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  1. Gas Locker Lock

    We lock ours. It's unessecary I feel. The lid in the open position can be slid off the hinges if repainting around area is needed. The chain securing the three bottles has a shackle with a threaded link to keep it affixed.
  2. Box or rail

    I prefer the rail but with a slight overhang in towards the boat to enable a more secure grip. Unfortunately our Colecraft shell hasn't got this feature in our 1986 version. I imagine but don't know for certain but the rail might be more awkward to prep for repainting.
  3. Horse Boating Rope?

    We dropped our engine exhaust stack and removed the back cabin chimney to make it a bit easier as the line passed over our boat.
  4. Turtles/ Terripins

    I believe this is where the folk from Wigan were getting it wrong. They were finding the crust just too hard eating them whole.
  5. Horse Boating Rope?

    This was Countess on the Montgomery a couple of weeks ago, passing us whilst we were moored up.
  6. Shoppie fishing competition

    I do hope this blue sprayed marker washes away soon. It does appear to have a chalky finish so maybe it might. I also wish the fishermen good fortune and a great day. I won't need to pass them because I'm past now at Wheaton Aston (56.9p per litre) . All the practising fishermen we passed today were good natured and friendly.
  7. Shoppie fishing competition

    Fifteen miles of blue sprayed splodges at intervals from south of the Audlem flight on towards Norbury to indicate the pegs. This is a very slow section anyway with all the long lengths of moored boats but you may want a warning for this Saturday, the 19th.
  8. Music in Pubs

    We are just moored by the Anchor on the Shoppie near Shebdon. Wonder if Mel and his chums will be playing tonight?
  9. Turtles/ Terripins

    They are regularly spotted around Crooke, west of Wigan. I wonder what they taste like in a pie......?
  10. Charges for the Bridgewater Canal

    Maybe we need a pinned list for all the Bridgewater Facilities. This topic keeps on popping up. Perhaps the list could begin with the splendid mooring right outside Aldi in Leigh adjacent to the point where the Bridgewater begins. It may be better done with someone with a keyboard rather than us phone screen tappers.
  11. Solar Set Up Advice please :)

    Two panels joined by a set of hinges weigh quite a lot. Ours haven't moved an inch and it gets very windy in Lancashire in winter. If they are positioned over a mushroom vent it's easy to use a length of chain from the underside of the frame to the vent.
  12. Centre lines

    Agreed....they are fairleads. Now we only have one! The other was scraped off by the valve failing on the lift bridge at the end of the Pontcysyllte Aqueduct as we went under. It was thankfully repaired fairly promptly....the bridge winding mechanism....not my fairlead...yet.
  13. Charges for the Bridgewater Canal

    Many thanks for this. I'll search it out on our way back this Autumn. One more Elsan point is at Thorn Marine in Stockton Heath just down the side of the chandlers shop. I usually pop into the shop....there is always something I need...
  14. Charges for the Bridgewater Canal

    Please can you describe the location of the Elsan point in Lymm. I had no idea there was a facility there and I've been passing through by boat since I was a lad! Lymm is provided with capacious rubbish bins on both sides regularly emptied by the council.
  15. A sad day.

    This will be damson gin at Christmas time. I thought that if the fallen tree was a bit of a random picture then this one is equally so. The good thing about damson gin is you need a couple of clear wine bottles and that means drinking the contents first.....