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  1. Life jackets or buoyancy aids

    I see the latest version of the RCD requires a means of getting out of the water which does not require assistance, so steps on the hull or a self-deployable ladder.
  2. Fradley is full

    The bridge itself has the sign that is a contender in the daftest ever stakes, something like: How to use this bridge Open bridge Move boat through bridge Close bridge
  3. Engine won't start!

    This ongoing continuing discussion is getting silly!
  4. London overcrowding

    All too possible if The i's subbing is anything like the Indy's.
  5. Question related to buying a narrow boat

    When you've found a boat you like, it's well worth asking on here of someone will come with you to check it out. If it's in Mercia after the beginning of October, for example, I'd be happy to help. It's not a substitute for a survey, but can be reassuring and costs nowt.
  6. Fun in Gosty Hill tunnel

    But as someone once said to me, big bits of wood like that are unusual, they don't grow on trees, you know... Err...
  7. Abnormal data usage

    I've tracked down the original story that led me to passphrases: https://www.theverge.com/2017/8/7/16107966/password-tips-bill-burr-regrets-advice-nits-cybersecurity Bill Burr who started the whole p@$$w0rd idea has now said he regrets his advice as it just leads to careless habits and passwords that are hard for humans to remember and easy for computers to predict and crack. Even if you use a password vault on or offline to store randomly generated passwords, you still need a master password to access it.
  8. SoC for Batteries - with a lot of data!

    With your level of interest, I'd say just forget the amp hours counter and use the voltage and current readings to judge the state of charge, unless you want to get a SmartGauge that, pace MtB, gives you a good guide to SoC on discharge.
  9. Water tap at Autherley junction?

    I was sitting in my boat the other day when there was a tap on the roof. My boatbuilder has a weird sense of humour.
  10. Just a warning burton on trent

    I recall living in a village in Powys which had three pubs, one of which only sold beer, didn't even sell crisps. One day a stranger came in, ordered a pint and, as it was being pulled, asked for some salt 'n vinegar. L (putting pint on bar): "It's a pub, we don't sell food." S: "What sort of pub doesn't even sell crisps?" L (pouring pint down sink): "This one. If you don't like it, drink somewhere else."
  11. Abnormal data usage

    Best passwords now are said to be passphrases like puffineatingicecream, much more resistant to hacking apps.
  12. SoC for Batteries - with a lot of data!

    Keep up at the back It's a twin alternator set up, no split charging. I agree, though, that initial current is way too low. With a 450Ah bank at 90% in the morning, I see an initial current in three figures at around 14.2 V, swiftly dropping off as the surface charge builds up.
  13. No, that was someone else. The N&U boats are made variously in Poland, at Stenson and by Collingwood. The Polish ones have the best rep from what folk tell me.
  14. Stonebridge Lock

    I'm told Stonebridge Lock is closed following a sinking according to FB, but don't know any more than that.
  15. I'm surprised there isn't a FB group for folk in this position with this company, a bit of mutual support would go a long way to help. Legal situation is complicated by the fact that N&U are acting as agents for the builders.