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  1. Brexit 2017

    At 17 studied day release from the Eagle Star Insurance company for two years at City of London College. Suppose I can only reflect on what I was taught by my peers as to how modern insurance expanded with the growth of overseas trade and how it was susceptible to shipping losses. This principle saw the start of Lloyds underwriters in Mr Lloyds coffee house as a non-profit arrangement. I will admit to not "looking up" information but as you have said previously used lifes` experiences or rather what I was taught.
  2. Brexit 2017

    To expand. Modern principle of insurance developed further in the 17th century to help the shipping industry against losses. It was not established to make a profit that is a more modern development. Where there`s an opportunity some one will exploit it. That was the comparison I was making. Reflecting today on where the EU could possibly go and probably the basis for my fears I see two wide ranging possibilities. One a super state with dictatorial tendencies such as Russia or China or the U.S. version where I liken the individual States to country's. This is probably a very simplistic view but at my age either sort of worries me for my grandchildrens` future The argument you`ve got to be in it to change it I understand and appreciate the point however it`s the lack of guarantees that concern me especially in view of the rapid growth of the EU in member numbers. I believe certain economic perimeters are in place for new members ( I will not write here of human rights or religious views) but perhaps the problems perceived by many is because the new members economies are still too distant from ours. They provide cheap labour- to us anyway- and those I know find their income greater than in their home country -that`s why they are here. In return some argue those countries provide a market for our goods and services. It would be interesting to view some figures regarding trade before joining and now with some of the countries whose nationals are causing some people concern. If the aim is to get every member nation on a parity in economic terms if achieved, where do we go then I wonder. If we`ve arrived where we are in 50 years since the Common Market sort of started by the time my grand children are my age what will their childrens` future hold. Will the balance of power shift when-not if- renewable energy is perfected or will we have shriveled to a charred crust by then.
  3. Brexit 2017

    I am curious as to the response this may receive from others as personally I do not basically agree with the transformation of a trade link developing into a political one. . However by using the words convenient or inconvenient one could interpret that as selfish or unselfish in the eyes or minds of the party concerned. I liken the EU to the insurance world. Set up to spread the losses of a few over the many it has developed into a highly profitable world wide business which may benefit pension schemes and share holders but is some distance from the original ideology and where I perceive that if there`s a loop hole not understood by the layman it is exploited.
  4. Brexit 2017

    Interpretation and mis-understanding can escalate into all sorts of things. Party game. Ask a group to draw a circle without specifics and then ask them to further develop that circle. Due to the individual interpretation of the first request some may not be able to complete the remaining requests. Where did I say I was so much more versed about the EU or was that YOUR interpretation of the"circle" I asked you draw. I would also suggest that many comments on the forum have either been mis-interpreted or not communicated thoroughly. Not aided by the physical presence and body language are so important. It`s why we get legal jargon.
  5. Brexit 2017

    By that remark I assume you mean I think I`m not selfish. I hold my hands up in not explaining myself to you. I will admit as stated in a previous comment by myself for example I thoroughly enjoy giving presents at Christmas because of the pleasure it gives ME to see the recipients happiness ( well certainly the Grandchildrens). Although all probably worn out by now I am a registered organ donor. That makes ME feel good. Could go on but hopefully I`ve clarified why I believe I am indeed selfish and that I believe many others believe in things the way I do.
  6. Brexit 2017

    I will not respond directly to your comment as I don`t see the reason why I need to. My comment was to highlight the very basic human trait-one of selfishness. WV made the remark he could not think of a thing which marginally inconvenienced HIM. I do not feel it necessary to justify my views.
  7. Brexit 2017

    Mmmm says it all You life through your eyes. Others see it their way
  8. Domestic water quality

    Good point. Really ought to think about these things PLUS when any doubts ask this forum!!!! Thankyou. Job for the next visit. I really am quite stupid at times.
  9. Domestic water quality

    Now obviously concerned! Completely new installation with water having been in the tank for about 5 weeks including topping up. Thoughts please.
  10. Fitting a waste water tank

    Thank you for responses.
  11. Ice on the North Stratford

    Traveled down from Kings Norton Junction to Earlswood Feeder on Sunday last with no problems. Tree shelter kept ice down. May have changed since then. Don`t forget closures further down after Christmas
  12. Domestic water quality

    Must confess my cold water tastes distinctly "earthy" and even smells tainted even after only 2-3 days in the tank. New stainless tank and water run for awhile before filling. Out of curiosity do filters help?
  13. Boating in summer is for wimps!

    First picture of Lock 19 on the Wolverton Flight last Thursday. Next Friday morning. If you load and enlarge the picture and zoom on my wife I swear she`s smiling especially as she knows she`s only 18 more to go that day.
  14. Fitting a waste water tank

    No one as yet answered this question. Anyone help please?
  15. Brexit 2017

    The 41%. It`s like the chocolate manufacturer interviewed on TV commenting regarding the increase in Coco and saying the 21% he has to absorb because of his deal with the major supermarkets. He will have learnt a lot and I would suggest be cautious about contracts with major markets in future.