certainly not be adverse to stopping, lowering the hood should it on such occasion be necessary whilst enjoying a cuppa, tinney or a stroll. I am hoping that a suitable design will be no higher than say solar panels (yet to be acquired and fitted) when in the lowered position. We will have to see.
  13. Ideal Pram Hood design

    Thank you for your personal view. One assumes you have a 72 foot traditional narrowboat?
  14. Ideal Pram Hood design

    Constructive please!!!!
  15. Ideal Pram Hood design

    OK so I know there are going to be those commenting you don`t need or shouldn`t have one but for too many years in the work place I`ve suffered the rages of British weather and I do not intend to do so whilst enjoying my later years on my own canal boat. SO what`s the ultimate design for a semi-trad stern bearing in mind access, speed of removal/lowering in necessary circumstances, canvass or PVC ( aesthetically prefer canvass but cleaning a pain) and finally how to store when normally cruising but available at night to help keep the draught out. Pictures or pointers/links the ideal solution will be much appreciated.