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  1. Ice on the North Stratford

    That lift bridge was reluctant to work in the middle of last summer, either the valves must be completely knackered or there's no fluid left. Only just managed to get it high enough to get the boat under. The locals told us it's always like that.
  2. Crick show moorings

    Mooring fee doesn't include show entry. They don't actually allocate moorings until very near the time. Last year, there wasn't a plan sent out, you just turned up and looked for your slot, but there were volunteer stewards on each stretch to help.
  3. Macclesfield

    It's at the opposite end of that stretch from the road bridge – a quite narrow path that comes out next to Homebase. There's a cheapjack shop in the retail park with limited food supplies too, IIRC.
  4. Radio ???

    We use Motorola TLKR handhelds. The batteries last several days on one charge with about three hours use per day. Plenty of choice on Amazon, go for the ones with decent range.
  5. Macclesfield

    If you moor at Lyme Green, you can walk through the retail park and up the road past Macclesfield Town FC to a handy Coop, or else catch a bus into town.
  6. Surveyor Cheshire

    That's a big ask, good surveyors tend to be busy people. You could try Mike Carter http://www.marinesurveysltd.co.uk/, based in Northwich, always been good to us for BSS and advises Braidbar.
  7. Canalworld - Fundraising

    I'm one of those who still donate monthly, but I can't see my star, sob . Maybe it's because the PayPal account is in SWMBO's name? More importantly, on my iPad the donate button is in the overflow menu accessed by touching More at the top right, guess it depends on screen size.
  8. Rudely awoken- Carbon monoxide alarm

    Useful advice as always, Mike, but no use if you are off the boat at the time. I'm not seriously afraid of that scenario, but presumably you'd agree that if the door seal is looking ropey (ho), best thing is to replace it, not exactly a major job...
  9. Rudely awoken- Carbon monoxide alarm

    Yes, I need to replace the rope seal on my Squirrel door as it's frayed a bit on one of the bottom corners and tends to pull out when I open the door. But I'm not worried about CO leaking out, more not being able to shut the draught down completely if it starts running away.
  10. Fishy boat deal – or paranoid buyer? You decide!

    I don't think you are too suspicious, nor do I blame you for going as far as you did without seeing the papers. Smellls like there's a very big rat somewhere behind the arras. Good luck with both getting your grand back and finding another boat. My guess is either an outstanding loan secured on the boat or disputed ownership post divorce.
  11. Buying a new boat

    Though it's been claimed on here that the ex-gasometer steel was so pickled in coal tar that it's lasted remarkably well. I agree a wooden top is to be avoided like the plague by anyone on a restricted budget, the maintenance costs and the risk of separation from the hull are just woeful.
  12. LED Headlight too bright

    Because LEDs run cold, you could just mask off the outer 2/3s of the lamp, leaving a few LEDs exposed in the middle. Black gaffer tape, neatly applied, would look OK.
  13. Gas bottle storage

    Under these circs, painting the base and a little way up the sides with Comastic or similar is an extremely good idea, as is doing the same with the stern bilge under the stern gland. (I know that's all been said before, but this thread will be of interest to all those designing their own boats.)
  14. Shore line not working

    It's worth buying a mains test plug like this one: https://www.screwfix.com/p/lap-ms6860d-socket-tester/91596?tc=CT1&ds_rl=1249481&ds_rl=1245250&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIr_3ywMLQ1wIVA7ftCh0ujQH2EAQYBSABEgJOYvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds&dclid=CNDP08jC0NcCFSOA7QodYaIDlQ It lets you safely test each socket to see that all is well with the supply. Even if you can't understand what it's telling you, it makes it easier for the experts on here to advise.
  15. DC current leakage problem

    We run a Zanussi compact machine off the standard 175A Iskra on the Beta 43 through a Mastervolt Mass Combi 2.5kVA inverter and just avoid battery drain when it's on heat. Voltage drops to around 13.5 but there's still a few amps going into the battery bank. But we still preload the machine with hot water because I don't want to burn out the alternator running it a full output for between ten and twenty minutes regularly.